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    I talked to a truck driver hauling chicken litter and he said he was taking it to a feedlot that used the litter as filler in his cattle feed .I do not know how to investigate this.Thank You
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    You can report this to various state and federal agencies. The Dept. of Agriculture;
    Food and Drug Administration; Attorney General, etc.

    Whether or not any of these agencies will actually do anything is another

    You could also talk to newspapers and TV stations; see if they want to
    investigate and report.

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    I've thought about this for a while.

    Just a suggestion for you. You have heard this info "third party" through the grape vine as you are not the truck driver nor the other person that told him. Third party info is another name for "gossip" and it can come back and bite you hard on the ass. Be very aware that someone could be playing a prank on you or just trying to ruin the reputation of the meat plant by passing false damaging info just like many of us have heard about the "Kentucky Fried Chicken Mouse" and all the other untrue gossip that has gone around.

    What proof would you present to any agency that you made a complaint to, except that a driver told you third party? Does the driver do actual work at the meat plant that would enable him to actually witness all this that is claimed--no, he is a driver and his job is driving and not working inside the meat plant and "HE HEARD THIS INFO FROM SOMEONE ELSE" so that is your first HUGE clue about this story.

    Does it make the driver a very reliable witness that if he is so concerned he does NOT tell an agency, but instead tells you? That indicates to me he's not concerned at all, and makes me question the validity of this story or if a prank was pulled on him or that he is in turn pulling on you, or even if he has bad blood with the meat plant and is trying to ruin the reputation of a meat plant by spreading gossip through people that could do his bidding for him--people like you and you would pay the price.

    Your question to your friend should have been: Okay, so take all your proof to a federal agency. If the worker really knew this to be true, he would go report this himself and wouldn't be passing this story to you.

    If you are foolish enough to pass anything about this story where you live, online, etc., you could find yourself so tied in lawsuits that you could lose everything you own, you could find your background researched and pulled and you made out to be crazy and a fanatic, and you could very well have to move away from where you live. You play with the big boys and they can come down really hard.

    Think carefully and question what you are told third party. Gossip always sounds too good to be true so it makes great stuff to pass around--but you're messing with a large meat plant that could bring you to your knees financially, go through your background and paint you poorly and run you out of that town.

    Remember, Oprah had a lawsuit against her by the meat industry and they took her to court. She had Dr. Phil advising her and it was touch and go in court for a long time and Oprah wasn't sure how it would come out. You're not Oprah and you don't have her money, her resources and her connections. [This Message was Edited on 02/26/2011]