Feeling alone today...another Sinus Infections

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by cynny3, Mar 14, 2006.

  1. cynny3

    cynny3 New Member


    I'm feeling very alone today with another sinus infection. With FM I guess sinus infections are just another part of it. I get these so often it kills me. The only way for me to get rid of them is to take antibiotics. I've taken so many antibiotics in these last three years, it's unbelievable.

    I'm so scared that one day, the antibiotics won't work and I'll basically die from these sinus infections. Ok, I might sound dramatic, but about two and a half years ago, I had a sinus infection that was so bad, I was put on 8 different antibiotics over a 5 and a half month period.

    Finally, when none of the antibiotics worked, the doctor told me if I didn't have surgery, the infection could go into my brain and I could die. The infection at that point had already gone into my right eye and I was in danger of losing sight too.

    I've been battling these infections for so long now, it feels as though one day, they will win because I'm losing any optimism I once had over beating them.

    I had the surgery, but still get sinus infections every two to three months. Today's infection is only one month from my last one. I get terrible body aches and enormous fatigue whenever I get a sinus infection because of the FM.

    I guess I'm writing today mostly because I'm feeling hopeless and needed to feel like someone was listening.

    My husband is so tired of me being sick, he completely shrugged it off this morning when I told him I had a full blown infection and body aches. He changed the subject and acted as though he didn't hear what I said.

    I'm not usually good at expressing how vulnerable I feel, but today, I just want to cry and disappear. My body is aching so much from the sinus infection, it's so hard to not scream. Meanwhile, my two little sons still need me to make food for them, change their diapers and make their bottles.

    Thanks for listening and sorry to spill my gutts like this.


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  2. Hope4Sofia

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    For many years I have also been struggling with sinus issues. All the CT scans show no serious infection but all the symptoms say yes.

    I have also had surgery.

    I have a lot of trouble breathing through the right nostril (almost completely blocked at night). AND I also treat with antibiotics. Which help despite the fact that I don't have a TRUE infection. Not sure why they help.

    I too have been afraid they would stop working.

    The sinus pain is by far the most debilitating pain I get.

    Recently, however, a doc suggested that it is nerve pain - possibly referred pain. He gave me a trigger point shot in my face where the pain radiates from and it took the sinus-pain away!! First time ever!! I have had constant dull pain for 15 yrs with the occasional terrible episode.

    I stil have a blocked airway so not sure what that is about.

    Didn't mean to go on so long but wanted to let you know you are not alone. I know the dispair that comes with this pain. Keep looking for answers. In the mean time we are here to listen and comfort.

  3. cynny3

    cynny3 New Member

    I know antibiotics are wrong, but the problem is the infection was so bad every holistic and/or eastern doc gave up on me and told me to use the antibiotics because the infection was in danger of entering my brain.

    Now, no doc wants to take a chance with me and just gives me the antibiotics. I'm still going to acupuncture, reiki, an herbalist and Dr. Kent Holtorf at the Hormone and Longevity Center in Torrance, CA.

    Dr. Holtorf is baffled by my continued sinus infections. I did a silver IV in November which Dr. Holtorf said was 80% effective at kicking sinus infections out of the body. Didn't work for me to his surprise.

    I've used garlic a lot and it doesn't do anything either. Would love a magic pill/wand/anything! But, after thousands of dollars, quiting my job and devoting full time to this, I'm still not better.

  4. cats3

    cats3 New Member

    Sorry to hear you are down today.

    Here is a BIG HUG!!!!!!!!!

    I used to get colds and sinus infections all the time so I know how you feel.
    I went from one doctor to another trying to find out why so many colds etc. These doctors were no help.

    I finally went to an allergy/immunology doctor and he did several tests.
    Found out I am allergic to many things like trees, mold, cats, dogs, etc. Also have food allergies like cows milk, yeast, eggs, wheat, etc.

    Since staying away from the foods I am allergic to and getting allergy shots no more colds or sinus infections!

    Have you ever been tested for allergies? If not you might want to give it a try.

    Hope you feel better soon!

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  5. cynny3

    cynny3 New Member

    Hi cats,
    thank you for your reply. yes, I have been tested and am allergic to basically breathing and eating altogether! I'm even allergic to lettuce and watermelon! I am in allergy shot therapy and have been for over two years now.

