feeling great for once!! :0D

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  1. dani78xo

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    hey there,
    this is the 16 year old that posted under sherridl a couple days ago.
    it's actually my moms account, so i got one of my own.

    i'm happy to say the cymbalta seems to be working for my migraines at least.
    i went to my primary care doctor today,
    and she kept commenting on how great i looked.
    i've probably seen her at least 10 times in the past four months.
    she was amazed that i was actually smiling, she said its the first time she's seen me smile in months, and i felt pretty good.
    but today was the first day in a while i've been real fatigued,
    so i guess for every win there's a loss.
    a little fatigue is nothing though compared to the migraines i've been having.
    i couldn't even remember what it felt like to not feel horribly sick...it was absolutely amazing.

    anyways, i just HAD to tell SOMEONE about how great today was.
    today was the first day i really felt like i could get through this and get back to normal high school life eventually :0D.
    just had to post this, even if no one replies to it.

  2. MamaR

    MamaR New Member

    it is so great to hear that you are feeling better!

    You are so young....you need to be well... and do things that young people your age want to do!

    Happy for you dear.......Mari
  3. OptimusUndead

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    good to hear something is easing the pain. This is coming from someone who had CFS/FM severe all through high school since about 15yrs old. Just remember, dont overwork yourself when your feeling good, take it in stride (^_^) You dont want to crash later. Just some friendly advice.
  4. gabdeb

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    Its nice to have you here danielle. Im so glad you are feeling better and I hope it continues! Its terrible to feel so bad for so long and at such a young age.

    Just need to get the right meds to work for you. And learn to take it easy and rest when you need to.

    Today im sick, besides the fm, I think i may have a flu bug. yuk, but it will be better tomorrow.

    Take Care,
    love, deb
  5. gabdeb

    gabdeb New Member

    hope you have another wonderful day and many more.