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    The past years my energy has been going downhill. I have lost enthusiam for things that used to interest me. I have been on celexa for about a year and, I guess there's a slight improvement. I feel that I want to change my life - get out of my marriage and have some peace. I am a senior and my husband has been having health problems. This makes it difficult for me to change my life. I am a retired professional and can be financially independent. I feel that I am not getting any enjoyment from my life - as though I am living under a cloud. Any advice would really be appreciated.
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    I understand that must be hard...especially if you feel like a better life is waiting. I'd like to make a suggestion, if I may: go to www.completeself.com and try the foods: Nuplus, Quinary, Calli and Sunnydew (the "basics") - you mentioned you've lost energy and been on a med for a year. Most people who start eating these whole, live foods get their energy back first and foremost. It's just food (all plant-based nourishment) so it's like eating a salad but much more nourishing than today's salads due to our depleted soils.

    I mention this because it sounds like the blahs of life are taking over and life doesn't have to be like that. I think a good quality of life is very important. At the very least, perhaps you could share the foods with your husband since you mention his health problems are also stressful/depressing. People who are well and also those who are very sick have made a big difference in their health with these foods. Good luck!