FDA just approved Cymbalta for FM...

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Suzan, Jun 18, 2008.

  1. Suzan

    Suzan New Member

    I am not sure if this is good news or not!
    ( Hi to anyone that remembers me , btw, I haven't posted in a long while!)

    But what do we think of this!?
    Is this just Lilly trying to keep making money off FM? Does Cymbalta work for enough people to say it really does help FM? Does it have side effects to be concerned about ( from what I have read it does!)
    Because it is an antidepressent....is it a drug that will continue to foster the belief that this is 'all in our heads'???

    I haven't tried Lyrica yet...I am , and have been for 5 years..the first year of dx I tried all the standards of that time...amitriptaliine, nortriptyline, Ultram, Ultracet...but I have settled on pain relief...Oxycontin, Loratab, Baclofen...and it helps...but I am still in pain and worn out most days, and have been for several years now!

    At almost 55...I find I am leary and concerned about the direction that the 'help' for FM is going...Should I be???

    What do you think??

  2. katiebug61

    katiebug61 New Member

    I was on Cymbalta for depression before I was diagnosed with FM. I started hurting and aching and etc. I don't noticed that Cymbalta helped any at all. I am now on Lyrica, Cymbalta, Mobic, Ultracet and Darvocet as needed. I have had Baclofen in the past and am going to ask for a new Rx. The Lyrica has caused me to gain weight and I am NOT happy about that. Today is a hurting day and tough to concentrate on anything.
  3. jsshutt

    jsshutt Member

    I think many are in the same boat. Things work for a little bit, but do they? Which one is working when you are on a few?
    I was sleeping too much on Cymbalta,no energy. However the pain did get alot better! I was taking my Darvocet only once in awhile.
    Coming off was excruciating, major serotonin discontinuation! Had to go down so slow and even open the capsules and count the tiny beads to taper down. A year and I was off, but only with the help of Prozac, which now I have to try coming off of.
    Do you get constipated from the Oxy.?
  4. steach

    steach Member

    My doc prescribed it for me about a year or year and-a-half ago for body pain. Cymbalta is an antidepressant which adds more of the "good-feeling" chemicals to the brain (ex. dopamine, etc.). It is good to know that my doc was "on top of it" over a year ago when he prescribed it!

    Just like any other med, it will have different side-effects for different people. What works for one, may not work for another.

  5. marti_zavala

    marti_zavala Member

    My impression is that it failed at several things so now they are trying to push it onto our illness. It was deemed unsuitable for diabetic neuropathy as well as stress incontinence.

    I believe that some people are being helped by it and some couldn't live without it. I was not able to tolerate the side effects. I believe that there are better solutions (and no, not Lyrica).


    from wikipedia

    "Major Depressive Disorder
    However, in a comparative meta-analysis of clinical trials duloxetine appeared to be insignificantly less effective than SSRIs.[15] A head-to-head comparison of duloxetine with an SSRI escitalopram found duloxetine to be both less tolerable and less effective.[16]"

    "Painful Peripheral Neuropathy
    At 20mg per day Cymbalta showed no clinical improvement over placebo. At 60mg per day Cymblata showed modest improvement for diabetic pain over baseline, with 51% of patients treated with Cymbalta reporting at least a 30% sustained reduction in pain. In comparison, 31% of patients treated with placebo reported this magnitude of sustained pain reduction. At 60mg per day 89.5% of patients had some marked treatment adverse effects in one trial, and 87% in the other trial.[20][21] Duloxetine is also used to treat nerve pain in the feet, legs, or hands due to nerve damage caused by poorly controlled diabetes. Duloxetine is thought to enhance the nerve signals within the central nervous system which naturally inhibit pain. Duloxetine is not effective for the numbness or tingling, nor is it effective for the other complications of diabetes. It does not treat the underlying nerve damage, but can help reduce the pain.[22]"
  6. Suzan

    Suzan New Member

    Constipation, no. But, I DO have to make sure to eat a lot of produce...If I don't eat a minimum of 5 fruits and veggies..and some whole grain bread/cereal things...and MINIMIZE the meat..I do have 'issues' with 'going'. But so far I feel I have been 'lucky' with the pain meds and the constipation issues. Although I will also add that the last few months, I have had a lot of additional stress.
    I am going thru a divorce after 28 years of marriage...and my stbx has made it as difficult as he can.

