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    Anyone fear losing their job because of FMS/CFIDS as I do. I have been in the same field for 25 years, a hard worker, put in more hours than most people, but I do have sick days more than normal. I did file with FMLA as my Dr. wants me to only work 3 days a week for 6 months or until I still feeling better after taking a fall in a hotel bathroom on business. He did state it did exacerbate my FMS and that it is unlikely that I will get better. And that my symptoms get worse seasonally and due to weather. I have a job where I can do almost 100% from home but someone in the past abused that so I get looked down upon when I say I will get to work(on the computer)when I get a few hours of sleep, from lack of sleep of the FMS and pain. I am labeled as a "slacker" which is not the case. I have always work harder/faster/better than most around me. In fact I was name the number 1 oracle programmer a few years ago in Michigan. I let them get to me. I know I am "good" but am slammed all the time. I'm just tired of being treated like this and wonder what to do. Should I ask my Dr. to write up a letter for a leave of absense that I am unable to work for x amount of time. I would get 100% of my pay for 6 months, after that my LTD would kick in at 60% of my gross with no tax, bout the same I take home. Just wondering what to do. Don't know how long I can keep up the work and being treated like this when I love my work, am dedicated to the business and my work and other workers. Very frustrated. Is it time to take a leave or total disability???? Thoughts/advice/concern? Thanks in advance for any response, Bobby
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    as much as I would like to be working,there is no way.

    Looking back I lost my job because of this dd,plus a horrible boss that wanted me gone even tho I gave 110%.

    My advice is go on your terms before they find a way to boot you and you end up with horrible benefits,like I did. also you are harming your health by injuries and stress.

    take care
  3. Janalynn

    Janalynn New Member

    You're lucky your company offers those benefits. Mine offered and paid STD/LTD up until this year. Then if 25% of the employees applied for the STD benefits the insurer would pick us up, well apparently 25% of the employees didn't elect for it. (WHAT???) So now we all had to complete a form answering questions. They will accept and deny each applicant individually YEP, one whole entire line just for Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue. Guess who will be denied.

    I am so ticked off that other people didn't think that they needed STD and LTD. I mean some of these people support their families and make good money. God forbid they needed surgery and had to be out of work, got sick or a serious illness, or one of the women became pregnant. I don't think people were thinking.

    Makes my financial situation look and feel bleaker and bleaker.
  4. Chelz

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    Yes, I do fear losing my job. Back in 1994 until 2002 (the year I was diganosed with FM) I worked at a real estate company. I was a coordinator. Very stressful job, but really did like a lot of things about it. Long story short, I kept getting sicker and sicker and I would have to leave early to go to doctor appointments, get tests, blood work, CT scans, etc.

    I was dedicated to my job. The realtors for the most part were good to me, it was the upper administration that was not good to me. They finally let me go in early 2002, the exact same week they let me go, I was diagnosed with FM. I nearly had a breakdown, actually, I did have a breakdown. I started physical therapy shortly after I was let go and had to COBRA my insurance, went through a deep, deep depression. I thought I would never find work again.

    I was terrified to look for work. I was fatigued, brain fogged, had so much pain, BUT, I had all those things while I was working too, but I just pressed on, like so many of us do. I eventually found a job, almost two years later in 2004 at a local hospital and it was extremely rough, but with good bosses, I made it through and I really like my job.

    I do still fear losing my job. I think anyone who has a chronic condition such as FM, always has that fear in the back of their mind, it's almost like a slow torture going on in your brain and body that just never leaves you. I know this advice sounds dumb, but taking it one day at a time is all we can do.

    Look into taking a leave, if you feel you really need too. Talk with a TRUSTED person, trust is a key here. Good luck and let us know. Hugs, Chelz.
  5. Janalynn

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    Chelz is right, talking w/a trusted person IS key. I feel very sorry for those who feel that letting their employer know what is going on is detrimental. Actually I think is some protection there.

    I was diagnosed while I was working at my current job. My employer knew of my problems before that of course. Everyone at my office knows what is going on and most inquire how I'm feeling on a regular basis. It's very nice really.

    My boss knows that I only call in when my pain in unbearable. He has been incredible in accommodating a schedule that works best for me. He gave me a different position last year. There are some days that I think working at all just won't work for me, however getting out and being with people, being productive has really helped my overall mental health. The days that I am home, I literally do not EVER leave the house unless I have an appointment. I avoid those like the plague. I nap as often as I can since I don't sleep at night. So I suppose that if I was home everyday, I wouldn't do a darn thing.

    I do worry that if I didnt have this job that I would have a hard time finding another that would give me the same flexibility or the same great boss.
    There are more details concerning my current position that do make me fearful, but too much to get into. Monetarily we're in trouble - or could be since I'm commissioned. I would have been "safer" in my old position but that required being IN the office 5 days a week all day. Just couldn't do it.

    Again, if you (anyone working) has the ability to confide in their manager about their condition, I'd seriously consider it. It's so much easier than trying to cover up what's going on. I know everyone's situation is different of course.

    Yep, one day at a time. I think that's our motto with FM and it applies to virtually everything in our lives.

  6. kch64

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    Hi. Thanks for your post. I really needed to read it. I've had the same fear for several years now. I'm a federal employee, and I do have intermittent FMLA coverage. I have worked for 27 years and am nervous about my job, however, I try to keep going in spite of my anxiety. I Have a new boss now, and so far, he seems very kind. He knows I take FMLA, but not sure if he knows why. I plan on talking to him about it, when the time is right.

    I can certainly understand your feelings. My best friend has fibro also, and so far, she's been lucky. If it wasn't for FMLA, I'm sure I'd have been booted a long time ago. Thank GOD and The Government for FMLA. I miss about 2 to 3 days a month on a regular basis. The weather affects me too, and I started having migraines last year with dizziness. I was under a tremendous amount of stress last year. Divorce, big move to another state, selling my house. I made it through by the grace of God, then my old boss socked me with a Leave restriction. I was hurt and the stress hasn't ended. She's gone now, so I'm hoping the new boss, will be more forgiving. I may try disability in the future, but I'm 47 and can retire at 55. I really would like to try and get there.
    Just wanted to let you know, you have friends. If you need to talk, please e-mail me. You're not a slacker. Most of us with fibro, would work 3 jobs, if our bodies would let us. I know I would. Hugs and thanks again for sharing your story. As far as putting up with it, I would fight to the end for my job. I feel it's my right to work, and I do a good job. There are many who show up and don't work while they are there. Hang in there, and pray for things to change. They will. Disability is an option, but don't do it unless you really feel it's necessary. You're a disabled person, and have a right to work. I know how tough it can be.

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