feeling bad and upset today..

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    i am feeling really crappy today...i was reading all the posts and decided to just let some stuff out. i went to the mall yesterday and well i just cant even walk around anymore. i went with a friend who, whenever i said somthing hurt or i had to take a break, said i dont think you have anything...its all in your head!!! AGHHH. i am so sick of hearing that! also i am going to see a new doc today and my stomach is doing flips..im nervous. plus it is raining really hard here and my pain is extra bad today because of it! and another thing...im freakin tired! no amount of sleep is good enough. i have to sit here at my desk til 1:00 and then go to the doc which im dreading! just wanted to vent. any post back to this will be appreciated. i love everyone here you guys understand! thanks! <3<3 Rachel
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    misty..i was in the chat with you yesterday i think...are you at work too? doesnt it suck!!?? my hips hurt so bad after work from sitting all day. i try to get up though every ten mins...thank god my job is lienenant. just having someone to talk to on here is awsome. im really nervous about going to the new doc today...any advice or words of comfort? i need it now....**scared** <3<3 Rachel
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    i live in pa, montgomery county its outside of philly. i gave up on my rheumy. he told me to excersise and put me on all kind of anti depressants which i stopped taking. he also gave me injections in mylower back which hurt like hell. i do not want to be here, although i dont want to go to the doc either! its really nice to know i can come here to escape from my work for a while..have to keep minimizing when someone walks by though. haha. <3<3 Rachel
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    thanks so much for the reply! i also look forward to the chat being up! its good to have people to takl to on here! especially on a bad day. <3<3 Rachel
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    I understand how you feel. I also work and sit at a desk. It is hard to sit for long or for that matter get up after sitting too long. I am also seeing a new Dr. tomorrow. I wish you good luck. Just think positive about it and know that my thoughts are with you. I am very happy to have found this wonderful group of people. Let me know how your appointment goes.
    Kim :)
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    thanks for the warm words! are you as nervous as i am about the new doc? <3 Rachel
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    misty, my body is screaming in pain...rainy days are so sucky. totally agree about the chat...it moves so fast. i am going to a family doc today...found him on this site so he should be good! i hope... are you on any meds? i am on ambien cr for sleep and flexerol for muscle relaxor. but thats it. i would like to have some pain killers but docs think you are drug addict if you even ask. i wish they could feel my pain! <3 Rachel
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    I just quit doing anything with anyone ... sad huh? I have to go to a function Saturday and I am not looking forward to it (all the ?s, comments, suggestions, stares). Last night my son came over and he kept getting cell calls the whole time ... and he said to everyone he was talking to ... Mom is fine. NO MOM ISN'T! I AM NOT FINE ... I am in extreme pain. So now people believe HIM and think I am lying or faking it or am off my rocker. Grrrrrrrrrrrr. Today is realllllly bad. We had a cold front come through last night and our temp is dropping almost 40 degrees and will be snowing by Friday. I can barely move. If I was going to fake something ... it sure would not be this FMS! Gosh. Well sweetie, you have us to vent with OK? Good luck with the new DR and show my response to your friend
    ;-) . I also added the sticking out tongue icon for him/her ... lol.
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    Rachel, Yes I am nervous. I am still in the midst of diagnosis. My last Dr. said she did not want to give me the label of FM because of how other Dr. will treat me even though that is what I have. So, I am seeing another Dr. because I feel that I need that correct diagnosis. I am on ampitriptyline to help me sleep ( I still wake up hurting though) Tramadol for pain, celexa for depression and diclofenac (NSAID) kindof upsets my stomach. I had a shot in my shoulder and both hips Friday... OUCH,,,,,, I am just unsure of what this Dr. will do. One thing I know is this Dr. has FM herself. I am paying for this one out of pocket instead of going through the insurance hurdles because I really want to see. her. I have to get ready to head to work now. All the kids out the door now it's my turn. I will check in with you again.
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    engle, thanks so much for your reply. i know how bad the weather messes with your pain. where are you from? snow..ugh we had our last snow storm on valentines day. it really sucks when your own family thinks your lying. luckily my brother has fms also so we can relate.
    <3 Rachel

    misty, i want a hug real bad too!! no one understands how the pain can make you really sad. i am not depressed but when the pain hits hard i feel pretty crappy. i know what you mean about "numbing" i think we all do some things we shouldnt but not because we are bad but because we are in so much pain and want so incredibly for it to go away!
    <3 Rachel

    kim, it took me 8 or so docs to finally get my diag. i had to mention fibro because i researched on the internet and pretty much diaged myself. plus my brother has it and he mentioned it to me also. what type of shot did you get? lidocane and depomedrol? thats what i got in my lower back..it does hurt! and the next 3 days are like hell!!! post injection flare up...thats what the doc said. also i would love to find a doc with fms! <3Rachel
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    Rachel I am at work now. I had to stop to put gas in the car and it is soooo cold out. I am in South Dakota. It hurt my arm to pump the gas. I also hurt even though I got the shots. She didn't tell me what they were, just that they had a steroid and numbing agent. Do you ever have your skin hurt for something to touch it?
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    What other type of symptoms do you all have? I even woke up with leg cramps lastnight. :(
  13. dreamer28455

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    kim, i do often have sensivity. i have leg cramps often...and sometimes charle horses! ouch! i have constant back pain and leg pain. other areas hurt sometimes. always worn out. the chat is back up if you guys wanna join me
    <3 Rachel
  14. NyroFan

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    I hope you feel better real soon. Those rainy days can be rough, especially for those of us who are sick with Fibromyalgia.

    I also understand about how some people can not understand how serious fibromyalgia is.

    By chance, I went to the local deli and they have an dining area.

    I ran into a woman I have not seen in a long time, probably fifteen years ago.

    I told her about my illness and she was showing a 'false' kind of empathy. It was as if she was making fun of me.

    People are people and it is probably just best to stay away from the 'toxic' ones.

    And I know you are nervous about a new doc and all of that.
    Luckily I have a rhuemy who will 'duke' it out with me about meds, sleep, exercise, etc. etc.

    It always seems to work out in my favor though.

    I hope your new one is somebody who can work with you and get you the 'real' care you need.


  15. dreamer28455

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    thank you for the reply! people just dont understand..it makes me so mad. i wish fms was more known. i hope this doc is "the one"! i am in fibro chat room if you wanna join us. thanks for the support! <3 Rachel
  16. Twinnie

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    Guess you and I are having the same day. LOL
    I walk like a very old lady or maybe like a "drunken sailor" Haven't been around the neighborhood much the past year, which I used to walk nearly everyday just to get some exercise and survey gardens and perchance pass the time of day with neighbors. I enjoy meeting people on a one to one basis. Life is full of wonder every day, especially when you share yourself with others.

    This past year has been a very painful one, both physically and emotionally. Not able to go out much.

    Found this site in mid January 2007, and it has been a life saver for me. I had all but given up because no one really understands what we go through every day. I am tired of trying to make family understand. My husband wants
    his wife well, our children have their problems with working and raising families and don't have time or desire to cope with my "illness".

    Easter is this week and it should be spent with family and friends. I cannot travel to New Jersey and if we did go we would only be closer to our children's problems, some of them reaching "critical mass" upon our arrival for a joyful family holiday.(experience of prior visits traveling up north. I think you get the picture.

    Best to stay home in North Carolina, enjoy my husband and a Happy Easter.

    Thanks for listening to my rant about whatever.
    Missing the chat room, but thankful for the message boards,
    which I read everyday - staying connected to those who understand and always looking for the cure which will come one day.
    Best regards,