Feeling Abandoned By My PCP

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by pookieruth, Oct 16, 2006.

  1. pookieruth

    pookieruth New Member

    I'm beginning to get discouraged with my PCP, whom I had liked and really felt connected with. After several visits with her for various complaints and still no diagnosis, I diagnosed myself and asked for a referral to a rhuemy. The rhuemy required several blood tests that were done at my PCP's office for convenience ( the rhuemy is a long drive for me). They were done well in advance of my appt. with the rhuemy, and were a vital aspect of my visit. Once there, you guessed it, no blood tests results!! It took THREE phone calls, one to the main office (my PCP is part of a medical corporation) to get the results faxed. Then today I realized that I had an appointment with my PCP sometime this month. When I called, they said, oh yes, that appt. was on the 10th!! Not only was there no reminder call prior to the appt., but there wasn't even a call to find out why I missed it!! This was an important appt. for me, and I'm disappointed about it. Now watch, I'll get billed for it as a "no show"!

    I realize doctors can't personally check on their patients, but it would have been nice if the nurse had called to check on me, knowing that this diagnosis has been hard on me.

    Am I right to feel neglected, or am I just being overly sensitive and expecting too much?

  2. maedaze

    maedaze New Member

    Good doctors are certainly hard to find. I have a long history with them, and on the whole it's not good at all.
    Have got an appointment with a new doctor on thursday, I am not expecting miricles, but one that will listen and not brush me off would be nice for a change.

    Hope your next appointment goes better. surely they can't bill you for not being there? can they?
  3. pookieruth

    pookieruth New Member

    Hi Maedaze(?) - I guess I was just blowing smoke last night and showing a bit of my backside!!!

    Yes - most doctors charge you for being a "no show". Most require at least a 24 hour cancellation notice.

    It's very hard to find a doctor that you are comfortable with, so it's disappointing when you lose faith in them, or feel they aren't doing their best for you.

    Best of luck with your appointment. There are lots of good doctors out there - chances are that your is one of them!!

  4. blonderescue

    blonderescue New Member

    Hey there Lee,

    Having been on the doctor merrygoround for 10 years now, I find it easier to expect very little. That way if a doctor actually understands your situation and gives you something that actually helps - it is a pleasant surprise!

    Maybe you could bill your Doctor for the no show of your test results and your time for chasing them?

    Just kidding

    I hope it gets better.

    Truth is, I find temazepam helps me sleep, antidepressants help me cope, these two issues, sleep and coping, being the centre of my universe.




    BILLCAMO New Member

    Lee ,

    At least your PCP didn't accept a DX by another Dr...

    And then withdraw his acceptance of it....a week before your SSD hearing....just because the DX'ing Dr. didn't forward all of your medical records & tests..

    Blessings ,

  6. pookieruth

    pookieruth New Member

    B/C - Well, that just sucks!!! I bet you were a little ticked off!!

    It looks liks I'm on the merry-go-round too Blonderescue! I'm not sure my rhuemy really believes in fibro. She keeps preaching about physical therapy and stress. I know stress plays a BIG part, but so don't the meds that she won't give. She acted like she was giving me gold, told me to use the sparingly, when she prescribed ultram.

    I have an appt next week, so I'm going to share my frustration! I'll keep you posted.


    BILLCAMO New Member

    It's happening right now. My hearing is on this coming Monday. I've done everything I can do for now. I'll continue to trust in God and hope for good luck.

    This next part may be a little OT (off topic).

    Here's another part of the story that may raise some eyebrows and maybe some chuckles.....

    I live in Wash. State. SSA is "shipping" a judge from Arizona to hear my case here in WA. At least my lawyer tells me he is a very good and fair judge. He also said this practice has become quite common.

    Gee , with estimated expense of sending a judge up here apparently exceeding what 3 months of my projected SSD monthly benefits could be , I think I now know yet another reason that the SSA has money problems.

    Blessings ,

  8. mollystwin

    mollystwin New Member

    good luck on Monday with your hearing. Maybe someday there will be a diagnostic test for CFS/Fibro that will be helpful with winning these cases!!!

    BILLCAMO New Member

    Lee , please keep us informed about how your Dr's app't goes. Frustration is definately part of our fight.

    m s t , THANKS for the good luck wish !!!!!!

    Blessings ,


    BILLCAMO New Member

    Please let us know how your PCP app't went.

    My SSD hearing had some surprises both my lawyer & I did not expect.

    For one thing , the judge tried to discredit the Dr. that gave me the written DX for CFIDS and Fibro......because of a couple of the "different" kinds of treatments he/we tried.. AND... the judge's opinion is worth more than truth....

    Those with little money can't persue many options...

    Oh well , in 2 or 3 months , I may get a final decision.

    "Catch 22" is alive & well......

    Blessings ,

  11. pookieruth

    pookieruth New Member

    I sure hope things go you way. It sounds like such a run around.

    My appt was yesterday - it was okay. I spent most of the time refreshing her memory of my medical history. She did prescribe hydrocodone and mobic. It ended with her suggesting I see a shrink. Who knows - maybe she's right!

    Take Care,

    BILLCAMO New Member

    I'm happy your app't went OK !!!

    A long time ago , I went to a Dr. that was "supposed" to be good with CFIDS & Fibro....on the 2nd visit , he told me that I couldn't have CFIDS or Fibro since they were "female mental disorders...". That was the last time I saw him. I do wish I would have had a tape recorder. He did have several patients that believed he was trying to help them...

    Even though I couldn't afford it (LOL) , I did give him a piece of my mind before I left his office. I DID NOT use the word "quack"....& kept it civil....

    I did also file some complaints & he retired less than a year later.......more likely because he'd made enough money "stroking" his patients for years. I doubt my comments & complaints had much effect...

    These DD's are real !!!!! A "shrink" may help a person deal with them better , but they can't make a person healthy again.....

    Blessings ,

  13. mollystwin

    mollystwin New Member

    Good grief!!!

    Ironically my sister recieves some very good care from her psychiatrist who beleives in CFS and fibromyalgia. Her shrink was the one to give her the best medical treatment (as opposed to mental treatment) for her pain. She prescribed tramadol and a few other meds that were very helpful for her pain management.

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