    What happens is this; whenever there is any bug in my house whatsoever, everyone else gets the sniffles and it goes away for them. For me, it becomes a sinus infection. It doesn't seem to be brought on anymore or less during allergy season if there isn't a bug in my house already.

    Thank you for your post and words of support. I really really need it today and appreciate it more than I can say!!


  6. Cromwell

    Cromwell New Member

    That you have this and getting shrugged off at home. I hope they can sort something out that could help I have heard gamma surgery is good these days for sinus stuff. Do you use saline sprayer every few hours? I find one has to with sinus issues.

    Anne C
  7. kaiasmom

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    That is not a good way to feel, on top of all of the physical symptoms you are having. Sounds like you're a pro at the sinus infections, not that it is a good thing.

    I think sometimes our significant others can get tired of hearing how bad we feel. I'm sure mine does. But, I am sorry he shrugged you off like that. Could only make you feel worse.

    I will keep you in my thoughts & prayers - here's to a speedy recovery!!

    Take care,

  8. cynny3

    cynny3 New Member

    Thanks for your reply. I have often thought that my stressful marriage is a big part of all this. Right when the sinus infections began was the year my husband and I were not doing well at all together.

    But, we have two young sons and I don't have the heart to shatter their world...
  9. queenlizo

    queenlizo New Member


    I'm new here. I used to have major sinus infections- had a deviated septum, and had that fixed- it helped tremendously.

    I still have sinus infections every once in a while, but I don't use the antibiotics anymore- they don't help anyway- i'm immune to most of them. I found something that will work wonders- nasal irrigation. I use a neti pot- http://www.bytheplanet.com/Products/Yoga/neti/Netipot.htm

    You can find them at any health food type store. You will feel better within a few hours- I know that I do. And, you might find that you can get rid of your sinus infections without antibiotics.

    Anyhoo- I hope that this helps you. Sinus infections are so draining and make you so achy. :-(

    Take care,

  10. 1sweetie

    1sweetie New Member

    It's hard to feel so bad and to not get the support from our spouses. Sometimes mine is great and then there are days that I know he resents me being sick and for changing. I know we can't help it but I feel guilty for being sick.

    By any chance do you have a root canal in any of your upper teeth that would border your sinus passages?
  11. Sandyz

    Sandyz New Member

    I`ve got another sinus infection myself. My two boys get them quite often too. I am so tired of it. I don`t have the answer either but just wanted to show my support. Have you ever tried just rinsing your nose with the saline sprays a few times a day. After that you`ll blow out a lot of stuff. That seems to take some of the infection away.

    I hope you get some relief soon.
  12. cynny3

    cynny3 New Member

    Thank you so much for all of your postings and support. Reading everyone's response truly got me through this difficult day. Sadly, though, I had to start taking antibiotics again.

    This is the sixth time in 14 months that I am on antibiotics for sinus infection. This time, my allergy doctor said he wanted me to visit the ENT again, the one who did my surgery, and get an "antibiotic nasal wash protocol."

    I've read about this, it's for the most severe cases of sinusitis. I wasn't too happy to be in the most severe category of sinusitis, but I suppose someone has to be.

    To answer 1sweetie's question, no I don't have any root canals. And to answer sandyz, yes, I do use saline and I also use a nasal bottle rinse/wash, similar to the neti pot that queenlizo recommended.

    One last thing, if any of you can relate - I feel as though the infections are deep inside, like above the roof and back of my throat. They start there and that is why even surgery couldn't reach the spot where I feel the infections always begin. My scans showed blockage all over and I'm sure the surgeon did the best he could.

    Tonight, I'm going to try sleeping on my stomach. My husband actually did come through today when I told him I had a bird-brained idea.

    I asked him if he could go by the Bodyworks Emporium and rent these cushions that allow you to sleep face down as if you were in a masseuse's table. I think if I sleep this way, the fluid that otherwise gets trapped in my vulnerable spot in the back and above my throat, may move forward instead.

    Anything is worth a try and my hubby actually thought my bird-brained idea made sense!

    Thank you, Thank you again for getting me through today!! You are all angels and the somewhat nutty/spiritual side of me believes that all your good thoughts turned my husband around today too!


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