Feeling better on Cymbalta, off Celexa, and no Provigil

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    I'm feeling better these days now that I haven't taken the Provigil for two weeks and was put on Cymbalta. I'm off the Celexa now all the way. My migraines are gone, the pain is better, and I'm much less fatigued. This is wonderful!

    I went to the doctor on Monday, and here's what she told me about the Provigil and sleep study that I just had. Monday, I was in much better shape than when my husband accompanied me to her office a week ago, nearly hysterical.

    I went to the doctor, here's what she told me about the Provigil and sleep study that I just had.

    The way that my doctor explained my reaction to the Provigil (very fatigued, nervous, crying, and miserable) is that Provigil is a "stimulant", and that if I have a sleeping disorder, the stimulant wouldn't work as the underlying problem isn't being corrected. Provigil as a stimulant would keep me awake, and then at night I would still not get rested. The Provigil would cause more interference with the sleep cycle, and make all my symptoms worse. Boy did the Provigil make things worse for me, I was a nervous wreck when I took the Provigil a few weeks ago!

    I just had my sleep study, no results, yet, but, if I do have a sleep disorder like apnea, I'll get a CPAP and that'll help the underlying problem. At that point, the doctor said she would see about adding the Provigil back into the medication regimen to help me stay awake during the day. With the real problem, sleep disorder, being dealt with, the Provigil could work. I hope it's as easy as that. That the whole thing is a sleep disorder and the CPAP will give me life back. I know it won't take the FMS away, but perhaps the CFS won't be the real "diagnosis."

    Will let you know how it all goes when the results are back and I see the doctor again.

    Warm Wishes, Jeannette

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