Fear of trying again with antidepressants

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    Hello everyone. I just finished reading Mikie's post and many of the responses. They were very informative. They made me even more scared though. I am overly depressed at this point and I feel like I am just sinking more and more everyday. In the past I have tried Wellbutrin and Zoloft, both of which scared the heck out of me and made me feel horrible. I gave each if them about a month and finally quit them altogether. The Wellbutrin actually made me suicidal and I have never been that way in my life, not even now when things are at their absolute worst. I have been taking amitriptaline which I know has some antidepressant effects. But I hate them too so I stopped taking them. They make me "dead to the world" for 12 hours and made me gain a ton of weight overnight it seems. My mother and one of my sisters are on Zoloft which seem to help them. My other sister is on Effexor, which seems to help her. I know I NEED them, I am just so scared of how they will make me feel, initially. You feel like you are brain dead. No emotions at all. And very disillusioned. Almost like you are going over the edge. When my doctor gave me Wellbutrin, he said that it is the safest one, with the least side effects. Yeah right. I guess they are all different because they control different areas of your brain for what you are lacking. I guess that it just takes the process of ellimination. I am just at my wits end. I also have extremely bad anxiety attacks that make me almost completely agorophobic. Even on my somewhat "good days" with my pain, I am scared to leave the house because I may have a panic attack. Especially in restaurants and crowded public places. I DESPERATLY WANT MY LIFE BACK!!!!! I know that I am a prime candidate for these types of drugs. Natural versions like St. John's Wort are basically useless. Does anyone know what I am talking about with the fear of trying new drugs? Does anyone have any good stories about how they had problems finding one, but finally found one that worked for them? I guess I may need some inspiration here. I am just plain-out-scared!! HELP!!!

    Love and Hugs,
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    Have you tried fish oil supplements? The severe deficiency of Omega-3 fatty acids that most Americans have can cause all sorts of brain problems, including depression.
    There are many drugs to help panic attacks besides the anti-deps. Klonopin, Xanax, Inderal, just to name a few. They help reduce the overstimulation in crowded noisy places that causes the panic. The natural supplement GABA can also help with this.
    Don't give up, as it can take a lot of experimentation to find what works for you.
    I had nothing but trouble with anti-deps also. Xanax in very small doses every five hours plus the maximum allowed dose of GABA twice daily finally got things under control for me.
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    with this issue. You may have read some of my posts recently regarding antidepressants. I just saw a friend of mine, and we were discussing this, as she has had problems with depression all of her life. For her it is genetic. She doesn't have the DD that we have..........just depression..................JUST.
    Well, she was telling me today that she has finally gotten the right medication for her and she feels great. She said she recommends going to a psychiatrist who deals with these type of drugs all the time. They are the experts with these drugs, and can probably help you more than your regular doc to get on what is best for you. they will follow up with you frequently to make sure that you are doing well on it, and if new drugs come along, they can help you to upgrade with something better. I thought her advice of seeing those who are edxperts in the drug area for Anitdepressants would be a good idea, and you might want to make an appointment with someone in your area.
    Yes, I can relate to how scary and frustrating it is to try one after another...........they all effect you differently and you never know what you will feel like, and it takes so long to figure it out.
    Good lUck to you! Don't despair............it WILL get better.
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    Have you tried low dose Naltrexone?? It is not an antidepressant but it is suppose to raise endorphines to help with pain and fatigue.
    Try SEARCH: Low Dose Naltrexone on the web for complete information. They have their own website that explains everything about how this medication can help with fms and cfids.
    I hope more people will approach their doctors about this medication as it looks like an answer to our suffering!!
    Good luck to you!!
    Let us know how you progress.....
  5. Mikie

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    The reason I suggest people read this info is because many of us, according to Dr. Cheney (this is just his opinion and although he is considered an expert, others may have different opinions on this), are constantly in a slight state of seizure and that stimulants and SSRI's just cause these neurons to fire even faster, damaging the brain.

    I believe it is important to discern why someone is taking an antidepressant. There are certain mental problems, including clinical depression, for which these drugs may well be very helpful.

    I have personally found the Klonopin, suggested by Cheney, to be very helpful because my problems do seem to be caused by this slight state of seizure and the Klonopin addresses these problems. Not everyone tolerates Klonopin and everyone may not be in this slight seizure state. For anyone who is, however, the stimulants and SSRI's may well exacerbate the problem.

    I don't want to scare anyone, I just want to offer this info. I believe it is important to have a good knowledgeable doc, do your own research, read, and weigh the benefits and potential risks.

    From my daughter's experience with Prozac and the stories from people who have had horrible experiences with SSRI's posted here, I do not think this kind of medicine should be prescribed nor taken lightly. It should be an informed decision.

    Love, Mikie
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    Kathryn I, too was overwhelmingly depressed, and did some research on AD's. I started on Lexapro, as it seemed to be one of the best when it came to SSRI's, having much less side effects than the others.

    You may also, as I do, take a low dose of klonopin....for anxiety.

    This combination has changed my world incredibly.

    Best wishes,
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    Thank you for your words of wisdom. Times have been really tough lately and I need all the help I can get. I feel like I am losing the strength to fight for myself. I have already told my doctor numerous times that I NEED ANTIDEPRESSANTS and that my pain meds are NOT CUTTING IT!!! But it seems to go in one ear and out the other. It suprises me how many people say that their doctors seem to give that stuff out like candy and that I have to practically beg for it. He knows how depressed I am. I go in the office and can barely get any words out without crying. I know that a good day will come soon. I hope sooner than later. I could really use one. Thank you again for your help. I will definatly be doing more research on those meds that you are talking about.

