Feel like doctors really don't cares...

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Angel6801, Nov 1, 2006.

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    Well, my symptoms are flare up this week. So basically I am tired and sick. I went to RA dr last sat for check up. Well, he seems to be in hurry and then I mentioned my new symptoms, he said that is very commons in FM. Then he was telling me that I need to exercises to keep my circulation keeping going. Then that was all.. I asked if he need to see me, he said not if you have any new problems. AT this point, I felt like the drs are giving up on me. I felt horrible cuz they never test me for anything like to check out why my right hand has been bother me so much or why It has been so hard for me to get up(too weak to get up, I had to use something to pull myself up to just to stand!)I do have leg weakness which was on for years. NO one knows why.

    I was on three medications, zelnorm, atenelel, and magesium... I also have minera iud. I am still so constpition that zelnorm didn't help much. I also started to have difficult time to go urine. Basically I felt like bumming out cuz my energy just drain out this week and last week. Did I mention that I started to have dizzy spell for last few days??? So I just want to sit and cry out of my frusrating and irriably. Its hard cuz I have four years old girl running around here. So I felt like I have to be tough for her.
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    Sorry you aren't getting the attention you need from your RA. So many of us have been ignored by our drs. I feel for you. I just wanted to wish you a better evening. It is admirable that you stay strong for your little girl. My kids are what keep me going. Take care, Kim :)
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    Thanks for response.

    Yes, I had my thyroid test (many times). They said it was fine. One time the nurse said it was off but the dr said it was normal. So..

    They also tested my mag, and said they looked good but I have to continue taking my mag... He said that my muscle is low. So I am little confuse about it.

    As far for my dizzy, I had been dizzy ever since I was teen. Some were really bad (veritgo) and while other it just lightness or feel like electric dizzy (hard to describle). One of my dr want to test me for my ear to see if I have any ear disorders, but my insurance doesn't cover and I am really broke.

    Again thanks for response.

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