FDA issues black box warning on Flouroquinolones

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  1. MamaDove

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    07/08/2008 10:25:16 EST FDA issues warning on Cipro, similar antibiotics
    Associated Press Writer

    WASHINGTON - Federal drug safety officials have imposed the government's most urgent warning on Cipro and similar antibiotics, citing risks that they can cause tendon ruptures, a serious injury that leaves some patients incapacitated.
    The Food and Drug Administration on Tuesday ordered makers of flouroquinolone drugs - a potent class of antibiotics - to add a 'black box' warning to their products, which include Cipro, Levaquin, Floxin and other medications.

    Patients should immediately stop taking the medications if they develop any tendon pain, swelling or inflammation

    PS. Levaquin had a black box warning when I was poisoned by it in December 2006, yet big pharma pushes, doctors prescribe it and the only way I found it was to develop the symptoms and have my husband run home from the hospital to research it, still then the docs and nurses laughed at us...

    I sent my story into the FDA and all I received in return was a form letter...I am assuming that many others wrote to MedWatch and alerted them to the damage this can cause or likely Senator Byrds reaction (likely to a quinolone although never released publicly) opened their eyes to the depth of this problem...They are causing us permanent disabilites and raking in profits at the same time...Now if I can only find an attorney to help me get compensated for the 'pain and suffering'...What about all the other side effects, like the brain being fried or the anxiety I now must live with til the day I die...FDA~wake up and actually do something about this...The black box warning doesn't help if the doctor hides it from you...More nitwits than I can handle...What do we use now when faced with another anthrax threat?


  2. mbofov

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    I have a sister who may have suffered tendon damage due to one of those drugs. She wasn't aware of possible side effects at the time, so wasn't paying attention to cause and effect and doesn't know for sure, but she did have tendon problems for a long time.

    I've taken Levaquin with no bad side effects but won't take it again. Not worth the risk!

  3. msnova74

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    Cipro, Levaquin and the like are the only antibiotics I am not allergic to.

    I use garlic, honey and apple cider vinegar when possible
    but sometimes I have to have an antibiotic.

  4. MamaDove

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    Bumping for those that need to see this...
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    Thanks for this post and bump. Just tagging it for Joe.

  6. joeb7th

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    Yup, I saw this in our San Francisco Chronicle today.

    Talk about too late?

    Amazingly, I also got poisoned by this ( Levaquin- 6 day dose ) in Dec.2006 just like Mommadove.

    I went to the hospital ER for fainting from a flu and low electrolytes and smashing my face and knocking myself out.

    I also had beginning bronchitis, which was the normal course for this flu at that time.

    Within 30 minutes of taking my first two capsules of Levaquin in the ER and being wheeled out to my wife's car at midnight against my pleas to be kept in the hospital...I fainted in my wife's car 3 minutes into the ride home.

    When I was raced back to the ER they said "oh, must have been a "vagal" response." I was put in a recovery room and given more Levaquin next morning. I felt like I was dying but they gave me another small bottle of a 5 day dose ( never any warning pamphlets ) of this Leavquin and sent me home later that day ( again against my pleas not to ) and starting that night at home in bed ( less than 24 hours after my first four capsules of Levaquin ) my body started going through a terrifying nightmare of unprecedented symptoms.

    My shoulders felt like they were being riped out of their sockets, arms and hands burned then went numb. I would be super hot and sweaty then within minutes freezing cold. Stomach felt like I was drinking bleach. Prickly feelings all over. Pain and electrical type zaps all over. Powerful ones that literally jolted my body! Talk about terrified! Couldn't sleep but had mini-nightmares ( truly horrific and scary ones ) and I was so weak I was having trouble breathing.

    Raced back to ER in ambulance next morning and because my basic tests registered okay they told me it was anxiety, loaded me up with atavan and sent me home. ( how could they not want to investigate shoulder, arm and hand pain? Mind boggling! ) Repeated this horrific experience several more times and because blood, heart and urine tests came back normal at that time, they would finally start calling psyche ward on me as a nut case patient.

    I hurt so bad trying to eat I would go into body shaking shock. Lost 40 pounds in 2 and 1/2 months because all I could barely down were soda crackers, baked potatoes and gator aid. I developed middle intestinal tract damage and ulcers and scarring so bad during this two month period they thought I had beginning Crohns! I was so weak I couldn't walk and felt like I would pass out every second of the day.

