Feeling like I'm not digesting food..

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by greeneyes24, Aug 6, 2003.

  1. greeneyes24

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    I don't know if this is just another symptom of CFS but I have days when I feel nauseated all day and whatever I eat just sits uncomfrotably in my stomach for hours and hours. Food is not moving at all and I feel on the verge of throwing up all day but I don't actually throw up. Then usually in the evening the feeling is gone and I would even be hungry and able to eat something. I would also have days and weeks that go by without this feeling then it would suddenly come back again. Does anyone else has this?
  2. FranWi

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    I have these, so I'm usually in pain or nauseous. We really have to watch what we eat. I'm actually feeling better lately taking pro-biotics and digestive enzymes. I've only been on them for a few days. My reflux is getting worse at nights because I'm not eating that much and my stomach acids leave me with a gnawing sick feeling, but my doctor prescribed an antacid that I can take for it. I do feel like I have trouble swallowing, or it feels like my throat muscles don't work as well as they used to, so taking a lot of pills isn't my favorite solution, but I'm getting some relief.

    You might have to try a few things to see what works for you. Definitely talk to your doctor about it as well.
  3. Caralissa

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    those are all great suggestions. You may want to pay attention to the foods you're eating, some are harder to digest then others, could even be food allergy. The most important thing in aiding digestion though is movement. Never eat right before bed or lie down after you eat. If you can, go for a walk, even if it's a short one. When you get your blood flowing your digestion speeds up and when you sleep or rest your digestion slows down. I have lived with crohns disease since I was twelve and understand that sometimes we need to watch what we're putting in our bodies. We can't digest every food out there.
    Good luck, Caralissa
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    The acupuncturist I go to gave me wobenzyme for that, because she said one of my problems with my FM is I'm not digesting properly. She examined me through Reflexology for that. I just started it today. Your supposed to take it 3 times a day, 2 pills, 45 minutes before eating.
  5. Dadto3

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    I have been having problems with my gut for years. I imagine partly to do with all the NSAIDS I took for so long. I also am lactose intolerant. Have trouble digesting leafy foods. I use regular over the counter things for feelings such as you are havin. I am sure that it will catch up with me someday but in the meantime I am able to keep on keepin on..............
  6. vnr27

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    i feel the same way, its weird you dont ever throw up but feel like it and the gassy noises in my stomach, hate it its always something, take care val
  7. gaskinsb

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    I was diagnosed with a hiatel(? spelling) hernia many years ago. It is really beginning to give me trouble. I am having the same problem with feeling full and severe indigestion. I seem to have problems with swallowing and problems with my throat muscles.
  8. libra55

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    It might be your gallbladder (that's assuming you still have one). Even if you're not having pain from gallstones, that's how it starts sometimes. I had this feeling for several years before I had a full blown gallbladder attack. It's a queasy full feeling, sort of like the food is just sitting there for hours and not moving. I told my dr. about it and he just said you're not eating right, etc. and it just went on until I began to have the gallbladder pains. Gallstones are diagnosed with an ultrasound. Once I had the gallbladder removed, the problem stopped. Michelle
  9. Clevertoes

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    I have hiatal hernia repair....over 20 years ago. Not fun back then.

    Recently I started having problems swallowing....food kept getting stuck in my throat. I also felt as you describe.....I would have constipation continuously, and my vitamins would go through undigested.

    I am now on Zelnorm for IBS, and take pancrealese with large meals. I also take a Prevacid as needed and these things seem to really help.

    Before I would try to eat when full and I could hold it down for a bit, but then I would regugitate it all pretty forcefully. I think this caused irritation in my throat, and it was helped by the Prevacid.

    Seems to me that gastro-intestinal problems sure go hand in hand with this fms.

  10. PatPalmer

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    Hiatus Hernia, Reflux, Nausea will all be cured within days on - wait for it.....

    (((((((((((((((((((((((((( WATER )))))))))))))))))))))))))))

    You`re not drinking enough. As you need 2ltrs a day.
    Dump the drugs.

    Please, please get the book by Dr Batmanghelidj called "Your Body`s Many Cries For Water"

    It`s all explained in there and you`ll be absolutely amazed.

    If you`re in pain with ulcers etc., drink 3 glasses and it`ll go.

    I always add a pinch of pure Sea or Rock Salt to every glass, ita vital ingredient for the system, does not taste salty and is sooooooooooooo good for you.

    ALWAYS drink a good glass 1/2 hr before meals as this gives the digestive enough fluid to do it`s job, without water it can`t process the food.

    Drinking Tea, Coffee, Juice, pop, do not count as part of the water.
    Deficiency is dehydration and responsable for many illnesses such as:-

    Dyspeptic Pain
    Hiatus Hernia
    Fake Appendicitis Pain
    Rheumatoid Arthritis
    High Blood Pressure
    Weight Gain

    Read the book and you`ll see why.

