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    I am so impaitnet about healing from this surgery,that I have decided that I should find something to take my mind off how I am feeling .

    So I began the HUNT for the halloween decoratations that I have to over the years, I have found the outfit for my Welcome Bear , I sure with that I had a camera and coudld show you these cute little decoratations that I have made over the years. The Welcome bear is a bear that has clothes that are made of 1/4 iinch pine plywood and to hold them to the bear I have used the sitcky velcro to hold all hiws clothes hats, and decoratations that are on the WElcome sign. So for halloween he had a carved pumpkin , he has a face that looks like it has been carved and that you can see the lights and darks of the shadows of it and it is so cute . His hat it the top of the pumpkin and looks like it have been cut jagged and then on the welcome sign there are two candy corns to mahe it look better. HE is painted in a bright orange { called PUMPKIN} to show the ridges of a pumpkin I have used a darker shade of orange to line each of the swhapes that are going around the pumpkin adn then I had added a lighter one to highlight the pumpkins sides and his face is painted with black and has different shade of orange to make him look like he has some definatation to him and he doesnot look flat.

    then I hunted and hunted for my favorite one. HE is called danglin Franklin .He is about 20 inches tall. HIs face is painted in a greepy shade of green, his hair is black and it has a light blue that is stippled on to his black hair and the blue runs down to make it look like the hair is hanging dodwn on his face, his nose was a small peice of wood that is painted this same strange green adn then glued to his face

    HE is wearing a tan vest and a rust flannel shirt with white strips one it and going through it. And he has white cuffs , HE is in jeans aand they are a levi blue and then there is a apace where you can see his legs that have black hairs that are going in every direction you that you can se he has hariy legs.

    His socks are white with purple stripes on them and his shoes are a gorgia clay color it is a boot color and is more orangey thatn red or brown. and his shoes laces are in black and you can see the deep heavey looking bottome of the books form the side view.He then has been sprayed with varnnish to keep the clolors clear and the same for ever. And he must have several coats if this sprayon varnice.

    I then found my LIght bulbs decoracations. They are made from old light bulbs taht no longer work. I have a witch, and a mummy, several pmpkins with different faces on them a DRacula,franklinstien,a chost amnd three mummies. I spray painted then starting with white ad put on a pattern and then followed it to the letter and it showed up how to make the mummies adn the dracclua who even have a black cape and a hat with a red tirm. The pumpkins have all diffenernt kinds of faces ones that smile and frown aand look cross eyed at the top of the lighbulbs they are wrapped with raaafia and wire to hang them up on a tree. The mummy I wrapped with white cotton sheet and I had ripped it and it ties so that it can hang up too.

    Then out side I have a wodden wreath with fall colored leaves from bright reds to borwns and greens. I then took a sprayed that has a gold sparkle in it adn sprayed them all to give them a look of being shiny and dewy looling. Then it has had many coats of an out side varnish to keep it from weathering and it is so cute. adn I love it, The last one have is a faliday hanger that is flat and has pilgrans and pumpkins on it and it is really cute and I love to do them.

    I hope to get franklin Beat painted adn done and , I have painted two bats that flay in the door way his cape makde
    befor halloween but I don't know it i am that ambisious
    to gethim all done.

    I have done some cermics too I hae tow bears tha are decorated with sparkles and capes and are so cute and the other set is painteed in a brown paint that shows up all the features it has like the biricks on te hfire place are chalked to look red and then they have been dry brushed to help them hold the color.

    And I have enjoyed doing every one of them. I had a haunted house but i gave it to my daughter for her wedding presant last year, it is made from an orange cermnic pots and it is a house with many windowes they have ghoosts in them that sitck out and doors that have ghosts that sict out and one is comming fron the fire place, I painted then

    I drybrushed them sso that the colrs are not as bright but look worn and like it is dusty. I put glow in the dark around the windows and on the ghosets and where every it fit and looked right, it has a space for a candle to burn init to give you the full effect og this haunted house and my daughter lves it so much that she keeps in up all year long.

    I love to decrotive paint or / tole painting. Iit releves the stres I have. But since I shatter my left wrist it is harder for me to do. But It is so fund and so enjoyable adn whenit is done I look at it and can't belive that I did it .? WAs I the one who really painted it to look that good, I hvae painted christmas orantements too and have about 25 of them everything from bears holding stares and lists for santa, to bears making cookies and they are all wonderfull and i have a set of 6 angels that I painted too for christas adn they are loveley and I can see eavh of my daughters in them.

    I also hae a cermice christamas lanten that you can p ut a votive in it to make it glow. I did iiit in dry brushing and usuing chalks to to help make it look softer and so sweeter. They give me suc a sence of peace to have made themf or my family and crandkids I hope that my girsl willwant some of the thingks I haev painted.

