feeling bloated in face - what could this be?

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  1. babyk902

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    i don't know if it's because i've gained weight - but i have NEVER experienced this feeling before, whether i've gained a lot of weight or not. My face just feels bloated, I honestly feel like a chipmunk and my cheeks just do not feel right - I don't know what this puffiness could be from? I'm not on any new medication or anything.. it's literally one symptom after another lately i swear!

    anyone have any suggestions??? thank you all.

  2. Bunchy

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    When I was first sick with CFS I used to have puffy eyelids all the time - my eyes always looked half closed.

    I also used to wake up with swollen hands and/or feet in the morning.

    I rarely get this anymore except if I'm too hot at night in summer but have you had your doctor check out other possible causes eg heart problems? Best to be safe.

    Love Bunchy x
  3. Mishes

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    I had water retention all over. couldn't wear my regular shoes anymore and the skin around my eyes was so puffy that it was giving me wrinkles because of it! Cut out salt but that did very little. It started about 2 years ago and got worse over time. I found out what the reason was for my case of swelling, but please remember that yours might be because of a different reason which water retention is a symptom of various conditions. I finally realized with all my other symptoms they were classic signs of hypothyroidism. I was on a very small dose of t3 thyroid replacement hormone (sustained release) and after it was a little more than doubled not only did my overall symptoms improve substantially but the swelling went away! But I admit that it's also possible that it could have been affected as well by the no gluten no junk food diet I got serious about keeping at the same time. I've committed to strictly keeping it for awhile so I can't experiment right now to see how much was because of that or not. But when I tried it before it didn't get rid of the swelling to this point before. And I am back to using salt with my food and it's still fine. Please remember though that in my case it happened to be my thyroid, but that may not be the reason you have swelling.
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    I know when I was taking Norco I got bloated and really looked bad. After I stopped taking the Hydrocodone, I looked like I had lost a lot of weight.
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    IF I have even the smallest amount of carbs I swell, especially in the face and neck, or as I call it, waddle, area. I have very recently begun the metabolism miracle diet. I am on my 5th day of trying to make it through the 1st day of no sugar or carbs for the 3 day 'cleansing' portion of the diet. I'm the type that has to take a few goes at something before I commit.

    edited to add: oh meant to also say, the swelling in my face, neck, and elsewhere has gone down considerably since I started practicing to start the diet.[This Message was Edited on 04/15/2011]