Feel like I'm being strangled

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Greenbean7, Mar 29, 2007.

  1. Greenbean7

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    Help! I don't know what this is but for the last couple of weeks I have felt like I am being strangled. It's not like there is something caught in my throat but like my windpipe is being pushed in from the outside.

    I'm probably not explaining this very well! This morning I have been coughing due to the tickle this is causing. I can't seem to stop coughing. Not hard wracking coughs, but constant. I'm drinking tea and water to try to stop it but it's not helping. I'll try a cough drop.

    The cough is not as scarey as the throat thing. Just feels kind of like something is squeezing all the way around my windpipe.

    Any ideas?


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  2. ILM

    ILM New Member

    swollen thyroid? swollen glands?

    I felt like that when both were swollen for me, it was awful.
  3. Greenbean7

    Greenbean7 New Member

    I do have slightly swollen glands but they are up under my jaw line. This is more like where the Adam's apple is.

    Don't know about thyroid stuff. Could that also cause the coughing? I've just been kind of writing it off as allergies cuz we are actually having Spring here!

  4. elliespad

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    Might you have goiter? If this is trachael compression due to goiter, the type of test needed to diagnose this is called a Flow Volume Loop. It is like a Spirometry, but done 3 times in succession. When I had mine, I was literally collapsing my windpipe when I would lay down, and would get numb and tingly as oxygen was being cut off. I had been to Drs. and ERs telling them, that I had a SHELF blocking or pressing. BUT, they kept insisting I had Asthma, bronchitis. I kept insisting I did NOT.

    What threw all the doctors off was my goiter grew below the collarbone so it did not seem to them, to be very prominent. (When I had it removed, just the right side, was the size of an orange)

    The sound that can be heard with a stethoscope is called Stridor. But they need to know what to look for, most docs don't know.

    Hope this is not the case for you, but wanted to throw this out there.
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  5. Greenbean7

    Greenbean7 New Member

    If it stays this way I will wait to talk to GP until my April 23rd appt. If it gets worse I will call and get in sooner if I can.

    Thanks again!
  6. sfrazier

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    Greenbean i don't know if you take meds or if you take the natural approach to this but have you added any new meds or any new natural pills. i know that some of my meds say that a swollen thoat is one of the more sever side effects of taking these meds. I even had to go off one of my meds because i couldn't swollow anything. it would just get caught in my thoat and the only way to make it go down was to wash it down with a drink of something.

    if it were me i would be calling my doctor right away to make sure it isn't a side effect of something you have just started taking. good luck......SueF
  7. Greenbean7

    Greenbean7 New Member

    Nope, nothing new in the med department. I stopped Effexor about 6 weeks ago, but haven't added anything.

  8. fivesue

    fivesue New Member

    Can't swallow, hard to breathe...

    It seems that I must keep my throat lubricated with either a mint or fluid...and then the antianxiety meds kick in and help.

    This hadn't been mentioned, so thought I'd throw it in the mix here.

    Hope you are feeling better soon. Awful feeling, whatever it is.

  9. mossrose101

    mossrose101 New Member

    Alot of good ideas here and here is one more. I had something very similar and also felt there was something stuck in my throat, right at the adams apple area. It turns out I had acid reflux. As soon as I started meds, it cleared up. You might want to check into this.
  10. Greenbean7

    Greenbean7 New Member

    It's not like something is stuck, it's more like it is being squeezed from outside of my neck. Like if you put your fingers on each side of your windpipe and squeezed.

    Sorry, can't remember who mentioned anxiety but thanks for the thought. It doesn't happen like an attach, though. It is there all the time.

    Thanks to everyone!
  11. mossrose101

    mossrose101 New Member

    I had the feeling of something stuck in my throat but I also had that squeezing on the windpipe from the inside out feeling too. I even went to the ER when it happened. I thought my throat was closing. They xray'd and said it was fine and to see my family doc. Family doc figured out what it was. Hope you too find out and feel better soon.
  12. wendi_b

    wendi_b New Member

    Yes, I've had this experience.It felt like with every swallow I had a golf ball going down. Especially when eating. I had a battery of tests with nothing wrong except Fibromyalgia. My Rheumatologist explained that since the throat is a muscle too it can become inflamed like the rest of my body with out an upper respiratory infection.In your case, get the tests first to rule out Thyroid problems,low Magnesium, a polyp, nodes or even an allergy. Talk to your primary care Physician and see what relief you may be able to get. When mine is flaring I go on a "soft" or liquid diet (pudding,jello, soups, broths, tea, juices and crush meds that can be crushed)avoid dairy (due to it's causing excess mucus) and rest. If you feel like you're breathing is compromised, head for the nearest hospital or if too severe call 911. Best of luck. I know how painful and scarey this can be.
  13. Greenbean7

    Greenbean7 New Member

    Thank you! The golf ball thing sounds about right. Doesn't really hurt, just this pressure thing. Makes it feel like the windpipe is too narrow, just slightly constricted.

    I hadn't thought of the fact that FM could be affecting my throat! Could be! In fact now that I think about it I realize that it doesn't do it at night and I take a muscle relaxer at night.

    So, if it is still like this when I go in on the 23rd I will talk to GP about it. If it gets worse or I get really scared I will go to the ER or see if I can get into GP earlier.

    Thanks again!
  14. ginnytex

    ginnytex New Member

    I also have this problem. I call it my "cry throat" because it feels like it does when I need to cry but don't. Lots of pressure that eventually causes me to bring my shoulders up. Have found out it is stress and anxiety, which medication can help. But sometimes when this happens ( and it happens a lot) I have to actually remind myself to relax my shoulders and unclench my jaw , and my throat will begin to ease up a little. Sometimes I can't do it without the meds. It also feels as it something is stuck in my throat and my chest feels tight. Good luck, hope it gets bettter.
  15. I also have this problem....and i have been searching for answers forever.....it comes and goes...but it seems like when it decides to come it stays longer than i care for....i don't have problems sleeping........just always feels like someone has their finger on my neck pushing and choking me.....also have the lump in my throat like i want to cry.....its driving me insane......i do notice when i workout or busy doing something i dont seem to feel it...it's more when i am anxious or bothered or stressed...those kinds of things....i often worry it may be my thyroid....i keep promising myself i am going to call a dr about this......
  16. Kristelle

    Kristelle Member

    I suffer from this also & is very painful right now. It's combination of palpitations, tight strangeling feeling on my throat and the ringing in my ears becomes more intense while this is going on too.
    Greenbean7 did you find out what this was? Did dr shed any light on it for you?
  17. Tara365

    Tara365 Member

    Kristelle, I have also had the throat tightness and have found that tinnitus (ear ringing) seems worse at those times.

    One thing that has helped with a lot of muscle stuff for me is myofachial release (MFR). I found a wonderful massage therapist who only does MFR.

    It's a long process, been doing it for about a year and a half. I'm much better now but still have a long way to go.