feeling devastated by illness

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    I find myself in the situation of having no one to turn to that. I have been so sick for so long with cfs and fibro; Now my daughter is very sick and needs to go to a hospital that is 2 hours away for a 4 hour intravenous treatment and I so much wanted to go with her so she wouldn't have to be alone and in case she has an adverse reaction to it. She is an adult but she is so sick i didn't want her to have go on her own; but i'm feeling too sick to go with her. there is no one else that can go with her.

    I feel as though i am leting her down.

    so many times there are so many things that i have to miss due to this illness it's just hard to take.

    how to handle all the losses

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    i'm sorry to hear about your daughter, i hope shes ok... many of my close friends don't even know that i have an illness, because i don't know the first thing how to bring it up because i've had so many past experiences where people just don't understand and get it, bc i can go to work and try to live a normal life but my life is still so limited that i can't push myself like other people do, and saying that i'm "tired or sick" gets old, and i'm sure is annoying to other people just as it is for me to say it, so i just choose not to say anything.. i try to live a normal lifestyle and i try to be as positive as i can, but i know that everything happens for a reason and everyone has adversity, just different variations... i've just accepted that the more i get down about this illness the more my chances are ruined from getting better... so try and keep your head up, everything will work out the way it is supposed to, and as long as you express your feelings to her and acknowledge that you wish you could truly be there will her, i think she will find some comfort in that.

    good luck with everything
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    and i pray you all will find someone to help out.
    it is such a sad situation i know
    to not be there to help them as youd like
    as their mother reguardless of their ages,
    im sure she understands
    but i know that it is in your heart to be there with her.
    God bless you hon.
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    Thankyou for your kind words and thoughts

    I've decided to go with my daughter, I'm resting the day in hopes for the strength, to be there for her tomorrow.

    being able to come to this board and read your notes really helped.

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    How did the trip go (if you went) , and how is your daughter?I hope everything is OK and that it went well.

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    Hi Holly

    Thankyou for asking,

    I was too sick to go.

    I'm waiting to hear from her.

    I will post when I hear from her.

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    that I too hope your daughter is doing well or better and that you made it okay. I'm sorry you get caught in those situations but I'm certain your daughter more than understands.

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    Hi Runningstream6,

    Just want you to know my heart goes out to you and your daughter. This illness is so so hard especially on the "wanting to be there" - I am heartbroken when that happens.

    For me, prayer is best - God will help...

    God Bless,

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    Thank you for your prayers and sharing your experience

    I new when i woke up in the morning that i would most likely be falling out of the chair before the day was over and also didn't want to cause my daughter extra stress by her worrying about me, as she needed to lay there and just rest while getting the intravenous treatment so i know in the long run it was best for me to stay home;

    I finally heard from my daughter and it was a really long day, she left at 8:00am and didn't get home till 6.

    I find it so hard when one of my daughters needs help and i can't be there for them

    I'm so grateful to everyone that took the time to post and offer support and share their thoughts. I feel so alone alot of the time as i don't have a husband or any close friend to talk to and share what i'm going thru.

    Take care