Federal help for low income Medicare patients

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    I did not know this program exsisted until recently. Somehow my name got on a list from my hospital and I received a letter stating I was eligable for assitance with my hospital bills.

    I am going to have foot surgery in Sept/Oct and having MRIs of my entire spine and already have a $900 bone scan.

    All I have is Medicare so I pay the 20%. I found out today that I won't have to pay a dime of my hospital bills. I do have to pay the Drs but no hospital charges. But once I pay my outside Dr bills in the amount of my monthly check the state pays the rest. So check your state too.

    I live in KY but this is a Federal program. If you have any outstanding bills or are expecting some please call your hospital and ask for Financial Assistance.

    I have needed the foot surgery for at least a year and have just put up with it because of the money for one but the recovery time is 6-8 weeks. I have a large diseased bunion on my right big toe from an old injury and can not take it anymore. I had to go to a funeral recently and got my favorite comfy dress shoes, that I had not worn in at least a year, and could not get the shoe on, Let alone wear them. So it is time.

    Please call your hospital and see if you quailfy, a free phone call can save you $1000's- Carla