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    I have had a fear of heights/bridges for maybe 30-35 years. Have never flown, never will. Not a problem. The problem is the bridges. I have always disliked them, but didn't avoid the high ones like I do now.

    I have driven the Chesapeake Bay Bridge/Tunnel 20 times, the Delaware Memorial Bridge 30 times and a few NASTY bridges going of the Great Lakes and a few high ones, like the Ambassador bridge from Canada to Michigan. But NOW, I CANNOT do it. And the Bay Bridge to Annapolis, well forget it. I HATE to even be a passenger.

    Even a few high ones in Albany that I drove hundreds of times, I can't do now. This is a problem. I am a driving fool, a GYPSY at heart. Love a road trip. We spend summers in Maryland and am dreading the drive over the Delaware Memorial Bridge. My daughter lives in Annapolis and I have been there once. There are SO MANY bridges around that whole area, it actually made me anxious just driving, not knowing when a bridge would be there.

    Has anyone found a way to overcome a severe phobia such as this? I experience SEVERE anxiety, palpitations, trembling, weakness. Last year, after about a minute of this severe terror, I felt a SHARP SPECIFIC pain in the area of the ADRENAL GLANDS. I know it is stress response, but I really need to get in control of this phobia. Being scared is acceptable, not being able to drive a bridge is not acceptable. I ALWAYS take an extra Tenormin when I know I will encounter bridges like this, but even that is not enough, anymore.

    Can anyone share what they have done to overcome such extreme phobia?
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    Bump for self
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    I hate the big bridges too...but not to your extreme of not being able to drive over them. I fix my eyes on the center of the road and drive across. But I'm bumping in the hopes that someone else has some ideas for you! Terri