Feel like I'm slowly dying....Please Help

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by llelnino, Oct 17, 2008.

  1. llelnino

    llelnino New Member

    I was diagnosed with CFS early this year then Lyme/Babesia in Sept.

    I've been taking Zithromax for about a month and a half and I started Flagyl about 2 weeks ago. My symptoms have gotten much worse once I started the Flagyl and it is really scary. My stomach is constantly upset, and I am not throwing up but I feel like I always have to, my appetite has gotten much worse, my fatique and lightheadedness, light/sound sensitivities are much worse as well. I've already lost like 20 pounds since March when I relapsed and I can tell that I have lost more weight in the past 2 weeks which is really starting to scare me because I cant hold anything down and I pretty much have no appetite. I just feel like I am slowly dying and dont know what to do. I dont know if I am worsening because of a herx from the antibiotics or if they are just further damaging my immune system. I really dont know what to do.
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  2. akandmk

    akandmk New Member

    The side effects for this are gastro upset but the reason i found for vomiting states that alcohol should not be taken with this antibiotic because it can cause vomiting. This antibiotic reacts to ethanol and it is very very important to not drink while taking this med. If you're not drinking contact your doctor right away to make sure you're not having an allergic reaction.
  3. Rosiebud

    Rosiebud New Member

    I would NOT continue with any medication that did that to me.
    We are very sensitive to medication, to side effects and I've had to give up on a lot of meds because of this.

    Our systems are weak enough without putting them through this.

    Hope it stops soon.

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  4. lpn9999

    lpn9999 New Member

    Sorry you are having such a rough time - it's so hard to try to balance killing the bugs and trying to not feel too sick. Will the provider who prescribed all this help you sort out what is a herx and what is a bad reaction to the drugs? Even if it's a herx it can be appropriate to take a break when it's just too much.

    Are you taking probiotics or anything else to help protect your system from the impact of the meds?

    You may want to also post this over on the Lyme board so people there can see it. There are threads over there on how to mitigate the herx reactions.


  5. llelnino

    llelnino New Member

    I am taking a probiotic in the morning and at night.
  6. jole

    jole Member

    Antibiotics definitely cause stomach upset--nearly all of them did that to me. I am now allergic (terrible hives, swelling of throat and tongue) to nearly all antibiotics.

    Please let your doc know about this, and also your weight loss. You cannot continue to fight this DD if you have nothing to fight it with! The weight loss is another thing I understand, and it leads to severe fatigue, listlessness and weakness. That is not good either!

    I do understand that a herx can also cause many of these symptoms, and that is a good thing, unless the herx is too strong. If so, the antibiotics should be lessened until you feel things are tolerable for you. But still, being unable to eat is causing you to lose valuable vit/minerals that your body needs.

    Just listen to your body and do what is best for you!
    Hope you're lucky enough to have a doc that will listen. Best of luck to you *****Jole*****
  7. redhummingbird

    redhummingbird New Member


    I would contact your doctor. Even if it is a herx, this is too hard on your body and you need to have a break from it so you can get some nutrients and food in you.

    Are you still taking Mepron? I'm wondering why your doctor addded in the Flagyl at this time. Zithro in and of itself can cause gastro problems so you're getting a double dose of gastron problems between the Flagyl and Zithro.
  8. 4merloverofexercise

    4merloverofexercise New Member

    I was deathly ill only two months ago; could hardly get up, severe numbness and burning in left hand and foot, scalp burning, stomach problems, anal/bowel leakage, incontinence, extremely weak, burning mouth and tongue, severe sound sensitivity, severe cognitive problems, hair loss, etc.. I happened upon a doctor who specializes in the diagnosis of hyperventilation syndrome and he referred me to treatment. I still can't believe that is what I have had because I have been ill for more than 8 years. It is a very slowly process to recover but after two months I am able to go out for short periods of time. I feel I've been given a second chance at life and hope to spread the word so others may have the same experience.

    Please ask your doctor.
  9. greatgran

    greatgran Member

    I had a time with them for over a month. I finally stopped them and in 2 days was feeling better. Thought I would give them another try and was I sick. I know it was the antibiotic.

    The doc changed me to another one but afraid to take it. After stopping the antibiotic it was over a week before the nausea left, I still have some of the morning.

    Doc did say to be sure the nausea is gone before trying the new one.

    To me it sounds like the medicine but I am no doc.

    Hope you get to feeling better but I thought I was a dying and I am not taking anything that makes me feel that bad.

  10. redhummingbird

    redhummingbird New Member

    I don't think it's helpful to tell someone they may be dying.
  11. llelnino

    llelnino New Member

    Yeah I dont know if it is a herx or a side effect which really upsets me. I was taking the Mepron along with the Zithromax for about a month and a half and I have been taking Flagyl for about 2 weeks. My stomach issues became worse when I started Zithro but once I started Flagyl on top on that all of my issues became much worse. My digestion is nonexistant and I have constant diahrea and very loose stools. My stomach is constantly gurgling and I have no appetite.

    I tried to call my Dr but she is off today so I have decided to stop all antibiotics to see if my stomach settles down. I have lost 20 pounds since March 08 and it is so scary having no appetite and seeing that I am losing even more weight. Like I am just slowly wasting away.

    Hopefully I can get in touch with my doctor on Monday.

  12. llelnino

    llelnino New Member

    Thank you for all of the advice. Its bad enough that I felt horrible for months before I started with Abx. At least before I was able to sit up for most of the day and able to go for a short walk once or twice a week, now I am pretty much lying down on my couch most of the day. My stomach issues were not great before antibiotics but they were much improved from initial onset. After I started Abx its like starting back at square one.
  13. redhummingbird

    redhummingbird New Member

    Hi Mike-

    Hang in there. This stuff isn't easy. It sure sounds like side effects to me given what you just said. It won't hurt to take a break until you can get in touch with your doctor.

