Fear of never ending pain

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    After watching that 60 minutes program it makes it ever more real that pain can make you do drastic things.I know the other night I cried to my husband cause I hurt so bad.I told him I can see how people take thier lives becuase of pain.I know that we shouldn't live in fear but I am right now.I am edgy,nervous,my muscles are sore,my mood is down and pain keeps going up a notch.Whe I was hurting the other night so badly I was just unable to sit still.The pain was making me antsy.How do you keep yourself from taking to many pain pills when you hurt so bad?I know back in the summer whe all this came to a head I had just gotten some muscle relaxers from an er doctor and despite the directions on the bottle I kept taking thme earlier and earlier to the point I was afraid I was gonna stop breathing and yet the pain never stopped.How insane is that?There is just that ray of hope that the next dose is gonna do the trick and you will be pain free.I am thinking of taking some biofeedback classes.I know I need to try and relax myself cause I do panic when I am in really bad pain.
    Well just wanted to talk about this especailly since watching 60 minutes tonight.It scared me.
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    Do you have fibro? If you can be more specific as to what is causing your pain we can share what has helped us.

    I have fibro and have reduced my former pain levels from a 10 to a 1-2 each day.

    I made many changes to accomplish it - I do take meds but mostly just Tylenol Gel Caps now and sometimes Ultram.

    I used to use Soma and even Vicoden and MS Contin at one time. In the last two years, with the help of my excellent pain specialist, I have gotten much better.

    One of the biggest mistakes I made when I was hurting all of the time was to isolate myself in the house and become more sedentary.

    Take care - I do believe we can all get better but it takes work. Please give us some more information.

  3. Sheila1366

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    The pain latley has been mainly in my joints.My reheumy is checking me for RA and Lupus.She did dx. me with FM this summer.The other night the pain was so bad in my knees and down my sheens that I could barely think.it reminded me of the time I had endometriosis.That was a pain I just couldn't get rid of no matter what pain meds. I took.
    I was taking the magnesuime,zinc and calcium up til this week.I thought maybe it was affecting my antidepressants.It just seemded when I started back on my vitamins the depression got worse.But I think the depression was just the first sign of the pain to come.My dr. gace me flexeril to take at night and I also have ultram and trazadone to help me sleep.Honestly the ultram really doesn't help I just take it in hopes that one day it will.probably not a good thing.I don't want to ask my dr. for a stronger pain med. cause my body has a tendency of building up a high tolerance to mediciation.I just had to increase my moodstablizer this week due to the dramatic drop in my mood(I have bipolar too).I am gonna start back on my vitamins since it clearly is not the vitmains making me depressed.And I deeply belive in staying busy.I get so very depressed when I have to sit still for a day.I try really hard to keep my house clean since i don't go anywhere very often.Thisis my safe haven and I am determined to make it a place of comfort and peace.Always something to do done,I look forward to it everyday.This weekend I pushed through the pain and fatigue and did some early spring cleaning.I just knew that I would be paying for it by now.I hurt pretty bad now but not as bad as the other night.This pain I can function with but the pain before...it felt like hammers were beating up and down my knees and legs along with alot of pain in my wrists and hands and ankles.I am afraid.i just don't know if I can hold it togther with the pain keeps getting worse.I really do lose sight of what is going on around me and all I can think about is stopping the pain.
    Any help would be great.
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    I am laughing bacuse I just posted a reply to you about ultram on another message! Now I see you are familiar with it and it does not help you! So.... anyways Ultram does not do a thing for me unless I take
    Tylenol with it. There is a med called Ultacet and that is Utram mixed with Tylenol. You probably already know this but it is worth a shot? Take care (again lol ) Codey
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    I am going to start back on my vitamins this morning for sure.A 2 is a good place to be on the pain scale.
    You all have been so sweet ,thank you for the help.
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    I don't think the ultram would help you only taking it once a day at night! And how much do you take? You can take up to 100 mg at a time spaced out over 6-8 hours, but I wouldn't combine it with a muscle relaxer, it might be too much. Also, you can only take 8 max. in a day.

    I take 75 mg 2-3 times a day and it works pretty well for pain. One pill does not do it for me! Talk to your Dr. about the ultram and see if you can take it on a regular basis. It might make a difference in your pain levels during the day.

    BUT, I would not change anything until you talk to your Dr. as he/she would be the one to change your prescriptions.

    I hope you can get some relief from your pain! Sally
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    Sheila .. it took me three tries to even spell your name right .. morning brain fog .. ha ha

    I so understand how you feel in the "fear" of this pain department .. my fibro is getting worse and this irractic weather has a huge affect on pain levels ..

    Last night I was eating at the table with my DH ( a medium pain day ) .. but then I got the lightening bolt pain in my right shoulder out of the blue .. cried out .. scared DH .. felt like someone was trying to wrench the arm out of the socket .. it left fairly fast but it knocks me down so badly I just wanted to lay on the floor and cry ..

    I was able to get some meds in and go to my room with heating pad and ice gel packs but I was so depressed thinking " I am never going to get away from this .. this is for life " .. and yes .. too many times I have thought what you have .. I know why people take their own lives with this condition ..

    What keeps me going .. I know good cycles can happen too .. I have a good GP that will help me with pain control .. I have access to specialists .. I have a wonderful husband and son that help me ..
    I have a stubborn streak of " I will control this as MUCH as I can " .. THIS IS NOT GOING TO BEAT ME !
    At least I feel that way on the good days ... the bad days I go to my room, curl up on the bed ... have a cry and get on with it.

    I don't know how long I can keep coming back with fighting this .. but I am going to try the best I can.
    My advice .. hold on to the thought that there are good days too .. they WILL happen !
    Good Luck
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    Your stressing to much, when ever I go into my Dr. in a flare up he asks me what are you stressing about. Stress makes the pain worse by keeping you from getting a good nites sleep, your whole body reacts to the stress thus causing more pain. Try relaxing and thinking only of the positive side of everything, maybe hot baths or reading to get your mind off of your worrys, I know its easier said than done, Ive been their many times over, many fibro hugs to you>>>>>>
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    for reply later
  10. Sheila1366

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    Hey everybody.So glad that you all have responded.I love it when I get online and my friends are there with support.
    I think the positive thinking is very important.

    I was doing pretty well with it but here lately been really hard.Now I am so worried that I do have RA.My wrists,fingers,joints hurt so bad.I have swelling around some of my knuckles and my wrists.My Reheumy. gave me a wrist brace for my right arm,it helps.I am sure that it is stress causing the back of my neck and sides of my neck to hurt or cramp.My neck even did some cracking yesterday.I go see reheumy. Feb.16th to get bloodwork results.She is checking for RA and Lupus.

    I was lying in the bed last night hurting all over and was thinking how much I have gotten use to pain.Normally if I felt this way before FM I would think for sure I had the flu.

    My depression has lifted just a bit.I don't think of bad things as much.I was hoping to go to the gym today.We just renewed our membership.I was a workout junkie before I got so sick this summer.I love it.But I am terrified.It was the excessive exercisng that made me so sick.So I have planned on toning it down alot.But I have a habit as do many of us,when I feel a little better I over do it.Hard to find that balance.Especially when you can just have a bad day from not doing anything stressful.

    I am gonna make the best of the day.It is my daughter's 15th birthday.I splurged a bit on her this year.She deserved it.We are going to Pizza Hut for dinner with ll her cousins and grandparents.She is so excited.SO despite the pain and the cramping in my neck I am gonna put my party face on and have at it like a warrior going into battle.

    I hope you all have a good day,better than yesterday.