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  1. kat0465

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    Does anybody feel absolutely Horrid when they first wake up??? i can go to bed at night not feeling too bad, but it seems the longer i stay in bed first off the pain gets worse, and second i just feel plain awful!! like im going to die, almost like my bodys about to shut down. If you can imagine a Really Bad hangover, thats kinda what it feels like. I dont understand this, i used to not do that, believe me i've done my share of sleeping ( or trying to) with this DD.but for the past year or so, it just makes me feel so God awful the longer im in bed. any ideas??? Kat
  2. AuntTammie

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    I always feel worse when I wake up....exhausted, weak, headaches, sore throat, stiff and sore body( sometimes worse than just stiff and sore), balance issues, etc
  3. Janalynn

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    I only feel that way if I haven't slept enough. Like short naps for me are absolutely out. I wake up feeling 10x's worse than when I laid down.
    Are you sleeping well?
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    YES! I never feel great but every A.M. feel water logged or like I have the flu..it's like I have to force myself to move (my BP is LOW in the AM so coffee pot in my room is ready to go just push button!)

    I also have very little restorative sleep (alpha-delta sleep problems)where the alpha waves (awake) intrude SEVERAL times in my delta (restorative sleep_

    This is not fixable thus PERPETUAL sleep disorders for some of us...this can be ONE of the reasons for lousy after sleeping...autonomic dysfumction can cause this..even w/o getting up to urinate we can easily dehydrate over night. IN COLD house hard to start the day with lots of water or Gatorade. In hotweater I Sleep with Gatorade full of ice on night stand and drink at least 16 oz before getting out of bed plus two big mugs of coffee (half decaf half regular) to raise BP and get me hydrated.

    So you are not alone with lousy mornings..that said if I can SOMETIMES sleep 12 hrs a few days in a row that can help me feel better but not much.

    AND with my insomnia so bad it could mean sleeping until 2 or 3pm..which stinks when little daylight around in the winter...sigh.
  5. Yes thats how I feel ALL the time, I usually sleep about 5 hrs max and am exhausted. I try to lay there longer but after an hr I get up. I just started ambien but still feel so exhausted?
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    Hi Kat,

    I'm sorry you've been having such a hard time. That hangover feeling is exactly what I feel when the "super severe fatigue" sets in. My doctor has me taking 20 mgs of Flexiril two hours before bed to get the deeper stages of sleep during the night. I think it is helping. I've been doing it for a while and have had several days when I wake up and go upstairs to shower without even having stiffness in my joints. It's also helping keep the "super severe fatigue" at bay for 3-4 weeks at a time.

    My doctor said Ambian and other sleep aids like it do not help you cycle through the deeper stages of sleep. (I was on Ambian when I started seeing this doc and it didn't help me at all.)

    I hope you start feeling better soon.
  7. Sophiaz

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    I am glad the Flexiril is helping you. There are also alleged old fashioned anti depressants to help with this. The problem with that is that stuff messes up orthostatic intolerance aka autonomic problems..thus wreak havoc by making us feel hungover all day due to causing low B/P or worsening tachycardia. still if it helps some people worth trying.

    I can only shower once a week and sponge bathe other days, and kneel on chair near sink to wash my hair. When I say problems standing, I'm not kidding...PLUS it uses so much of my stamina allotment for the day.