    My mom does not like all the painted ones but for her I cofound one of a viloin that has the poem stuch to the bow " The touch of the Masters hand and that she loves.

    {aointeing for me is an excape to get away from this workd of pain and being sleepy , I am also going to make some bears that are dolls. They hwave dresses on them , pantaolns, and a apron and then sleves too, And for the neck it is a dolie that has been cut to fit around the neck of the piece and it is the cutes things you ahve eveer seen.

    OI don't have much sellf convidence in me. But when i am pinnnting I sem to change and become someone who can do this, as my first teacher told me tat " Tole painting is nothing more than advanced cp;pring book you trace on teh lines that you wil need and you follow them as you pain them,

    I have been paintedg for a mong time and I hae sold one peiceof a snow man and the lady paid me $30.00 to do it. I also have done the cermices that I had finished, WE had a house fire in 1996 adn these piece werer runied adn they did notmake them any more so I scrubbend them in shampoo and tehn I repainted them and they look as good as newww and I also have a nativity secne that is paintedina peach cloor and is a puffy thing and I love it as it was fun to do.

    I started painnting when my baby was about 8 months old and I would put her in her walker and let her play when I was taking the lestions, I feel in love iwth it. I hvae changed mediumiss for it because it take the acrylics a few moments to dry and it take days for some of the oil ones that i have painted.

    My next project is I am going to pain some bears to see if I can still sell then and what to charce for each of hte dolls, All are dressed differnelly and are unique as they are one of a kind doll.I enjoy the pinting o f the dolls as each are unique. I hope to be starting paint them soon as I Ias I can and have lots of fun [pinting eachone differnetly. IT makes me feel like i have some self worth.

    There are many things I would like to do with my life that I cna't do anymore. But this is one thta i still can do. I am sorry for rambling on to much. I have had a pity party today annnd haevnot been aboe to do, I don't n]mean to be whinnging and to make my life sound better. I thinak you for listeing to me rambleon

    I want to be the pperosn once was, and now i don'tdo an, I get tto tired with ahving the pin running my world adn I don't like that and I don't like to be a boob and cry about this pain as many people I knw who have prol=blsm that are far more seriooous that what i have. I know that ther are things I can do . Adn I aaaam the only one who can change my life from having a pity party all the time and then not having anyone who want sto be around me. Pian is such a controlling this and this I cna do when I am feeling good so rry for all the rambleing on and one about nothing and boring you all do death but I don't ahv anthing else todol

    Yhsnkd gor being here for me alwyas. YOUr the greatset people I knew. LOVe you all of oyou Rosemarie
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    Wow, you are sure talented! I wish I had your passion!

    We all need our pity parties, but I think you have worked it out in your own way that you are still contributing and putting your heart out there in your artwork.

    Pain changes us. I have a whole new perspective on myself, my friends, my life-- everything. I hope you are able to keep on doing what you love!

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    I wrote the first post & it made me wonder what do you all do to help you relax, and what to you do for hobbies? I try to keep up on my painting as it makes me feel good about my self and most times I don't feel very good about my self. I ache and have pain all the time and when I get my table cleaned up I paint on it and it makes me feel so good about me. I do have to keep asking everyone " so what to do think of this or does it look ok?" And they all tell me that it looks great. And i have sold a peice and painted a doll for my daughter to have at work, it is a bunny who is made of 5 peices of wood The one for her head is round with ears on it and it has a about a 6 inch peice for the head to sit on and to hang the arms and feet . There are 4 holes that have been drilled in to it and you paint all of the peices and then after it has been sprayed with a sealer you make it pantaloons.

    After you wire on the arms and feet you make the pantallons and dress, sleeves and apron and you use a dollie for it's collar and it is the cuteset dool you have ever seen, I don't sew so it has to be very easy to sew the dress and pantaloons and sleeves and everything else. But it is so cute and because the arms , legs and feet are made of wire you can bend it to make it sit on your couch or on a bed.

    IT takes me a few days to do one but I really like to go to the store and pick out the 3 colors of fabric for the doll. YOu can make it with all the colors match or mix and match and it looks so cute after your all done.

    I hvae painted for so long becasue it was such a release for me that when I found out I had fibro it helped me to know that I still am worth something and not a failure like I feel most of the time, as I can't walk very far, and it hurt s the knees and makes me just hurt. And of course the rest of the pains that go with fibro and the rest of the chronic pain.
    So I wondered what to you do to help you feel better about you self and for fun to relax?

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    We have a thread going on the arthritis board on hobbies. I've recently started decorating dollhouses and I'm having a blast.

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