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  1. susabar

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    Two weeks ago I barely heard of FM. I know I haven't felt well in a year... I really "broke down" 2 weeks ago, I have been reading posts here and everyone's life sounds soooo difficult. Can someone tell me something positive about their life??? Please I am needing encouragement

  2. susabar

    susabar New Member

    Two weeks ago I barely heard of FM. I know I haven't felt well in a year... I really "broke down" 2 weeks ago, I have been reading posts here and everyone's life sounds soooo difficult. Can someone tell me something positive about their life??? Please I am needing encouragement

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    Yes, this illness is very difficult but accepting the situation and holding strong to your faith, family and friends will get you through. I have days when I am stuck in a pity party but I have to remind myself that all that does is make me feel worse. I went to the dr yesterdasy and he siad my attitude is so much better that other FM patients he sees. I told him that if I allowed this illness to take over I would be lost and that every morning, noon and night I remind myself that I am going to be in charge not FM. Whatever you do NEVER QUIT. You are special and have much to offer the world, hang in there.

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    Don't give up! Everyone who visits this board at sometime or another has felt like you do, so your not alone. I myself have some days that I really want to call it a life, but keep on going. It's certainly not easy, but I try and remember that there are people out there who are much worse off than myself. I could be in a wheelchair or worse. You will after time learn to take one day at a time,and before you know it, you are dealing with this. Hang in there and keep an eye on the posts, soon you will be helping some other new person with your own advice. Hugs.....queenbee69
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    I just wrote to you on your other post! I think everyone here is at a different place with their FM/CFS --depending on when they were diagnosed & what their symptoms are, so you will read posts from people who are in pain & at a moment of real frustration. But you will also read positive things; many people here have found really helpful things to deal with their pain, depression, and other symptoms--for some it's medication, others exercise of some sort, supplements diets. People here love to share what's worked for them, & info. they've learned that's helped them live a more comfortable life. We all have the rough spots, of course, but we have the brighter moments too. I'm learning to never take the good things in life for granted! In a lot of ways, this illness has taught me a lot.

    So, please read & post, you can get a lot of helpful info from this board---and a lot of it may give you hope that you can cope.

    Take care,
  6. But try to stay positive as much as you can. Also I have had fibro most of my life as long as I can remember, and I have had years of remission of sorts , so some do get somewhat better. Its almost like being on a roller coaster with its ups and downs. Find yourself a good dr that understands and believes in fibro. I called the arthritis foundation and they gave me names of drs. in the area, rheum. that are knowledgable in the area of fibro. Good luck, hang in there. Don't let fibro win, fight it all the way.
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    Hi Susabar,

    What your feeling is very normal. A lot of posts are on peoples most difficult days when they cry out for help.
    Right now fm is at it`s worst for me, but for many years I had it a lot milder. I have had it for at least 15 years and I`ve had a great,full life during that time.

    I`ll share one thing that happened to me when they were doing tests on me before I was diagnosed with fm. A lung x-ray they did on me showed two hugh dark spots. My doctor was very alarmed by this and I over heard him and another doctor talking about what it could be and they said they thought it was lung cancer or tuberculous! I was devasted
    and went home thinking I had a fatal illness. I was crying all week and upset. Well, when the radialogist looked at it finally, he didn`t think it was any thing but
    shadows on the x-ray. I was so relieved but upset my doctor but me through that for a week.

    Shortly after that I found out what I had was the fibromyalgia. You can image my relief that it wasn`t one of the other two things. I was almost glad that incident happened later on because it really helped me except this illness a lot easier. I`ve always thought this is hard but there is worse things I could have.

    Keep the faith, it will be ok.
  8. Sorka

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    I have had fibro for about 46 years.
    My husband and children have never known me healthy.
    The most positive thing about this is you find out what love is all about.
    Loving someone is so easy when they are healthy and happy.
    But true loving is when they are unhealthy and unhappy, you do things for them to make life easier. You do silly things to make that person you love so much smile.
    You stick together no matter what. You enjoy each others company their conversation and their silences. You love being with your family and they love being with you.
    I have been lucky in that I have all this and more.
    You have to work at being happy. It is no easy task. But you learn to appreciate the simple pleasures of life. You enjoy sitting at home listening to beautiful music what ever type you want. You enjoy going out for dinner more because there are so many times that you just can't face the struggle to make it to the restaurant.
    So enjoy the pleasures that life gives you, save the memories for days when life just does not want to play fair.
    This disease will never kill you! you just wish it would some days.
    take care life is good as long as you want it enough.
  9. Kathryn

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    Try to keep your chin up & your thoughts positive. I know it's especially hard right now, and we all give in sometimes. It's only human. Right now, a whole bunch of us are feeling pretty low because of changes in the weather. This could be affecting you also. I have had fms since 1989, and I was able to work at a very physical and high stress job until just this past August. You will find medications and relaxation techniques that will be a tremendous help to you. Plus, you WILL have good days interspersed with the bad. It is important to remember not to overdo things on your good days. You will wind up paying for it if you do. One thing that helps me more than just about anything is a hot bath with epsom salts. It might be something you want to try. ES is very inexpensive, and there are no negative side effects. Put on some relaxing music, turn off the bathroom light, take the phone off the hook, if you have some candles light them, sell the kids into slavery, and just relax. Do try not to worry yourself over your diagnosis. Things could always be worse. Fibro is not fatal. Good luck to you.
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    I'm still getting use to the loss of my old life and self but am starting to settle in a little better. A big part is not knowing how to live and do things now that you and your life is different. You will learn as you go along and as you learn you will gather strength to have control over the situation instead of the other way around. Think about having to learn how to live in a wheel chair, loss of vision, loss of limb or other such happenings that require you to change how you see, do and react to everything. It is amazing how individuals can and do overcome and have full lives when faced with these monumental obstacles. It never comes without a slow learning process. We are in that learning process now. I picture myself in a hallway with the front door just behind me and I can feel the warmth of the sun on my back but am absolutely unable to turn around towards it. The hall way is long and I can just make out a door at the other end and if I squint my eyes i can see a little light coming from under the bottom of the door. I don't know what else is behind the door but but when I get there and open it the bright light will reveal and I will blossom in its glow.