Feeling better today but Oh I still ache but it was fun

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    My husband & I went to see our youngest Daughter , her husband and our grandson Braxton who is 6 months old and is the chubbiest baby you have seen , well he is not as chubby as his mommy was as at that age, my youngest daughter weighed 23 lbs at 6 months and her baby Braxton weighs about 20 lbs.

    And I was just nursing her. Her baby doctor would tell me not to feed her all the desert baby foods and I would just look at him with a blush on my face and tell Him I am still nursing and that is all she will eat. She didn't like real food for a long time but I finally got her to eat it and I nursed her for 20 months. My husband teased me that she would have to come home from pre school for "HOT LUNCH"

    She didn't gain much after she hit the 23 lbs and when she got married a year and 5 months ago she wieghed between 105 &110 And she wore a size 2 in jeans. But Braxton is a chubby baby and is so fun to play with but is to heave for me to lift him up but I can hold him but lately he does not want to be held he wants to jump and jump and well you get it and then he spits up on me and sweetly smiles at me like wasn't that just so cute Grandma?

    And he will laugh at it too so I can't get irratated with him so I gave him to his grandpa and he puked on grandpa too . All over Grandpa's shirt , he just got a small part of my pants and my shoes. That baby loves to jumb and bounce and he is trying to crawl he gets his feet on the floor with his bottom high in the air and falls on his face and the hhe puts his face in teh blanknet and yells at it, But I love him anyway. I love to play with him and get him to laugh and giggle he is the joy of my life and I am so proud of his momma as she is doing really good taking care of him.

    I rememeber that it took me awhile to learn that the baby didn't need to nurse every 10 minutes because she thought I was the binky. And I thnk that is what is happening with my daughter she just has to figure it out and find something else to do to get him to settle down and nurse good and not use her as a play toy.

    But she is the one who has to find that out for her self. But I so love playing and loveing on that baby. And I love talking to my daughter. I am learning that I will just listen to her problems and if she askes me what I think I tell her but I always add " Don't be like your Dad & I and have him talk to your Grandma about our problems and me talk to mine, always tell him the truth and be honest aaall the time and tell him when you have made mistakes and if he gets angry deal with it then.

    His thing is to tell her that if she doesn't pay the bills on time he will make her leave and he will keep the baby and since he knows nothing about how to care for a baby and she has not has the courage to tell him that he is acting childish about some late bills and to tell her that he will kick her out of the house is hurt full and is not an adult way to handle problems.

    I hope that she grows a back bone and tells him that he needs to grow up and that she knows that so does she.They got married adn within 2 months they ahd bought a house and she was expecting, and they have never learned how to talk to each other as he was raised ina home where the mother took care of all the bills house and the schooling of the kids all 9 of them.

    And Dad was the one who came home from work and played with the kids and mom did nothing to get dinner ready or ask dad to watch the kids while she cleaned thehouse up a bit or even to ask dad to help clean the house with her and the kids so my SIL does not know how to clean house and only plays with the baby and when the baby crys while my daughter is fixing dinner he goes to the kitchen and gives that baby to her becasue he doe not know what to do with him and he will go play on his computer and leave her to clean fix dinner and take care of a baby too.

    I didn't each her how to clean the best way either but she does know who to clean but she can't put the baby down to clean when he screams and yells at her to pick him up while she has other things to do and Dad is in the other room playing with his toys. I know that they need to learn to depend on each other that is why I will tell her what I think and then that she needs to discuss how she feeels adn how shhhe feels about the bills and if they are late she has to tell him and always be truthfull with him as it is the best thing to do.

    Well we had a short visit today adn I got to mug on my grandson adn hug him and love him and kiss him and enjoy him as much as I could and then we left and went for a drive to the Bird Sancuaray. I got to see pelecons up close and see how big they are and the roads were horrid & felt like we were driving on a wash board for miles and miles but it was so much fun just talking and learingmore about each other and it was a great day i love to spend time with my husband even if I don't like the Duck hunting or the Deer hunting.

    I love just being with him and hearing him tell me about all the things he knows about the birds and nature and it was the best sunday I have had in a long time. Yes My back is screamming becaise of the bad roads but it was still worth it to be with my husband and to feel so loved and so happy, & not to fight about anything at all. It was so great . I Love him so very much and he meant the world to me and I to him we had a great day talking adn listening to eachother talk and say how we felt about life adn all thetings that are happening in our lives.

    I was so tickled when we got home and he told me to go and rest as I needed it as it was such a tiring drive and he could see how tired i was .I dind't know that he was paying that close of attentionto how i was feeling and looking, it really touched me to know that he watches out for me and really loves me and wants me to be happy and to be with him. So even though I am so tired today was so great that I can't wipe the smile from my face. I am so greatful and thankful for a husband who even though he does not understand about the fibro and the rest of the chronic pain issuse I have, I foudn out that he really cares how i feel and I was not complaining about it. HE kept askeing me how I was feeling and he knew thatit was painfull for me to ride on that bad road but I wanted to be with him so that pain didn't matter to me. When we came home I laid down and rested and told him how much I loved him and thanks for the great day we spent to gether.

    I know that this is a long post but I had to share it with you. Most of you know that my husband works too many hors a day so spending a day with him is a great gift for me. And to have him show me that he loved me by watching me and learning that I looked liked I was not feeling good , he took such good care of me today that I am almost in tears . WE don't do much together and I love it that he cares about me and wants to be with me .
    This day brought up my sprits so much I better emotionally and I Know that i am loved and that he appericates me for the things I do for him in keeping the house clean and being happy to be with him. I love him so much , there are not enough words to say how I feel right now so I am going to go to bed adn try to sleep.

    Thanks for listening to me ramble on and on I Hope that I have not bored you too much. YOU all are such a great friends here and i thank you for your time.

    LOve ya,
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    I enjoyed your post so much I have a hubby like yours and grandkids also I look after mine when mum and dad work I am exhausted but love having them but my family is my life I feel so blessed to have them.

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