Feeling good vs feeling like death!

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Missnae1, Sep 3, 2003.

  1. Missnae1

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    This disease is going to drive me insane. How can one have so many "bad days" where you just feel as though you are going to heaven any minute. And then you'll have one good day in the middle of all of it where you feel as though you are not sick at all? Anyone else have this rollercoaster effect? AGRGHHHHHHHHHHHHH!! By, the way I just try to really enjoy the few days when I feel good. Don't want to overdo it though, and that looming feeling is always there.
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    Yesterday I had my 6 month appointment with my rheumatologist and of course I was having a rare and good day! She was impressed with how well I am coping. But blast, she should see me today!!! I am in a flare from you no where!!! Legs hurt so bad, fluish feeling and fatigue.... It is so frustrating. So missnae1 I hear you and I like you, enjoy the good days as much as I can and just endure the bad. Angel Blessings~
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    of this DD! Enjoy the good days. They seen to be so few and far between. I don't have the really awful days (yet). But rarely have those GREAT days anymore so am really thankful when I get one. WLE
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    I seem to have one terrific day every six months or so, when I wake to no pain or stiffness. It lasts about 10 to 12 hours before the old stuff begins to set back in. I also have a night every six months or so where I sleep the entire night without waking. Those days and nights are God Sent and I appreciate them without hesitation knowing that they are merely a temporary oasis in this desert of a dd.

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    This disease pretty much did drive me insane--once! Last Oct., 2 months after a quit a job I loved b/c I just COULD NOT do it anymore--worked in a Woman's Recovery Center for drugs/alcohol and I was stumbling around like I was drunk half the time with this dizzy/off balance feeling I get and then the brain fog didn't make it all that easy to do group therapy w/ the girls. I put myself in the psyche ward for four days back then b/c I could not get a handle on what was happenning to me and my anxiety level was about a 10 not to mention the depression. Guess you can say I changed my way of thinking about these DD's--I have both FM/CFS or I'd still be in there. Change and adjusting is not my strong suit but what can ya do? I also have Graves Eye Disease on top of everything else which makes my eyes not track properly which could be the dizziness/off balance/nauseated factor--who knows. I have put a lot of stress on myself over these disorders in the past year---it's really hard to relax when it seems every waking moment I'm thinking about my health and what's going to pop up next. A month ago I had an emergency appendectomy(laproscopy) in the midst of all this other stuff. Right b/f the surgery they asked me if I had any ongoing infections and I mentioned FM/CFS and they just didn't get it--sort of blew that off without any more questions and the next thing I new I was put under and in the recovery room. The surgery had to be done though--no doubt about that.
    I have an ongoing, underlying fear that in my bad times if this gets any worse I won't be able to take it. But, I said that five years ago also and am about twice as bad now. I don't really have what you'd call good days--some I'm sicker than others--I rest as much as possible but still feel the need to do house chores, shopping, taking care of pets. Feel that if I stay in bed for too long a time I'll never get back up. It gets really scary and then the anger/frustraton come too. I've learned a lot from this board about taking care of myself but still have a long way to go. Like others have spent tons of $$ on the magic pill syndrome--chasing rainbows! I've got a big weekend ahead out on our houseboat--my daughter and I have birthdays this weekend-the 5th/7th and I should be looking forward to it instead of dreading it and wondering how many times I'll have to lie down on the bunk while others are having fun. Sorry for the whininess--this happens. I can truly relate and we're ALL looking for answers. If anyone finds the cure, it will be people on this board, LOL! Luv, Cat