Fear of going to bed

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by cathugs, Apr 1, 2006.

  1. cathugs

    cathugs New Member

    I dread going to bed at night, because I don't know
    if I am going to be able to get up, or what kind of pain I'm going to be in. And, I never know if I'm going to be able to walk without holding on to something until I can balance my self.
    Frankly, I just hate to face another day of this pain.
    Does any one else on the board feel this way?
    Just wondering. cathugs (Ruth)
  2. Tigger57

    Tigger57 New Member

    I don't dread going to bed though, I just dread getting up. I'm sick of the pain and fatigue and lack of understanding by people. I also hold down a full time job and work my butt off, but I always feel that it's not enough... it's certainly not enough to pay the bills.

    Right now my feet are so swollen that it hurts to stand and walk... and I'm tired of feeling that way.

    My name is Ruth too. Not only do we share the same name, but the same feelings too.

  3. MY name is Ruth or Ruthie too,NICe to meet you
  4. Tigger57

    Tigger57 New Member

    Three of us.

  5. ellie5320

    ellie5320 New Member

    I am like you dread going to bed its worse since I broke my wrist the pain wakes me ( thats when I can sleep) the stiffness in the morn is really bad find sleeping in the chair is good (recliner) at present I am not coping at all then maybe tomorrow will be better Linda
  6. OWWEE

    OWWEE New Member

    I hate not knowing if I will be able to go to sleep, if I will wake up hurting and roll around the rest of the night, if I will have to pee all night, or if I will stay "nap" off and on and then finally get to sleep around 4 o4 5 and then sleep most of the day. Sometimes I stay up until I am so tired I am nodding off in a chair, then I go to bed.
  7. NyroFan

    NyroFan New Member

    I used to dread going to bed for the same reason: I knew how I would feel in the morning. I called the doctor and he gave me a sleeping pill. It is the only wasy I can get through the night. Yet--when I wake up I dread facing the day with pain. I take pain pills and sit on the couch until the pain eases up.

  8. livin4him

    livin4him New Member

    I have told people this before, I dread going to bed because I know it will take me half the day to get to feeling to where I can move around again. Uuuggghhhh!!!! Some nights I just try and sleep in my recliner, but then I want to stretch out and end up in my bed. I even got a tempurpedic mattress - am in trial phase - it is not helping. So now, I'm in search mode again.

    Anyway, it's good to know we are not alone in this dd. Take care.
  9. Rosiebud

    Rosiebud New Member

    I take hours to go to sleep then I keep waking up.

    Pain much worse through the night too.

  10. BlueSky555

    BlueSky555 New Member

    I posted a message here on 3/16 that was called "Sleeping In Recliner" and it was pretty much regarding the same issue. I literally fight sleep at night because I KNOW what I have to face the next morning. I, like you, will stay up as long as I can, sitting in recliner. I am in so much pain and even more if I lay down and sleep at night. I know I need my sleep but when it comes to pain, we do what we have to in order to avoid as much of it as possible.

    I am SO sorry that you have to deal with this as I can sympathize with you. I wish I had an answer but I don't. However, I didn't take time to read the rest of your responses but I will. Maybe the answer will be there somewhere.

    Take care and I wish you the best in getting some sleep.


    PS: I have sleeping pills also but just will not take them. [This Message was Edited on 04/02/2006]
  11. libra55

    libra55 New Member

    I started taking Klonopin to go to sleep at night. I have taken Flexeril, Ambien, Restoril. This is the best one by far. My original dose was 1mg tablet at bedtime, I recently cut down to half a tablet instead of the whole tablet. They knock you right out.

    So that solved the sleep problem for me (for a while any way). The pee problem I solved by not drinking any thing after dinner. This was real hard for me because I have other medical conditions and am suppose to have a lot of water and other non caffinated fluids, so I have to drink like crazy during the day.

    the only problem I have yet to solve is the PAIN. i hurt all over when I wake up. I know exactly what you mean when you talk about dreading it. i have been wanting a cuddle ewe mattress for a long time but have not bought one yet. Maybe that will solve the problem.

    Who knows? Just another part of this dd.

  12. JewelRA

    JewelRA New Member

    I am sitting here with tears in my eyes because I can relate so much. It makes me feel better knowing I am not the only one out there who feels this way (although I certainly am NOT glad that you are experiencing it too - I wouldn't wish this on my worst enemy!!). I dread going to bed at night with a passion. I thought I needed a new mattress - ours was about 7 years old - and have been through 6 mattresses in the last year trying to find relief (yes, I'm a nut job, LOL!) Fortunately, we didn't actually pay for all of them or we'd be in the poor house. Nothing helps. I wake up in agony (when I actually sleep) every day. Sometimes I feel better in a couple of hours, sometimes by noon, sometimes I hurt 24/7.

