Federal gov't discrimination against CFIDS

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    I have been a CFIDS sufferer for nine years. The Department of Labor has formally ruled that my condition (CFS) was a condition of my federal employment in Moscow 1995--1997. The Social Security Administration has ruled that I am disabled by CFS. Yet 1) the Department of Labor Federal Employee Compensation Agency (FECA) has ruled that I cannot get loss of income compensation because I am disabled because my condition could have been caused by something else, even though they have ruled that my ocndition is a direct result of my federal employment; 2) the feds have also refused to grant me the legal status of affirmative action in applying for a part time position based on my CFS disabzility. This is in direct contradiction of the EEO ruling that disabled persons have affirmative action rights.


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    A victory for you would not only help others in your shoes, but all of us.

    Proper recognization is needed.

    Wishing you the best.....Blessings..........Susan


    I worked for our city and fell and never stopped hurting. Was thier fault, a safety issue. I was Diagnosed with fibromyaglia. Ruling was that I was carrying(fibro fog, can't think of words) whatever to have the fibro and it was not a fault of the accident.

    I am on disabiltity through my retirement system. I got that much any how.

    I now use a scooter a lot and all the things that we go through. Before the fall I would run up and down stairs, walk long distances and enjoyed it. Carried heavy things.

    So the fall did trigger something that I already had! If so, would I still be normal without the fall?

    God Bless you and all of us.........Susan
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    I would call Bernard Kansky, Atty thru the ncf-net.org (Nat'l CFIDS Foundation) site. He has extensive experience and would know whom you could call about your experience.

    He practices out of Mass., but takes on the really hard cases for many of us.

    Best of luck to you,
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    I've noticed when I've googled certain conditions or drugs, that certain lawyer sites come up looking for those who have had problems... looking to file class-action suits I'd imagine. You might see if one of those firms are interested. Just google any controversial drug like Paxil or ambien and I'm betting you'll find more than one lawyers' site... just a possibility!

    Please let us know what happens... also have you contacted your federal representatives? I wouuld write a letter outlining your case briefly like you did above, and then follow up with a phone call perhaps after about 30 days.

    They do follow up on these types of situations for constituents - every person who writes with an opinion, for instance, is worth 40 other voters who feel the same, and I would think everyone who writes with problems like this probably also represent a certain number of other voters...

    Please let us know what Happens?

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