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    I'm in the early stages of a new treatment plan for Fibro and just got back by results and found out that not many of my systems a functing correctly, thyroid, adrneal, hormones etc. I need lots of suppletmental, and medication support. I am really down in the dumps and depressed. Seems like my hole body is mis-firing. Is anything working right? asking myself. All I heard yesturday was what wasn't working. Anyone else ever been in this situation? I guess to help out with Fibro you need to find out what is dysfuncting and help support thoses systems first. Does anyone have any thoughts or support, that has been through this or something simlar?

    Thanks for any thoughts or support you can give.

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  3. mme_curie68

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    I was downtrodden and frustrated when I got my dx as well.

    Nothing was working right for me either - immune system, thyroid, swollen lymph nodes, osteoarthritis, high blood pressure.

    So far, treatment of the symptoms has given me the most relief.

    I am on Adderall for the bone-wearying fatigue.

    I am on Naproxen for the body pain.

    I am on Flexeril for the stiffness.

    I went to a orthotics specialist and got extra deep sneakers with carbon fiber plate inserts that keep my arthritic foot joints immobilized (finally walking normally after over a year of abnormal limping).

    The Adderall has caused some issues with my blood pressure. I had to go back on a beta-blocker again - but with the Adderall I can get through a day at work and a little bit of evening at home.

    Madame Curie
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    Sorry to hear you were bombarded with so many things at once. It can definitely be very overwhelming to take all of that in at once.

    I think the only thing worse would be if you were feeling so horrible and everything came back normal and they looked at you like you were a nut case. At least this way, you know there's hope of feeling better :)

    Some people feel a tremendous difference from thyroid alone.

    Overwhelming, but hopeful as well. Take it layer by layer.

    Hang in there.

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    Tbird, you are not alone...the fear this illness (these dds) can begin in us is awesome!

    But you know, you seem to have an answer to some of your symptoms, at least. Many of us went years and years and never got such answers! Good For you!

    May I ask, who tested you so well? Was it one of the FFC clinics? If so, I know you'll get lots of good advice and help, so hang in there and don't be afraid.

    Our symptoms can be so frightening and we often feel as if, with feeling THIS bad, surely we are dying...but alas, no, we are just in the long drawn-out process of overcoming fear, taking charge of our health, and learning to cope.

    Don't despair....lots of good research going on (probably because the drs are getting really sick of US, and they are donating money for the research! :)

    There's always hope!
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    This was my first time posting anything on a chat page, and I found it very benefical. You all gave me a lot of hope and advice. Thank you all again for you thoughts. And for FINDMIND, yes my testing was done through the FFC in Denver. They are amazing, it was just so overwheleming on only my second visit to hear all of that information, one day maybe it will be some positive things.

    I will be continuing to chat in the future, I can see how it is a help to talk with people who are in your same situation instead of talking with people who don't know what it is like to have fibro, a support group is a key I have come to find out to help cope.

  7. Marta608

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    "There's nothing to fear but fear itself".

    How great that you know what's lacking in your body so you can get busy fixing it! There are many good supplements to try - and "try" is the right term. Some won't do one thing except reduce your bank account but then, one fine day, you'll find one or two that well help. And what helps me, might not do you one bit of good because we're all different (and if I hear or say that phrase one more time, I'm going to scream). ;>)


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