    I am so glad to read this post and know I am not crazy.

  13. p_fear

    p_fear New Member

    yes all the time, I hate getting up in the morning for fear its going to be worse than the day before. It really bites I thank that is probley part of the reason zI don't sleep well, I stay up late and do as much house work as i can just in case I feel like crap the next day. It seems like i cant relax at all and i am always on edge. I have to hold onto things every morning until I get everything moving and the fog out
  14. halo52208

    halo52208 New Member

    I've said the exact same thing. I use to hate mornings because I hurt so much. It use to take me five minutes to climb out of bed. Then anothe five walking through the house.

    But since I have been using those Detox Pads on my feet they don't hurt. I can get right out of bed with no problems. I didn't use them the last two nights and I can tell.

  15. cathugs

    cathugs New Member

    Thanks to you ladies for all the posts. I can finally
    tell my dh that I am not as loony as he thought I was.
    I take ambien and zanaflex before bed time but I
    wait until I am almost asleep before going to bed.
    Some times I wait too long, and my dh has to come and get me to bed. He says it is NOT a pretty sight. LOL
    Also I am glad to meet the other Ruths on the board.
    Thanks again for all the posts. I don't feel so weird now.
    ((((((((soft hugs ))))))))... cathugs Ruth
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  16. Shannonsparkles

    Shannonsparkles New Member

    ... just leads to waking up again!!!!!!!

    I sure don't look forward to another (ANOTHER!) day of pain and suffering. The only time I feel halfway decent is the little space of time before going to bed. So I draw that out as long as possible. And I stay up later and later every night. I did that until I was asleep in the day and awake in the night, and then until I was awake in the day and asleep in the night, and bedtime still keeps pushing forward.

    Even if I went to bed at a good time, I couldn't sleep. Insomnia on the computer beats insomnia on the mattress!
    ((love)) Shannon
  17. lardsgirl

    lardsgirl New Member

    The back spasms are so awful! getting up during the night or early morning is so bad I would rather not sleep. The meds aren't working and need to make another appointment. Some times death doesn't look so bad but life has it's great moments...just keep on keeping on!!!!
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  18. scruffysmom

    scruffysmom New Member

    Hi Ruth: I'm a Ruth too, but also mom to my dog scruffy, hence: scruffysmom! Wonder how many Ruth's there are with fms??? We could start a club! ha ha
    But I also dread gong to bed because of the pain, but by bed time I hurt so bad doing "day" things, that the bed looks pretty good and I fal asleep soon. BUT then the tossing and turning start for a "comfortable" position. IS ther e one??? BUT what I really dread is getting up in the AM>> I lay there in pain from the night hating to start the get up ritual. I wait til the last minute I can stand the nite pain, then roll out of bed. I take a pain pill, get coffee, turn on th e heating pad, get my neck roll pillow, and a blanket and sit in my recliner for about 2 hours before I can move. All the while I'm on my 2 hour "rest" I'm trying not to move or breath too much to get the pain to back off.
    So for me going to bed isn't too bad but getting up is torture.
    I used to take a natural sleep pill called Drs RestAid, but it is really Valerian, hops, and passion flower. That combo helped alot. I took 2 one hour before bed and was able to fall to sleep and slept the night pretty well. In the am I was not hung over like on prescription drugs.
    This might help. Hang in there, you are definitely not alone out there.
  19. Kayzee

    Kayzee New Member

    Getting up in the morning is the worst time of my Fibro. I am so stiff and can hardly walk. I also have migraines every morning . The pain is unbeliveable. I take my pain pill, heat up all my warmers in micro. Wobble to couch where I stay for approx 1.5 to 2 hours. Its the worst experience. Gald I seen this post and know that others experience the dreaded AM's.
  20. Jgavi

    Jgavi New Member

    My best friend of 30 years was always afriad of going to bed also- two years ago she woke up dead.

    She died in her sleep- peacefully.

    Her heart stopped.

    I think its the best way to go but she was in such fear of wakng up in worse pain AND NOT KNOWING WHAT THE DAY HARD FOR HER...this time she woke up in heaven!

    I look at differently....I miss her and love her so much...but I know she is out of pain and all the crap we have to go through.....

    So waking up dead is a good thing- god will be there to ask you what you want for breakfeast and take you on a tour of the big "H"........H-E-A-V-E-N