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    hi, i have not been on this message board for quite a while. in that time i had our third baby, we moved west, and i am soooooooo much better due to drops i took from a dr. in minnesota. they are called graviac. i took 5 drops in the morning and 5 drops at night. and some suppliments. and after 8 months my life had imroved dramatically!!! for the better of course!!! i am not 100% and am still taking the drops but i am no where near the hell i was in anymore. i can bend over, get up in the morning, not drift off asleep every couple hours, i am not depressed, i only hurt a little, unless i overdue it. the only problem i have is anxiety and trouble breathing sometimes. compared to before anyway.
    i am only taking three medicines and very light doses.
    the dor put me on a machine. he had me hold a metal rod in one hand hooked to the machine and he had something attached to my other finger/hand. he could see the virus in my body, he could see waht metals i had, funguses, he could read somany things there are too many to list.
    i hope that in a year or two i will be back to normal, after being sick since 1995. my aunt and cousin have the same illness and had the drops before me and are doing great, they can do even more than me!!
    it sounded to good to be true, but when my family was taking them but as i kept hearing how great they felt, i couldn't wait until i took the drops too. you know how you think about how you used to feel and it seemed like a disatnt dream, it isn't for me anymore! and it was so simple, and not as expensive as all the vitamins and copays and trips to the dr, and blood tests,even with insurance, as you know. i could go on and on, but i am here to tell you it is possible, and it has happened to me and to my aunt and cousin, and i try to tell anyone i meet or anyone that knows someone with cfids.
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    Glad to hear the drops are making you feel better and congratulations on the baby! Where do you order the drops and do you have any idea what type of machine you were hooked up to?

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    i get them through a dr in mn, they are made in a company in california, the dr does somehthing to the drops with another machine you can email me, anyone, at [email address removed as per rules] for the dr number, i cannot rember offhand the name of the machine, it was very interesting, my son takes drops for ADD and he is doing better now than the kids taking riddlen. the principle said he has improved and the other kids with ADD have stayed the same.
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    What type of symptoms did you suffer from?

    I want children but I am long way from that. Did you feel worse during your pregnancy?

    I have only been sick a year but it feels like a lifetime!
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    i felt better in my first and third pregnancy, the second was tough, but the third kick started me into the drops and i had a faster recovery because of the hormones.
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