feeling frustrated over not being able to drive

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  1. violarose1

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    my liscense was taken away 4 years ago due to seizures, so I have had to be very patient in that area. We only own one car so the temptation is gone when i feel like I want to go someplace on my own.
    I am too dependant on my dad for driving me around. i feel bad. today I asked him if we could go to home depot so i can get more stones to finish my stone wall. It really has become a big inconvience for him : ( I wouldnt be able to get my rocks anyways when my hubby came home because we just have a car/
    I have given my parents a thank you party, cards, breakfast, Lsst week my girls, they are 8 now in 2nd grade, we took the city bus for an adventure and to see how my strenght would work out. it was lot of fun, but i had to have my husband get me at our last route, my body was done for.
    I am so grateful for all of his help he has given me. he is retired, we have become great friends since i have gotten sick. my mom says he would be bored if i wasnt around.
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    I take cabs everywhere, not that I go to many places.
    For me it is less expensive than a car, gas, insurance,
    maintenance, etc.

    I would like to drive, but it is not meant to be.
    And the cabbies all know me and are nice. Very friendly.

  3. violarose1

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    thank you for the important tip about getting disabled transportation. ((())))

    its been 4 long years. its weird, not being in a store, or even a fast food place for that long by myself.

    my seizures are way down, but i still have them like every other month,