feeling better and blood tests to prove it!!!!

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    Got my lymphocyte test results back today, and yes they are going down. So there proof that antivirals are working for me and that its a good chance it is reactive glandular fever. In ya face all those doctors that reckon glandular fever doesnt cause cfs or that its all in your head, well the virus probably is but its not primarily psychological.

    25/11/08(pre famvir) 4/2/09(approx 10weeks on famvir)
    Lymphocytes 4.7 (1.1-4) H 3.8
    CD20 .61 (.06-.6) H .48
    CD56 .33 (.07-.6) .24
    CD3 3.71 (.8-2.4) H 2.98 H
    CD4 1.96 (.5-1.6) H 1.61 H
    CD8 1.57 (.2-1) H 1.21 H
    CD4:8 1.25 (1-3.5) 1.32

    The readings that are still high are lower then what they were, and the big plus is Im feeling better!!!!
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    All the readings have dropped, even the ones that in the normal range. I have had a number of previous tests where all these reading have been slowly rising with every test except for the last test which is since I have been on famvir.
    Total lymophocytes are down into normal range after being in the high range, same with CD20. CD3, CD4, CD8 are all down but not in the normal range. When you look at the reference ranges I would say they all took a good drop.

    If your an expert on reading lab results I would value your opinion.
    The main thing is Im feeling better and have some reason/proof for why Im feeling better. Hopefully these numbers will drop lower while I remain on famvir with corresponding improvement in symptoms.