Feeling Infected--Part II

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by 1Candee, Jun 5, 2003.

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    I want to thank everyone who replied to me on my original post of "feeling infected." The board must be whizzing b/c I couldn't find it on page one or two.
    I have had a bad day--did to much--went to four different stores and felt like I was going to pass out. Have a Doc's app. tomorrow which I'm dreading--hoping that yet again I won't come away from it frustrated. Feel like I have a really bad ear/throat infection plus headache. I know that antibiotics have helped some of you and I'm not really sure what to ask for or if he will even consider a long term run of them. Have been feeling really nauseated lately too--could be anxiety over this DD. I sent the Feeling infected to my hubby at work with all your replies to help him understand better what I'm going through. Poor guy works two jobs and he said he skimmed through it---no one can REALLY understand unless they have been in our shoes.
    I can understand my Mom a little bit better and what she was going through as I was growing up(only child). She obviously had Cfids/Fibro and never got dx'd for it. We moved several times through my growing up years b/c she swore up and down that she was "getting gassed" and actually smelled gas fumes in each of these houses. I thought it may have been an OCD thingy but perhaps she was just looking for an answer to all her DD symptoms. Bless her heart--she took an overdose of sleeping at 59 yrs. and I still miss her terribly after 24 yrs. Someone on my last post said that they felt poisened--I can relate. Thanx for letting me vent and run things by you. I would be lost w/o this board--have learned so much and know that I'm not alone. (((Hugs))) Cat