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    i just responded to a post about "psych" meds/anti-depressants and wanted to vent. one thing is certain, what works for 1 may not work for another.

    this post suggested anti-depressants could be responsible for fm. personally i think this is a bunch of hogwash...we are still looking for some magic reason we are all suffering from this disease. saying antis are dangerous may well prevent someone from getting the added help they need in their treatment.

    personally, i started antis AFTER diagnosis, due to the seratonin probs and antis actually helping w/the pain and other symptoms, 1 of which is depression! go figure we would be depressed with this disease. also some people NEED anti-depressants to help them with other debilitating mental/emotional disorders and are a God send to them.

    so what works for 1 person will not maybe work for another.
    it is invaluable to post one's personal experiences but not productive to label ANY drug prescribed by one's personal physician as "dangerous" without some medical backup.

    there are alot of naive patient's out there that are far too willing to listen to anyone about anything.


    thanks for listening

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    I totally agree with you. Everyone is different and we all need different meds, etc. I personally don't have the time or energy to try to figure out what caused my FMS. I spend enough time trying to deal with the symptoms. There is no evidence that a certain drug caused FMS, or that if your mother looked at you cross-eyed when you were a baby, that caused your FMS. We need to deal with the symptoms NOW. I let the reseachers try to figure out what's causing this crap and how to treat it. There may be MANY different reasons different people get FMS. Just like I'm sure there are different reasons people get cancer, heart disease, etc. There can't be just ONE reason. And I don't like being put in a basket with everyone - my parents didn't drink or abuse me, etc. I basically think I was born with a predisposition to FMS, as well as a lower threshold for stress. One day the balloon got blown up too big and it popped. Boy, I've really been on my soap-box today! I had a terrible headache earlier and had a cup of coffee - half caffeine, half-decaff. I'm bouncing off the walls now due to the caffeine (but my headache went away)!!!!

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    You are correct; people are so anxious to find the answers that they may make assumptions which are often not valid. I do not believe that antidepressants cause our illnesses.

    Unfortunately, what has happened in a lot of cases is that docs do not understand our illnesses and do not know what to do to help us. They often believe women are all depressed and/or hysterical and that if they just give us some antidepressants, we will not bother them.

    I'm not saying that antidepressants haven't helped some people with their depression and/or pain, but it should not necessarily be the first drug which comes to mind in treating FMS or CFIDS. Many would not be depressed if their symptoms were relieved.

    In the case of SSRI's and stimulants, Dr. Paul Cheney has an article in our library about how these meds can be harmful to us because they exacerbate the misfiring of our neurons. According to Dr. Cheney, long-term use of these drugs can lead to brain damage. This is one doc's opinion and other docs have other opinions. Each of us has to decide for ourselves which drugs we will take as all drugs do have some associated risks. The important thing is to study the pros and cons and not just take the docs' words for it.

    Love, Mikie
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    Are you talking about fear of psych drugs? I didnt read that thread cuz I had nothing to offer.

    I tried ssri for 6 months when they said the reason I couldnt stay awake could be depression. After 6 months the psych said I was not depressed and he did not know what was wrong with me and off I went on the Dr. Go Round.

    They certainly had nothing to do with me getting sick and they did nothing to help me so I am at a big zero but if they help someone else then thats ok with me.

    I have tried many things here that someone said did wonders for them and did nothing for me. As you say we are all different and are treating different symptoms with different protocols.