feeling great for once!! :0D

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    hey there,
    this is the 16 year old that posted under sherridl a couple days ago.
    it's actually my moms account, so i got one of my own.

    i'm happy to say the cymbalta seems to be working for my migraines at least.
    i went to my primary care doctor today,
    and she kept commenting on how great i looked.
    i've probably seen her at least 10 times in the past four months.
    she was amazed that i was actually smiling, she said its the first time she's seen me smile in months, and i felt pretty good.
    but today was the first day in a while i've been real fatigued,
    so i guess for every win there's a loss.
    a little fatigue is nothing though compared to the migraines i've been having.
    i couldn't even remember what it felt like to not feel horribly sick...it was absolutely amazing.

    anyways, i just HAD to tell SOMEONE about how great today was.
    today was the first day i really felt like i could get through this and get back to normal high school life eventually :0D.
    just had to post this, even if no one replies to it.


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