feel drunk/high or just REALLY out of it , help

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by babyk902, Jun 2, 2008.

  1. babyk902

    babyk902 New Member

    lately i've been really tired, but more "out of it" than anything, and i don't know what it is. It's definitely worse or just more noticable at night i think, but it's starting to freak me out. I just can't think clearly at all and have so much brain fog, maybe that's what it is. Does anyone have any clue what this could be?
  2. mindyandy420

    mindyandy420 New Member

    I have periods like this....Like right now. I dont like it when the brain doesnt work properly. HIGH without the HIGH...ya know.
  3. marti_zavala

    marti_zavala Member

    When I have been detoxing either through movement or supplements, I feel very out of it. Unable to concentrate, can't put words together, using wrong words.

    It is all common but I don't think it is good.

    I use charcoal to soak up toxins (then follow with magnesium as I have constipation issues).

    I have also used chlorophyll, apple pectin, basically any blood purifier will help clear the fog. I did take paracemetol but was uncomfortable and would rather take natural stuff.

    You just have to take natural stuff longer and in larger quantitiies.

    Have you eaten something really bad or have you tried a new supplement. Have you been moving around extra amount and are you nauseous?

    Make sure you are taking enough magnesium to move your bowels so you are not recirculating toxins.

  4. frosty77

    frosty77 New Member

    That's exactly it - feeling like you are high. I get this periodically, no rhyme or reason, it just happens a few times each month.
  5. hi all,

    yes thats the feelings that im having now,i feel as though im drunk,and just REALLY OUT OF IT.its a horrible scary feeling.

    im using relaxation to keep my heart calm.

    resting on the sofa for two hours,then managing a 20 min walk around the house,to wash the pots.just try to keep the place germ free,not pass anything onto my family.

    oohh what a horrible illness this is,and a cruel one.

    ive been normalish for 8-9 weeks,then i clean a bit of pupils vomit up at school,get bit by crawlers,and bam,,,fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue,big time.

    all my disenfecting of my body and clothing has worn me out too.was it worth it,to then go and feel like this?

    i think it was worth it,and i just pray my family dont get this nose infection from me.else ill feel so guilty,i know i will.

    stay strong in your mind my friends,love fran
  6. simpsons

    simpsons Member


    yes i get this really weird high feeling when i push myself to do something when really i am at complete exhaustion.

    brain fog normally makes it hard to concentrate and forgetful but when i get like this i forget what i'm saying half way through sentances.

    its like i'm delerious sometimes

    so i can talk complete sentances and have some comprehension know exactly where i am going and what for and then i walk and i am like high can't remember why i am there or what i wanted to go there for

    possibly its pure adrenaline kicking in or lack of oxygen to brain after exercise

    i would love to know if anyone has an exlanation
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  7. brainfoggy

    brainfoggy New Member

    You're probably shifting from having the virus stage to the toxicity stage which happens to all of us. Cheney explains this in the three phases of CFS. What makes us different than normal people with normal immune systems is our ability to fight the virus so our enzymes that the liver needs to detox the body are destroyed. You're shifting over from the viral to the toxic stage which feels worse than the actual virus. We can't detox our gut properly so all these toxins keep swirling around causing brain fog, fatigue, pain.

    I agree with Marti you need to start trying to detox. I'm doing the methylation protocol, taking digestive enzymes and betain hcl, aloe, vit c, magnesium, probiotics, gentle herbal laxatives. Do not drink Kombucha!! I remember reading you drink this, I too was totally addicted but found out that it is fermented so it contains yeast. Anything with natural or refined sugar, yeast, flour don't even touch.

    Drink lots of lemon water, green juices and lean protein. Try drinking whey protein, I was allergic at first but now have no problem with it in small amounts. All these things will help let me know if you need recommendations.


  8. JewelRA

    JewelRA New Member

    This brain fog/drunk/high/out-of-it feeling is horrible. It seems to come and go in intensity. I'm having a pretty bad bout right now. I've been sick twice in the last few weeks, so that has contributed to it. Does anyone else find that when they are sick or particularly stressed that it gets worse?

    I think I get toxic on my medications from time to time as well.
  9. babyk902

    babyk902 New Member

    thanks for all of your answers, so good to have people that actually understand, i don't think anyone else could understand how it feels to feel drunk/high without even having any alcohol!

    just had to update you guys that surprisingly i actually feel somewhat NORMAL today for some reason which i cannot be more thankful for, and im actually feeling REALLY good.

    what's weird is that i've been taking a lot of cell food (which has helped me sooo much) and have increased the intake a little bit, which maybe might have contributed to the feelings of being drunk/high if i was detoxing.. but on the other hand i've had some liver problems lately and may actually be too toxic, so it could be either one.

    im just really scared that this whole feeling SO out of it could lead to another thing, maybe there's something REALLY wrong going on in my body, and it really makes me nervous.. i just wish someone had the answers for this DD.

    brainfoggy-- just had to tell you your dogs are TOO CUTE (im in love)!! i just started taking a lot of papaya enzymes and betain hcl, helped my digestion sooo much, i actually don't feel like im pregnant after i eat a meal now, its amazing. and that's so funny you mention the kombucha, i was so amazed by it after a week or taking it my doc was saying it was strengthening my liver, and then out of nowhere i just completely crashed and had a yeast/fungus infection... sooo horrible, never touching that again!
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  10. boscosmom

    boscosmom New Member

    and that is exactly how i explain it to all fam and friends...it is very scarey...druged or drunk with nothing in my system...i don't take any meds...the only semi-drug i use is 2 cups of coffee in the morning...a childen's multi-vit and and electrolyte/vit c/bvit powder.

    i have the vertigo bad too.

    anyone else?

    ty for posting the "druged feeling" sc
  11. SoDanca

    SoDanca New Member

    I know exactly how you feel. Brain fog is by far the most distressing of my CFS symptoms. I'm managing to hold down a full-time job as an attorney (!!), but I feel like I'm pushing uphill most of the time. My job is mentally exhausting, and I'm the primary breadwinner in my family (in a super-expensive city!), so quitting my job or going part-time are really not options for me. But, some days, I can't seem to concentrate enough to read a sentence. I get scared sometimes that it's just a matter of time before I get fired.

    AND TO THINK THAT SOME PEOPLE PAY MONEY (BUYING DRUGS, ALCOHOL, ETC.) TO FEEL LIKE THIS!! (LOL) Go figure. I haven't had a lucid thought in over 2 years ... I'd give anything to feel like I'm NOT under the influence of some mind-altering substance!

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