feeling low and in PAIN!!! BAD tooth aches

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by rosemarie, Jan 20, 2006.

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    O am not feeling so great as I had ,two root canals started yesterday. I have been having the worst head ache nd my jaws have been hurting but I could not find the reson for the pain. I finally gave up and had them checked out. I really don't like how I was feeling. I did not know if the upper jaw was causing this pain I was having so much.

    BOth jaws hurt like heck and I didn't know why? I was in so much pain , I really didn't know what was . I finally went to the dentist yesterday had #2&#3 both had decay so deep that it had killed the nerves so I had to have a Root canal and it was realy hurting, A root canal wsa started on both teeth and today they upp.

    I am a boob about the dentist and I really hate it. You would think that I didn't know anyting bout it but I was a dental ddssistant for almost 20 years and I remember everything that I used to do. I can remember all the things I did and remembering all I did. I had the feeling like I was just haveing a rerun and know. I could see the whole procudere of the root canal being donf.

    I had a tough time having the injections as they really hurd getting the injections as I can feel every drop of the numbing medisine that goes in to my mouth. I sat there and bawled like baby most of the time I was there. And eating is almost non existant for me as the pain is so bad that I hated it so much. But what could I do as I had all. I was so greatefull when the day ended for me and I could go home and take my own pain meds and some advil too, I thought that something was wrong as both the upper and lower jaw ached so much that I could not open my mouth. So my hubby said to see the dentist and he said that I was being a baby about it So after seeing the dentist i had all the procudres done .
    I hope that it iwll help as I cna't cope with pain like that. