Feeling Down Today

Discussion in 'Homebound/Bedbound' started by gb66, May 23, 2014.

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    Hi GB

    Sorry you had a lousy day. Not to mention the lousy 35 years. Hey! 35 years for me too.
    But I wasn't disabled for the first several years. After that I was still able to work part time.

    You've been here a couple years longer than I. Guess we've both seen a lotta posts from people who are estranged from their families. One gal posted that she got some relief from marijuana, but her kids were unhappy with that and called her an old drugged up hippie or something similar.

    And one poster asked a friend if she could pick up a few item at the market when she came over. The response was, "The store's a block away. There's no reason you can't get the stuff yourself."

    I don't really have this problem. I grew up in a terrible family; dysfunctional; alcoholic. My son disowned me a decade ago. Never said why. Because I'm gay maybe. Anyway there's nobody in my family that I'm close to. And they all live in states far away or are no longer
    with us.

    I'd like to say it will get better, but that doesn't seem realistic to me. Does it to you? Maybe
    it would help if our face would turn bright blue thus authenticating our disability. Some
    posters have said they were accused of acting sick to get attention. Pretty stupid idea, I think.
    Who wants negative attention?

    I think the best think to have in life is luck. Beats talent, hard work, determination and hard
    work any day. I am constantly appalled at the people who have it and throw it all way in
    favor of self destructive behavior. (See the celeb and sports news pages.) What can we
    do but trudge along each day as best we can? I hope today will be better for you.

    Gentle hugs

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    Hi Jam, Yup. It's been 10-11 years since I've seen or heard from my son or granddaughter.
    I grieved for about 9 years. Would be out walking Zippy and just start crying. Now I don't
    do that anymore. But I don't want to say too much about it. An upsetting or controversial
    topic for some.

    Anyhoo, my son and I had 15 wonderful years. I worked so hard to be a good father since
    I came from a home without one. My folks must have had terrible parents too. I thought I
    could break the chain of dysfunctional parenting, but it turned out I couldn't.

    PS Still takin' my grape seed extract. :)