Feeling bad tonight

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Kalli, Jan 28, 2003.

  1. Kalli

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    That is why I am posting so much. I am getting tired of reclining.

    Is there ever a place on anyone's body that has Fibro not hurt at one time or another? Toes & feet hurt, headaches, earaches, toothaches, abdominal cramps, chest pains, neck pain. carpal syndrome symptoms, back of hands , the ligaments hurt in them, can't bend over the sink because it hurts back and hips to bad. Can't get on my hands and knees because i get cramps in my hips. Charlie horses in legs and feet when I try to strech before getting out of chair. Feeling so weird so I guess that must be the fibro fog?? I don't know. I feel like I am half here. Try to sleep and wake up anxious. Besides I can't sleep in a bed because it hurts shoulders and hips to bad to lie on them.So for 2-3 years sleep in a recliner and if it is longer than 6-7 hours wake up with teriffic back ache. On and on.

    Sorry, had to vent. I'm not feeling sorry for myself. I am just angry. Thanks to all who read my woes.

  2. danisue22

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    Hi Bonnie, Just a note to say I understand. I have'nt had to sleep in a recliner yet but all the rest is pretty familar. hot baths are the only thing that ever helped much until I finally found a Doctor that prescribed pain med.I wish there were more I could say or do to help you feel better.But at least you can know we are listening . BIG HUG for you. ..Danisue
  3. Fibromiester

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    Here am I, squirming in the chair trying to make the pain stop! Oh Yes, You've come to the right place to vent! And I know it isn't feeling sorry for yourself,either- it really IS ANGER isn't it? Anger at these dumb bodies of ours for not cooperating! I'm sorry you are feeling so bad. Are you on pain Med's? You need them/or you need stronger ones, OK? Tomorrow, Call your Dr.& Tell him/her exactly how uncomfortable you are and your "functioning" level(working, cleaning, sleeping)-and ask for PAIN RELIEF!!!
    How 'bout it?? Hope you Feel Better Soon!
    Much Love Intented,
  4. karen55

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    Hope you're feeling better today. When I'm hurting so much I can't sleep in the bed, I end up getting up. When it hurts too much to lie there I have to move around. It's exhausting, being caught in that viscious cycle of pain, needing sleep, hurting too much to sleep, lack of sleep causing more pain. Hang in there....

  5. VickyB

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    You explained how I feel exactly!! Last night I went to bed at 3:00 in the morning and now I cannot get up off my computer chair. I can't take a nap because I have a 4yr old. I have fallen asleep before and didn't pick up my other children at school before. Alot of times I feel beaten and exhausted wonder why I keep going?? What is your secret to not giving up??