feeling like I have a fever

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by MsBrandywine, Jul 8, 2008.

  1. MsBrandywine

    MsBrandywine Member

    I know its hot here in NY but been feeling like Im must be going thru a flare up.. my neck feels so hot and my forehead.. kinda feel like I have a fever. Anyone else get this? Its probably been posted here on the board but .. right now too tired too try to go searching for it..
    Thanks. Hugs, Debbi~
  2. gapsych

    gapsych New Member

    I often feel like I have a fever but when I take my temperature it is usually below normal. This usually occurs when I feel achey, almost like I have a horrible case of the flu.

    If I have a temp. of 99, that means I do have a fever.

    Have you taken your temperature? Does this only happen when you are flaring? If this is something new,you might want to check with your doctor.

    One time I thought I was aching bacause of the FM/CFS and it turned out I did indeed have a fever.

    Sometimes it can be very frustrating to sort out what is caused by our DD and what is something different.

    But it does help to hear that other people are having the same symptoms.

    Again, if this is something new, you might want to check with your doctor.

    Take care,
  3. MsBrandywine

    MsBrandywine Member

    Well it lasted this afternoon and then it kind of went away.. Then tonite I wondered if maybe it was because it was so hot and maybe a hotflash.. lol but it sure was a really long one then.. I upped my water intake..
    Yes i have had this before but seems like a long time ago.. Think maybe Im experiencing a big flare up and because it was so long ago that I've had one.. its taken me by surprise.. Im not sure .. just know that I have felt terrible lately.. It kind of felt like something viral too.. Im not sure but will tell my Dr tomorrow about it..
    I have to go for my neck .. Thanks for your replies.
    Hugs, Debbi!
    I know that I've been on the computer today too much..
  4. Empower

    Empower New Member

    I went through this for about 2 years

    It was not all day, just a couple of hours a day. Felt SURE I had a fever, but temp was normal

    Thankfully, that phased passed

    Now, I get it now and then, and it usually is when my allergies are flaring
  5. MsBrandywine

    MsBrandywine Member

    I think Im really have a bad flare.. and I havent had one in so long like this.. with this last accident where I was rear ended went to the Er and they said it was whiplash.. then been in Pt since April. and then a few wks ago. I was driving my car and it quit on me.. at 55/60 mph and then the same night after it sat.. we got it started and driving it down a hill .. I stopped at a traffic light and it quit again! I had to use all I had to keep it in the road and worry about if someone pulled out in front of me with no brakes and no power steering.. then when I got to the last light it took everything I had to steer it into a small plaza parking lot.. Its been downhill every since.
    its in my neck. .my shoulders.. and even down my back some... Guess with all of the trauma its going to have some inflammation I suppose.. and heat..
    it does come and go.. tho.. weird..
  6. MsBrandywine

    MsBrandywine Member

    This Fibro stuff sure is a really strange thing..
    My friend whom I have spoke of.. he says its just an excuse to get out of things.. I really don't think he believes me when I tell him about it..

    He has a thing about me not working and always makes comments about if I go out and get a real job I might have more money.. Duh.. If I was able to work I would be out there.. I always enjoyed working.. I was a hair stylist for the most part. I miss my clients and being out with the girls. Now is like everyone has their own families and do their own thing and they dont have time. Guess thats another topic all of its own. lol..

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