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    hello everyone I am new here but my depression is so much worse since I lost my job in July and sometimes I just need someone to talk to. My husband is a butt and he has no idea what I go through. We went to our grandsons football game last night and all I did all the way there was cry. I have been in tears or close to them a lot lately. I hate this feeling but sometimes if I can just talk to someone who understands it helps. I only have one good friend close by and she is suffer right now also. She lost her 31 year old son in June to an accidental overdose and his ex-girlfriend and her new husband is refusing to let her see her grand daughter so when the to of us get together it is sometiems a crying fest. Thanks to all for letting me just rant. Sometimes it helps. God Bless you all.
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    I look upon Depression like that huge roach in the movie "Men in Black" because, to me, giving it a face helps me to fight it. I'm on the Depression Board and although you are talking to your friend, I hope you're going to try to get some other help for your depression. Things don't have to remain the way they are.

    Let me make the suggestion of finding a local depression support group. They are usually supported by the mental health societies in the area and they provide lots of resources, but also members can suggest what has has helped them.

    Good luck and many hugs.