feel better by the ocean? at night?

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  1. msp04792

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    I have had cf symptoms for 10+ years and notice that whenever I'm able to be by the ocean I feel better. I almost feel "normal" in terms of energy.-so much stronger and more vital. When I come back home it's as if my battery gradually wears down again. I'm not able to make a geographic move at this time, but am just wondering if anyone else experiences this phenomenon. It feels to me like the salt air, balances something in me. Any ideas?

    Also, I frequently feel better in the evening hours. This is hard, in that I don't want to go to bed because it's so nice not to feel yucky, but then I end up staying up too late. Why would I feel better at night??? Thanks for the input, Barbara
  2. Shirl

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    When I would get a bad headache my husband used to take me out in his boat, this is the Gulf of Mexico here, that headache would be gone in short order.

    We sold the boat, but I will put Sea Salt in a kettle of water on the stove in the morning and boil it when I feel the worst, and it does help with an over all better feeling (also clears up my sinus). I don't know if I am imagining it or what, but it does help.

    Yes, I also feel better in the evening, in fact that is the time I come 'alive' :) I am dragging all day, then I get that 'feeling' in the evening I should get when I wake up in the morning, but its way later in the day.

    I can't go to sleep before midnight, if I do I will wake up at 4 am with nothing to do with myself.

    I think our body clocks are all messed up.

    Shalom, Shirl
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  3. Notonline

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    Last trip to the ocean was over 8 years ago...but I remember it like yesterday! I felt SO much better, and I slept like I never slept before, the times prior to that it was the same also. Maybe it was the sound of the waves? Although I've tried tapes and that doesn't help. I don't know...but if I hit on the lottery...I'm moving near the beach.

    Have always felt better at night...all I can add is...morning people annoy me. LOL


  4. ssMarilyn

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    You no doubt feel better by the ocean because you are "connecting" with nature. This has to be the best therapy ever for pain and fatigue. I'd be in heaven right now if I could lay in the warm sand while looking up at the stars and hearing the waves come in.

    Marilyn :)
  5. dolsgirl

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    Oh yes! I'm living on salt water now & it's exhilarating! We went out on our boat yesterday & it felt great~it always felt great even on fresh water, but better on salt water. I love the salty taste on my lips. Seeing the 4 seals didn't hurt either! : ) I do feel better in the evenings also. I think our bodies just warm up by then. I prefer to work days though, so I can try to enjoy my evenings. dolsgirl

    Don't forget that our bodies are over 90% salt water. [This Message was Edited on 07/25/2003]
  6. kaths

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    on a hill overlooking the ocean and I have CFIDS. I breathe salt air all the time. I do use sea salt in water to rinse out my sinuses every morning and feel halfway unclogged. I know I feel calmer sitting on the beach or sitting beside a creek, but then the fountain in my bedroom does the same thing. I felt better at Lake Tahoe on vacation a couple of weeks ago than I do here. However, if the ocean works for you and you do win the lottery, come on out, the scenery and weather are great!

    A thread here recently explained that according to someone's doctor, our immune systems turn off in late afternoon, so we feel better and better as the evening progresses and our bodies are no longer fighting our viral or bacterial infections, the alleged causes of our illness. Makes sense to me. The immune system kicks on around 6 a.m., and thus the I-feel-lousey-in-the-a.m. syndrome.

  7. suexi

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    I always wondered why I feel better at night. Somedays I can't wait til the evening comes. I always thought it was a mental thing. Like I feel so crummy because it's daytime and I am supposed to be accomplishing things when somedays I can't do hardly anything. So Thanks for the info.
  8. Lau

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    Hi Barbara,

    I think it helps in so many levels. It is soothing and calming to watch, your usually not thinking of all the stresses of home, it sounds so beautiful and if you can get into warm salt water it is heavanly. I've been counting the days to vacation. We bought a time-share in Aruba last year and are going back for two weeks this year. I'm ready to move there-LOL! The water temperature is the same as the air temp - like 88 degrees and is the same just about every day. They get almost no rain so there are not the pressure changes we have here, not the ups in downs in how I feel either, just sort of even and much better. Also the water is very calm, so no stressing over the big waves. I've also enjoyed snorkling since we've gone there, very peaceful.