    It might be a good idea to try and drink a lot of fluids and increase your salt intake too.
  14. Bunchy

    Bunchy New Member

    I tried this last May - I lasted three days on it and had severe gastro problems and neuropathic pain all over.

    I stopped it after that and I don't want to scare you but I ended up in a flare that lasted four months. I'm better now but won't go near flagyl again.

    I'm not convinced that our systems can handle flagyl - it's terribly strong.

    Please speak to your doc as soon as possible - oh and keep up the probiotics.


    Bunchy x
  15. you're describing pretty much the he** I went through, and my god honey- I only took it for 4 days... it took about a week before the g_d awful nightmarish nausea / gut rot feeling resolved.

    I think it was a hint from god, when I COULD NOT swallow those rotten pills... (and they were basically, extremely similar to phenergan pills)???

    But, I felt like I was dying, and my entire digestive tract felt.... severely poisoned.

    I don't know why, not even going to look for an answer, but, I AM baffled, since I've taken that medication 2-3 times before* I got sick.. but, I took it last time in 05(?) for 4 days, and, yes, I FELT like I was dying.

    I agree... totally inappropriate post, above, saying "you may be dying!" and then the rest of the post has nothing to do with the abx... the topic of the poster's thread.

    I see four posts, by you though 4mer, all of them 10/17/08, and all saying the same thing.

    Not appropriate, and not necessary at all, IMO,
    irrelevant on this person's post, as well.

    Please, no scare type threads.

    (shaking head)

    It's probably the flagyl, especially since you yourself even said you got worse after starting it.

    NASTY STUFF, for some reason, for me at least, now.

    Wish u luck, and seek medical advice A S A P!


    L.M. aka aintasgoodasioncewas
  16. Bluebottle

    Bluebottle New Member

    I've just finished my second fortnight of Flagyl for Lyme & it's hell, I don't think I could ever face it again. I've never felt so ill & yes I felt as if I was dying.

    It stops all the bacteria inside us from multiplying, even the good ones. The die off of the borrelia, including in our brains, is very toxic & makes us feel awful.

    I'm switching to Samento, grapefruit seed extract and olive leaf extract now.

  17. llelnino

    llelnino New Member

    I have not restarted any of my Abx because I felt that they were really hurting me. I was hoping that I was on the road to getting better but I quess I was wrong. My stomach has settled down some and my symptoms are back to what they were before starting abx but my appetite is still pretty bad but its been bad since first getting sick. I dont know if i want to continue with the doctor that was treating lyme/Babesia so I cancelled my appointment with her for early November. I might reshedule for late November but I'm not sure I am so confused and dont know what to do or where to go and lately I'm thinking should I even waste my time, money and little energy that I have trying to chase false hopes and dreams. I am going to fly to MI to see Dr Lerner because of my very very high EBV titers but I'm not even looking to foward to that. That would just mean more medicine and no real promise that it will help. I am at the point where I have let go of all of my goals, hopes and dreams and will just have to live in a cage thinking about how life used to be and what life couldve been if I never came down with this horrible disease known as CFS. The worst part about this disease is the not knowing what is causing it. At least with HIV or cancer as bad as they are you know what the cause is but with this you feel as bad with the uncertainty of WHY!!!! I saw life going so differently now its all gone all at the age of 29
  18. sneakers

    sneakers New Member

    Those Antibiotics are strong, and will stress a system already stressed and compromised by CFS. If you go see a Naturopathic Physician, they can give you supplements which will support your immune system and especialy your poor gut, which is being traumatized by those heavy duty antibiotics. Do this soon! I actually contracted colitis, because the antibiotics I was taking for sinus infections killed all my good gut bacteria, and my gut has never been the same, but would be much worse without the naturopathic intervention.

    Good Luck, Sneakers
  19. thenewme

    thenewme New Member

    HI, I am so sorry you are so sick, I am not sure if this will help but I do remmeber going through a really hard time after I was put on the antibiotic ceftin a couple of years ago for strep throat.

    I was so sick for a couple of months after stopping this after 4 days because of severe upset stomach and diarhea, on and off fevers every day, could not eat I was so sick all the time my stomach also made terrible gurgeling noises, I was so sick every day for so long and I would call my doctors office, and it was like they did not belive me. I had to leave work sick every day I also thought I was dying. I would go to the bathroom so much that there was nothing else to come out except for lots of mucus and blood. This was a liveing hell, I finally got sick of the doc's office saying there was nothing wrong with me and made them do some blood work, after suffering with this for almost 3 months, the doc's office called me and said I had a toxin in my system' NO REALLY I was so mad at those idiot's I suffered every day and thought I was dying and they would not belive me even when I told them that all I could get out was blood when going to the bathroom. So they finnally decided to treat me and they gave me med for the toxin, not sure if this is rigth but I think it was call metrodiazional, I was very scared of taken anything because I was so sick, but had to try something I was put on this for quite awhile and it did help it took awhile for me to get back to normal but I did.

    I think you may want to have them do some blood work, I know for a fact that the med is what gave me this toxin, and I know just how sick you feel, you need to make your doc find out what is wrong with you and make you feel better no one should have to go through what you are every day. I am sending some prayers and hope you feel better soon, Barbara
  20. Antibiotics are really rough on the stomach, my dr. always says take immodium but OMG severe diareah is not fun at all let alone the cramps I get.

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