    So, I have increased the baclofen ( muscle relaxer) from 1 20 mg pill at bedtime..to 2 1/2 pills during the day in addition to the oxy, and 4 lortabs. ( I also can take an addition 1/2 lortab 20x per month). That level of medication has had an effect on my intenstinal tract. So I TRY to up the produce..AND try to make sure I have a good level of good fat as well...usually olive oil. IF I get all my ratios right...things move thru ok. But if I don't...for whatever reason...have a good day eating wise ...it does show up in the bathroom!LOL

  7. jaba520

    jaba520 New Member

    i have been on cymbalta for about 5 months now and was diagnosed just 2 weeks ago with fm. so in my opinion no cymbalta doesnt help. i am now taking lyrica but have only been on that a 4 days and really no releif yet. when will that happen or does it help at all?
  8. Rockismom

    Rockismom New Member

    I tried it! ONE pill and it made me feel like I was going to jump out of my skin. The first time I took it after only sitting for a half hour and then getting up...I thought I was going to pass out! The hairs on the back of my neck seem to crawl. So, it isn't for me.

  9. homesheba

    homesheba New Member

    and i havent ever known it to help with the fibro...
    i think we are just being used as guinea pigs again
    and some one is getting rich off of us...
  10. margo60

    margo60 New Member

    As we know already we are all so different in how we respond to various meds.

    I even noticed that "I" responded differently to the same medication at different times ...

    In 2002 my Dr gave me samples of 30mg Cymbalta to try for pain to take at night. It made me so agitated and could not sleep. Stuck with it for a week and gave it up, I was still working then. By the way did not give me pain relief.

    In 2006 an other Dr. put me on 30mg and said take it in the morning. I was not agitated but was soooo sick the first week I took it that I almost gave it up. Headache and feeling sick to my stomach.
    Then on the 8th day started to cut down the pain. Dr. raised it to 60mg and for about 2-3 month I thought I died and went to heaven. No pain at all. Then the pain started to creep back and I stopped taking it.

    In 2007 I tried Elavil and did nothing for me, just made me a zombie.

    Early this year I tried Lyrica with the same result, made me very tired and no pain relief.

    I was hurting so bad that in desperation went back to Cymbalta the only one that gave me new life if only for 2-3 month.
    Only this time I started to take it VERY gradually.
    I opened the 30mg capsules and divided them into 5mg and worked up from there. (I purchased some empty caps to use)
    It was taking the pain away after a week even at this low dose.
    I have been on it since March and now I'm up to about 20mg
    2x a day (morning and night)

    About a week ago I noticed a hint of FM pain and right now I just wait and see what happens. I still have a little room to raise it if I have to and still take the lowest dose that works.
    The only side effect is constipation and I'm dealing with it.

    Sorry for the long post, but maybe will help someone:)

    Hugs to everyone
    Margo :)

  11. goodnitegracey

    goodnitegracey New Member

    My doc prescribed cymbalta a year ago. On 30mg once a day I noticed relief immediately. Then after about 8 weeks it was making me very tired. He switched me to 20 mg (yes they make it but the pharmacy will have to order it. I stayed on 20 mg for several months before noticing I needed to go with 30 mg again. At this point I take 30 mg every other day instead of everyday. This has really worked for me and I am trying not to switch to 60 mg. I am able to work full time and I am a single parent. Certainly everday is not pain free but I do have my life back after 2 years of misery. So I hope that there will be people who find Cymbalta helps.
  12. landra

    landra New Member

    As the medications in the "antidepressant" category spin off other compounds, some are found to affect things other than depression. And no, taking an antidepressant does not mean "it is all in your head" - it is in your biochemistry!

    for me, I began aching all over, every day, all day for weeks in august 2 years ago. I DO have depression, and asked a psychiatrist if it would be worth trying Cymbalta. We tried it and the aching all over went away!! I have been on 60 mg for 2 years now (for depression and pain). Recently my depression increased, and I am now on 90 mg.

    Last year I was diagnosed with CFS. I do not have FM to my knowledge.
  13. cookie1960

    cookie1960 New Member

    hi suzan,

    Just read your post re: Cymbalta. Cymbalta and EffexorXR are both SNRI's. (as opposed to the more popular SSRI's) The reason I bring this up is that my psychiatrist switched me from Lexapro to EffexorXR - saying that the EffexorXR would also help with the pain of FM. Well - he was right and now I can see why. He mentioned that Cymbalta and EffexorXR are both in the same family of anti-depressants. They work on dopamine and serotonin.

    To those of you that are screaming right now about Effexor - there is a BIG difference between Effexor and EffexorXR. I do have some side effects from this a.d., but nothing compared to the pain of FM.

    I won't be surprised if EffexorXR is very soon approved by the FDA for FM treatment as well.

    Again...this is just my experience.

    To fellow posters - DO NOT USE WIKIPEDIA as a source. Anyone can make online changes to the information that is posted there.


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