    As far as the night thing, I agree, a start to feel better in the evening when most people are slowing down. I have what I call a little "window" of time where I can actually do something, usually late afternoon, early evening then poop out again.

    We're just different I guess!

    Hope you can get a little respite bu the ocean soon!

    Regards, Lau
  9. LindaW

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    oh so true! I am so thankful that I am able to live by the ocean. For a year we lived away from the ocean and it was one of the worst times in my life. My daily trek to the beach just makes me feel better. Even in the winter I will bundle up and take a walk there. I I am so thankful to be able to live in a place that people consider a great vacation destination, although it does get crazy here in the summer.lw
  10. IntuneJune

    IntuneJune New Member

    It has always been, the only place my body could relax was by the ocean. June
  11. sandy10seven

    sandy10seven New Member

    I have had severe fatigue, muscle aches, brain fog and sinus problems for 3 yrs now. I've been to the east coast, west coast and gulf since that time. Whenever I go, once I get to the beach, I feel great! A half mile or less from the beach and I'm sick again. I also feel better at night, how much better depends on the season (much better fall and winter, less in spring and summer).

    I got tested for allergies and am allergic to pollen, mold, dust mites, and trees. I think the ocean air doesn't carry this stuff and that's what makes me feel better.

    It seems a lot of people with CFS/FMS have allergies and sinus problems. I think that for some of us the symptoms we have may be due to allergies. It's just that most people think allergies only cause sneezing and stuffy noses, etc.

    I've tried all the allergy meds, RX and OTC, and they do nothing for me. (Except I haven't tried Singulair yet, but intend to.) I started the allergy shots, but they take a long time to work and now I'm too sick to go for them.

    Allergies affect me within minutes. I can wear goggles and a face mask and feel 50% better within 30 mins. I do this whenever I have to have some relief. Can't stand wearing these for more than an hour at a time though.

    Hope this helps somebody. I don't think I can be the only person like this?

  12. brouke

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    i just returned this past monday from tampa, fl / clearwater beach area.
    yes, the ocean is amazingly healing...in every way. i find the natural rhythm, energy and warmth help a great deal.
    however, i have always been a "water" person, it draws me in like a magnet. if any of you believe in soul connection, that is where mines lies.
    unfortunately, i live 3 hours from the nearest alantic shore line...so, my visits are far & few in between.

    as far as the night goes....yes, i love the nighttime. its calming, quite, peaceful..love to hear the evening animals, watch the stars & moon...so much so once i am outside sitting by a campfire i refuse to go to sleep until i see the sunrise...when everything comes alive again. then i feel as though it is my time to go to bed.

    sadly enough, with work....this schedule is not possible. now i am in bed by 10-11pm, awake by 6:30-7am.

    unlike many of you, i have not experienced the lesser fm pain at night. once it begins its cycle....whew, times get tough!!

    may peaceful ocean breezes bless your day~
  13. IntuneJune

    IntuneJune New Member

    No you are not the only one. After my allergies were diagnosed, a lot of symptoms improved, the flu feeling, fatigue, brain fog, etc, and never did sneeze, wheeze or having itchy runny eyes.

    My allergies allows me to give my own shots, it is cheaper and less time consuming!!! I have seven vialls to draw from to make up the injection, but so what, it is much easier than the drive. June

  14. elaine_p

    elaine_p New Member

    My best time is in the morning. Of course, the past month I've had more insomnia and maybe the evenings would be better if I didn't want to go to bed at 9:00. Meaning if I could accept going to bed later I might find I have more energy at night.... My best time is in the morning, for 1-1/2 to 3 hours. (And maybe this will change when I get switched to wholly decaf coffee.)

    And the ocean didn't help me. :-( Of course I've only gone 3 times with this DD and each time was way exhausted and hadn't gone there just to relax. (Maybe my problems aren't caused by allergies or something?)