  8. Mikie

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    Depression, like pain, should not go untreated. I suggest you find a psychiatrist or another PCP for help. I do know that many people do get some pain relief from their antidepressants. I, on the other hand, get relief from depression when my pain is addressed.

    My new doc said that the constant pain messages in the brain contribute to fatigue, sensory overload, and depression.

    Love, Mikie
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    SSRRI's made me tens time worse all kinds of awesul side effects. Klonipan has been such a God send for me! I sleep, my muscles rarely ever spasm and I have have not had one panic attack in months!
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    I take Buspar, an anxiety med. It takes about 3 weeks to reach full dose but has very few side effects ( not an SSRI) Has been working for me. From what I've read it actually takes about 3 months before the body "balances" or gets used to the effect of taking most meds. Some patience is needed.

  11. layinglow

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    After looking over my post what I failed to do was to tell you I know HOW you feel. I had tried to fight the depression--goodness, I can tell you I am tough and battle ready. It didn't matter how much I tried however, I just was making no progress, and the depression was definitely on the winning team. I denied it for months, and it got progressively worse. I too, was not leaving the house, and was totally incapacitated---Emotionally I was crippled.

    Finally I admitted to my Doc, (who by the way at each appointment had been asking me if I was depressed, as he is genuinely concerned with his patients--of course I denied it), it just all came spilling out. He reassured me that it is common, especially in the "phase" I am at---after dx, and am now grieving.

    What I am trying to say, hon, is...if your Doc will not help you with your depression and anxiety, please find someone who will....I feel so much better now. My only regret is ....that I didn't own up to it sooner, and get help and relief earlier, and suffered way to long, due to my stubborness. If you PC is unable to help you face this challenge, find someone who will--you deserve to be happy and enjoy life.

    I don't intend on staying on this long....we'll see, when they time is right, I will gradually wean, and see what life looks like, then. For now though....it is necessary.

    Hope you can find some relief soon. I know the misery you are enduring, and just wanted to give you a soft hug.

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    I know exactlly how you feel!!! You didn't say what form of depression you have. I'll share mine with you. I am bipolar and have sever panic and anxiety problems. I have had this since I was about 15 yrs old. I wasn't diagnosed til I was 27. I am now 35. I always knew something was wrong but was scared they would lock me away and throw away the key. I have been really relugtant (SP) about using antidepressants. I could never get the right combo. So for basicly 6 yrs I refused to take anything. I just couldn't go thru one more med adjustment...not knowing how I was going to feel or cope with life. My last experience with phyc doctors until 2 months ago was the worst. She had me changed my meds 3 different times in 9 days. I had allerigic reactions to all 3 and ended up at the ER. After the 3rd med she informed me if the next combo didn't work I was going in the hospital. This terrified me and I quit all together. How dare she threaten me. So I was lost for another 2 years. Two months ago I was at my at my gastro doc. From my history he asked why wasn't I getting any help. I told him he said find a new doctor. You need help and there is some one out there for you. So I tried again. I'm on Prozac and Zonegram for the bipolar and Xanax for the anxiety. I'm now going thru that time where I'm saying why did I waste so many years feeling so terrible. The Prozac has been great for me, but not for others. Isn't it funny we're all so much alike with our sicknesses but also so different in treatments.

    Kathryn, I know it sucks to go tru the med changes, but do it now. So a year from now you won't be saying gosh I wasted a year of my life feeling so damn depressed. You said in your second post:

    "I have already told my doctor numerous times that I NEED ANTIDEPRESSANTS and that my pain meds are NOT CUTTING IT!!!"

    Just like my Gastro doc said to me, find a doctor that will listen to you. The doctor is working for YOU!!! You and your insurance are paying him....he is not only paid for his knowledge. He's paid to LISTEN to YOU.

    I'm sorry this is so long....but the subject hits me right in my heart. I really feel for you. To have this DD is enough with out worring about other sicknesses.

    Good luck in trying to find the right meds for you. I'll be praying for you.


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    Thank you for all of your kind words of love and support. I just called my doctor and spoke with his nurse to ask for more pain meds and an antidepressant. Last week he only gave me 5 days worth of pain meds as some sort of punishment because the dosages were not working for me and I had to take 10 mg. Percocets once every 4-5 hours instead of 6 hours. Gimme a break!!! I told her that I wanted to try Klonopin since that seems to be a common denominator of many of your responses. If this guy dosen't shape up in the next week or so, he's outta here!!! I don't have insurance so I am not going to waste anymore of my money and time on someone who treats me like a 5 year old. I am suffering here, and I NEED HELP!! Thank you for the inspiration I so desperatly need!! I feel alot stronger now!!

    All my love,
  14. babyblues68

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    I'm sorry to hear you don't have insurance. That has to be really hard. You fight for your right to be treated properly. I hope you find relief soon.

  15. spazmonkey

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    Hey-i've tried every anti-d under the sun. my doctor told me that for them to start working, you have to restore your sleep first to get those chemicals flowing in your brain.

    It was still hard, i had to go through a rough couple of weeks, but it did help in the long run. he put me on a small anti-d, and then a bit of xanax. then i started taking lexapro in the smallest amount--actually all of them were in the smallest amount. im still not sure if this is working properly for me....but it's much much better.

    if you want to try a natural anti-d, the best is 5-htp...look into it--it gave me some relief. along with magnesium.

    i hope this helps a bit!!

    take care;)