    Love Pat.

  11. sheelanagigs

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    YES, to GI symptoms. when i first got "this stuff' back in 1986--my xhusband and i both "got it" at the same time (long story), i CRAVED protein (had not eaten anything but occasional fish in five to six years) but when i would eat meat--beef, pork, chicken and most especially beef--i felt as if ground up razor blades and glass were moving throughout my gut.

    so i detoxed with the untraclear products -great stuff. and i lived their rotation diet for many many years and lived practically like a normal person again

    then i started graduate school/seminary and have not been able to afford the products or to live the organic restricted diet. i gained over 75 pounds and am now slugged out and exercise intolerant--four years ago i could ride a bicycle and walk a couple of miles and not be on the sofa for a week after exercise. i'm on MEGA doses of wellbutrin--and i don't even twitch, so it doesn't seem as if i'm going to seizure any time soon, zoloft, thyroid supplements, licorice tea daily, piracetam, gamma globulin, occasional klonopin, flexeril, and ambien. i have been having headaches for six weeks now and did a trial of topical ketamine (spelling) and it has helped. i am looking to see my doc about adderal or ritalin as i have no brain anymore nor any energy. my diet is good--i can't atkins because i cannot tolerate anything but a vegetarian, very little lactose, reduced wheat diet. i have probably been eating too much soy ice cream lately but have been so depressed and the weather has been sooo hot (i'm also on estrogens, progesterone, and testosterone--natural hormones compounded topically)

    once upon a time when we could get GHB i felt grand. what a miracle med. i never abused it, my pain was never more than a 1 on a 1 to 10 scale, i had brain function, and i had a libido.

    am anxiously awaiting Ixel (milnacipran) on the US market and have been searching for a "foregin" pharmacy that carries it.

    yes, gut symptoms are part of this stuff. digestive enymes and supplements for leaky gut help a whole lot (i like FOS for leaky gut)..i don't even know if it's made anymore; i bought cases of the stuff several years ago when i found it worked.

    good luck and prayers
  12. mmoo

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    Hi dadto3<BR>
    I read your post and felt i was reading my own story. I took NSAIDS for around 8 years. I starting suffering alot of health problems including lactose intolerance, hair loss, weight loss, nausea, churning stomach, heartburn and the inability to digest foods. After a visit to my gp for the flu i was immediately sent to the hospital. I was told my haemoglobin was so low that i was lucky to be alive (haemoglobin of 33(australia) or 3.3 overseas). They believed i was only weeks off having a heart attack (at only 31yrs of age) and were shocked i had not damaged my heart. I found out that all this was caused by a line of interconnecting stomach ulcers that had been bleeding for 2 years. In the 6 months since i found out i have had 2 major blood transfusions. I encourage you to get checked out for stomach ulcers. Long term NSAID use is deadly on the stomach and its better for you to find out if you have any resulting health problems from using them. Good lyck!
  13. SherylS

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    I had all these same symptoms. Could only eat a few bites and would feel full and the food would just sit there. Had heartburn, esophagus pain, sore throat with the feeling of a lump in my throat. These problems all went away when I stopped eating gluten 2 years ago. Have not had any of them since...Thank God, have enough other things to handle!!!
  14. rachel76

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    Gastroparesis - where food sits in the stomach and you feel full after a few bites is very common with CFS.<BR>
    Fructose intolerance is common with M,E according to Dr Meirleir.<BR>
    Gluten intolerance is also common in this too.<BR>
    I avoid gluten, cows milk, soya and have a low fructose diet. I can digest goat/sheep milk without problems but cows milk kills me.<BR>
    Avoiding all these things means that I only have about 6 or so things that I can eat but my blood tests are all fine ( as they always are with ME.)<BR>
    You need to get checked for IBS and gastroparesis and get a dietician to try avoiding gluten or whatever food is causing this.
  15. fbg10

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    I have had almost complete relief form these types of problems by eliminating most grains from my diet...wheat was the worst. I started fowllowing the eat right 4 your type diet a bout 7 years ago and it was such a HUGE relief...no more GERD, heartburn, nausea, embarrasing gas, bloating horrible IBS symptoms, you name it. More recently I discovered that as I'm getting older I am even more sensitive to the grains what were "allowed" in the diet and would not feel the best after eating them so I have gone gluten free and that has seemed to help although it has done nothing for my pain. I have just gone thru the worst flare-up of my life and still after over a month do not feel good, but I am at least back to being semi-functional. I doesn't hurt to try if for a couple of weeks and see if it works for you. I could be a blessing for you.
  16. fbg10

    fbg10 New Member

    I find that if I don't drink enough water my muscles and joints seem to be worse, however I normally drink about 2 pitchers or more of water every day...Its almost all I drink and it never did anything for the symptoms described, changing my diet however was a godsend. I'm wondering how may people out there with fibromyalgia and IBS are a blood type o?