Feel feverish to the touch but no fever

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    Does anyone ever feel feverish to the touch yet their temperature is perfectly normal? So many times, I think I feel warm and I take my temperature and it's normal. When I go to the manicurist and the hairdresser, they often ask me if I feel feverish--my skin feels very warm to them. Yesterday,my hairdresser was certain I had a fever, but I didn't. Anyone else?
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    Yes, this happens to me all the time. I am always asking my husband to feel my forehead but its not warm. Look under search and there you will see a lot of postings regarding fever. A lot of us, including myself run a low grade fever so I think thats what it is. The funny thing is my hands and feet are so cold.
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    I've had this since I first got sick in 1996 with mono. Heat. And sometimes in just parts of my body--stomach, legs, then upper body or face. It often comes down at the end of the day when I lie down to sleep.

    It's always worse in a relapse.

    I've come to think of it as a fever, but it doesn't register as such because my temp is low. If my base temp is 97. Then 98.6 is a fever for me.

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    Skin hot when feeling worse, feel feverish to touch and generally as if it were real flu and achy but no temp - in fact it is always below normal.

    In better times, only my hands get hot sometimes.

    You have my sympathy,

    Love Bunchy xxx
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    I run fevers all the time, but the temperature is always low. It's bad because it's just one more thing no one ever believes us on. I usually feel like I have a high fever, and I'm warm to the touch, take my temp, it's below normal. This has been going on since I got sick.
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    This happens to me mostly when I am flaring up. I understand that the temp of the skin is a sign that the inflammation is our bodies is high. I ice myself with my collection of ice packs when it gets bad. I also started taking Omega Fish Oil tabs as this is supposed to help with the inflammation. A real interesting book is Dr. Sears "The Inflamation Zone Diet." It is a great diet for inflammation, but is difficult to stay on long term. I try to implement it when I can.
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    I get this from time to time. I will be fine one minute and the next I feel feverish and my body feels warmer than usual. There are some days where my body goes warm to noraml sveral times while simply sitting. It does feel weird and I usually don't bother because by the time I do say something to someone, it usually goes away. I will be mentioning at my next doctors appointment, but until then I won't call because of course any test will most likely come back "normal".
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    This sounds like it could be a sign of having cytokines, which is the body's attempt to "burn off" viruses or other pathogens.

    I get these when I am taking something to boost my immune system or as a result of antivirals.

    Note that some cytokines can be bad, as a result of an autoimmune response (e.g. to something that the body mistakenly thinks is a pathogen but is actually an innocuous allergen or organ of one's own body). This seems related to the comments of one poster that they can be a sign of inflammation.

    In my case, it's easy to know that they are related to killing of actual pathogens because they always are associated with treatments designed to help with this.

    I'm not sure how one would evaluate these if they're occurring spontaneously. Perhaps with investigation someone could find out though.

    Best, Lisa
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    Soooo....hot skin can mean inflammation inside the body right?

    Well my autoimmune panel keeps coming back with high sed rate, high ANA and high RF yet the doctors brush it off as nothing to be concerned about.

    I *KNOW* I have inflammation in my body generally because of particular symptoms I have but why aren't doctors more interested in trying to find out what the real problem is?

    I mean I can't figure it out at all.


    Love Bunchy xxx

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    I don't know but this CRAP is sooooooooooo CRAZY. I can feel fine and then be soaking wet and sweaty from head to waist but my arms are freezing with goose bumps. I was told by doctor last week that I am a little anemic but not bad. Didn't tell me to take anything for it. Anyone else doing this and what do you do for it? I feel hot to touch but I never have a fever!!!
    Any suggestions??? Help much appreciated.

    Hugs to all
  11. Bunchy

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    Any ideas guys???
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    When I was first sick, my feet and my hip would be blazing hot. My feet also smelled bad. I would wash them throughout the day and right away they'd be hot and stinkly again. That went away, thank goodness.

    However, I now have temperature regulation problems at night when I'm trying so hard to get some sleep. Some nights it is really bad. I might be hot and sweating from head to to, yet the small of my back and my calves will be cold - all at once. Sometimes the hot and cold alternate.

    I'm very suceptable to drafts. When my calves and feet get chilled, it can be hard to warm them back up again. Drafts aslo cause pain in my ear, so I have to wear an ear plug to be comfortable in the evening.

    All of this drives me batty.

    Pearl S.
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  14. I know it's been a lot of years but has anyone found any more about what this could be? I have the exact same symptoms only also with swollen lymph nodes. I'm really really worried and doctors are fobbing it off as nothing :/ Also curious to know how many of you suffer from generalised anxiety or panic attacks? I have both .. I've seen them pull off some very strange symptoms but this one seems too specific as it clearly gets worse when I lie down . It's so so hard to ever get much sleep :(