    Didn't have a regular doctor and had to wait weeks to see specialists on my own except for ER where I was screened by psyche ward before being seen. Within 2 weeks after this began, diagnosed with brady cardia with heart rate down to high thirtes.

    It is all hard to even type again...seriously, I get choked up at how deathly ill I felt an how humiliated and ignored I was trying to get help. No exaggeration.. it was a living nightmare. And still suffering 24/7...and IGNORED and passed off as psyche case to this day!!!

    Could make a movie if this neglect and abuse...I swear!

    To this day I am in so much pain in every area and I guess it is tendonitis. I also got so many other symptoms like brady chardia with heart beat rate in high thirties, bronchial asthma, GI tract problems, cognitive problems, nerve system problems...and to this day no doctor will even let me talk about the levaquin.

    Can't get any attorney to take my case and I have called or e-mailed 100's all across the country. They said because I didn't die or have my liver fail they didn't want my case.

    Now the statute of limitations is supposedly over so they say they can't help me now because of this too. I am in 24/7 excrutiating pain in every joint and what seems like muscles but guess it is tendons. Weak, nerve system weirdness and damage, depressed and kind of dizzy and eyesight worse and odd pains all over every day.

    But ...no legal remedy for me. Great system huh? I called Ortho-McNeill ( Levaquin manufacturer) and told them my story and they acknowledged tendon damage. The product complaint line lady asked me to tell her my story and she said " they ( the ER ) should have never given you this drug with a diagnosis of electroyte imbalance"...which they did.

    They ( the ER ) should have also known about these specific adverse reactions to Levaquin when I raced back and told them...it's a CRIME that they didn't even check up on Levaquin info at that time and that they instead labeled me as a psych case and kept me taking this poison for another 5 days!
  7. joeb7th

    joeb7th New Member

    Any of the floroquinolones antibiotics.
  8. MamaDove

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    They must be referring to the other quinolones but I don't recall the exact names now...Levaquin actually did take part of my brain too...

    There is a connection to fluoride as well and likely connected to the FDA warning on the SSRIs causing suicidal behaviors...The epilepsy drugs were implicated this week too as being highly problematic...

    All 3 classes of these drugs my family has been damaged with and all were mentioned in my letter to the FDA...I begged them to end all of the suffering and do something about these drug companies getting away with murder...I guess they heard me...I am proud of myself for writing that letter to them in great length and adding my medical records and my life story...They asked for any further information so I gave it to them...I also mentioned Senator Byrd's 'reaction' to an abx...Think that helped too...I see he now appears seated in a wheelchair during Senate meetings

    Very sad for all of us that have been disabled by these drugs...very sad...the FDA has known for years and they should have known beforehand and not allowed all of this suffering to begin with...Again, take a ride down Wall Street, the real culprits...I have known many in my day...Slime!

    Google quinolones and all of them will come up...you can also visit the FDA website and they list all the warnings in order...

    Like JB said, it is too little too late...to think the both of us were floxed in the same month...Had he not posted his troubles while I was in the hospital, I may not be here at all...Thank you :) With my husbands encouragment and this current 'news', I am totally inspired to write my story for all to read...And I really think the title will now be Capitalism: How it almost killed me...after all it all goes back to the almighty greenback, every bit of it...


    Peaceful days ahead~MamaDove
  9. EricaCFIDS

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    Is it an intense allergy reaction??

    I knew this sounded familiar and just checked my records. I took Cipro for a whole month last July. I had no problems with it at all. Why is it that others have such horrible reactions to it?

    I'm so sorry for each of you that experienced such awful reactions and have lingering problems still today. I really do feel terrible for your suffering.

    All the best,
  10. cbs1234

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    This reaction is not an allergic reaction.

    These drugs are actually toxic to tendon cells (you can find hundreds if not thousands of research articles on this class effect of the fluroquinolones). Go to pubmed.com and research levaquin, cipro or fluoroquinolones and the word tendon.

    These drugs are also notorious for causing severe peripheral neuropathies--tingling, numbness, burning, crawly feelings that can be very, very intense.

    The tendons most frequently affected are the achilles, rotator cuffs, thumbs/fingers and patellar tendon, but I got hit in virtually every tendon in my body.

    Over the past year have you experienced any increased pain in your achilles, feet, shoulders or hands? Or, did you see an increase in peripheral neuropathies? If so, you likely got hit by the cipro and didn't even know it.
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