    Just have to pipe in so that the other people like me who differ don't feel weird.
  15. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    And within a couple of hours of the Atlantic. If I go down to the Keys, I'm in the Caribbean. I love being by the salt water air. I go to the water to heal. Right now, our beach is littered with dead fish from the Red Tide, so the only water I'll be in this weekend is the pool.

    Feeling better near the water is why I moved here.

    Love, Mikie
  16. sandy10seven

    sandy10seven New Member

    June, So glad the shots have helped you. I didn't get to go to the allergist long enough for her to let me do the shots on my own. This won't help everyone, but for some, I think it would be a big help.

    Sorry I didn't move to the ocean, before I got so sick. Maybe some day.
  17. msp04792

    msp04792 New Member

    Thanks for all the replies-it's so nice to really know that I'm not alone with these symptoms. The number of times I've had doctors give me these blank stares when I describe my experience.and then prescribe antidepressants... I guess they just truly don't know how to help.

    So given this, night-tme/ocean improvement, is there anything we can do help ourselves?? (beyond moving and turning our time clock inside out!) I did purchase an ionizer. Can't say I've noticed any major improvement. I also hear the allergy link-that the ocean air cleans most of the crap out. How do I follow up on that? An allergist? Interesting comment, too, about the rhythm of our immune system and how it shuts off at night. There must be something that could influence this during the daytime hours. Brainstorm with me! Thank you, Barbara
  18. zggygirl

    zggygirl New Member

    Yes the ocean is so soothing to me. I wonder if it has something to do with the tides and the strong pull of the moon. Ever notice if you feel better during low or high tide? Full moon?
    I also feel better at night. I remember a post someone wrote asking bout this. I may not have it all right but it went something like this: madwolf replied that our sleep cycles are reversed due to this DD. That we are supposed to produce more cortisol starting in the AM and being depleted by PM. some peoples homome release can be reversed.
    this can be "cured" by taking low doses of Cortisol in the Am and at noon. Cortof 5mg I think is what he suggested. Unfortunatly my doc. said no, but I'll keep asking.
    Madwolf please correct me if I misunderstood.
  19. sandy10seven

    sandy10seven New Member

    It sounds like it would be a good idea if you went to an allergist for the testing. At least then you would know if and what you're allergic too. If needed, you can then take the allergy shots. I was told the shots take 2-3 yrs to be effective, but they work for a lot of people.

    Possibly some allergy meds might help, I've tried everything but Singulair, with no results (didn't even stop the sneezing, much less anything else). My allergy doctor told me a lot of the allergy meds only work for 25-30% of the people that try them.

    Other than that, I don't have a clue. Maybe someone else can tell us something on the subject? As I said before, I don't know who might be affected or to what degree, but I feel sure that some of us could at least be helped by getting these allergies under controll.

    BTW, I also bought an ionizer and it didn't help. Have had my ac/heat ducts cleaned. No help. Bought huge, expensive Hepa air cleaner. No help. No mold in or under house. Can tell that I am somewhat worse outdoors than inside. Am sure a lot of my fatigue & aches are caused by allergies because of how much better I am when I wear mask and goggles. Look silly, yeah; but who cares.
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  20. LABullard1212

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    I grew up 1/2 block from the ocean, in a 2 story house, without A/C (this was the 1950-60's) so I went to sleep to the sounds of the ocean. I could even see the ocean and, just watching it was almost hypnotizing.
    I now live about a block from the ocean. At night,I go outside and listen the the waves,as they wash ashore. There is nothing more relaxing than sitting, with your eyes closed,and letting that sound just flow through your head.
    As for feeling better at night.. I start to feel functional at about 2 or 3 each day, and by 6 or 7pm. I'm in 5th gear. I dread going to sleep because I know what starts over ever single morning like a vicious cycle, to the point I want to cry, while I wait for my meds to start kicking in. I don't see how we can change this body schedule, due to the fact that although we are told how important good sleep is, our bodies stay in one position and have all the time in the world to tighten up on us, and thus we feel the results of a "sound" sleep, every morning. How wonderful it is to have Fibro!!!!!