Feeling cold before going to sleep?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by VickyB, Jan 8, 2003.

  1. VickyB

    VickyB New Member

    I cannot get warm at night, what could be causing this? I feel so cold and cannot get warmed up no matter how many blankets or clothes I put on? Is this normal with fms or another problem?
  2. nitalynn

    nitalynn New Member

    I used to have the same problem until I was diagnosed with an underactive thyoid. It was going on even though the tests were comming back normal. This went on for years. I used to find if I covered my head I would warm up and fall aaleep faster. I know it may sound strange but they say you lose alot of your body heat through your head.
  3. talldi

    talldi New Member

    I get that way ( cold) when really tired and after hitting my wall, as I call it.
    I put on hunting socks. The fluffier the better, like the -60 degree ones.
    Then I have 2 wool blankets, a comforter and a heating pad on low at my feet. I also wear a thermal undershirt and flannel loose slacks. I warm up in 15 minutes or so.
    Also works well: a dachshund under the blankets by each foot!! ;)
  4. Sheryl

    Sheryl New Member

    I'm the one with the bunny. I am always cold. Especially in bed at night. The best thing I invested in was an electric mattress pad and a set of flannel sheets, way better than the electric blanket that I used to have. I keep it on all night sometimes.
    Hope you get warm,
  5. Spoonerpaws

    Spoonerpaws New Member

    I am FREEZING at bedtime that I shake! After about 1/2 hour though, I warm up and start shedding the covers

  6. hap

    hap New Member

    I just had to reply to this more with a question, i guess. I'm so hot natured and the figromyalgia hasn't seemed to change this for me. Not to gross anyone out..but i perspire (actually sweat) more than any 10 people!

    Has this cold feeling only happened with the onset of the fms?

    I will say that i wear heavier night shirts or tees when it's cooler because i feel that the cold might be affecting my muscle tissue and my doctors have told me to wear a gown or shirt with a collar to keep my shoulders and neck warm...for that reason.

    But i have always noticed that some people go to sleep cold and wake up warm while some go to sleep warm and wake up cold.
  7. Jeany77

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    I know this is an old forum but it helped me so I want to help others as well. I agree with nitalynn. It's a hypothyroid problem( under active thyroid).
    It has been a while that everytime I go to bed I feel so so cold although the room temperature is fine. I wear socks a light jacket on top of my pyjama, I cover myself with a duvet cover + a double cover blanket and still feel cold. It takes me a while go sleep. By the time I wake up I become so sweaty. I recently did a thyroid check and found out I have a hypothyroid. Still I was not sure that the cold feeling is to blame on my thyroid but catching your forum here made my doubts true.
    Hypothyroid have many other symptoms and It doesn't always show when you test. I thing what activated my thyroid was my last few visit to the dentist when he performed some X-rays. It's then when my test for thyroid came high. My advice is if you do thyroid test do it early morning on an empty stomach that helps.