feedback on methylin (methylphenidate) requested

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by tiredtim, Apr 2, 2003.

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    I had seen some good feedback here on Provigil and so asked my doctor if I could try it. He was willing but the HMO was not. They say there are a couple of other drugs I have to try first; if they fail, they might approve it. The first recommended is Methylin (brand name) aka methylphenidate (drug name). I got a copy of the manufacturer's product info (as I do with all new drugs I try, and I'm fairly competent at deciphering them). Frankly, it looks kinda scary. Has anyone here tried this drug and have any comments? It's a CNS stimulant in the "Ritalin" class of drugs that are usually prescribed for hyperactivity and attention-deficit disorder. It's supposed to overcome my fatigue. It looks to me to be highly addictive for one thing, and also has adverse side effects that might preclude driving for another. Thanks...

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    Somebody please help Tim.
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    after posting my first message requesting feedback on methylin, I did some more research and discovered that this drug is the exact same chemical compound as Ritalin. So, knowing that, I can go from there in my research; and also I did I search on "Ritalin" and found a number of messages on that subject here. So, I think I have found the feedback I'm looking for! Just need time and energy to sort through it all. Thanks...

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    There is no doubt that they are scary long and short term but I gave it a try cuz at the time I couldnt even drive to the grocery store and lived alone. Ritalin kept me awake for 2 weeks and then stopped working. It made me pant like a dog and my blood pressure went up. Taking stairs made me feel like I was going to have a heart attact but to be fair had this symptom often with no drugs. Tried it several times and several different doses etc and cant get more than 2 weeks and the blood pressure was life threatening. The meth was worse. My bp shot up off the chart and couldt walk to the bathroom without feeling like my heart and lungs were going to come out of my body. Provigil only kept me awake for one day but it gave me a horrible headache that lasted days. Tried it again several times, finally got up to 400mgs but always had that dull headache and it never woke me up.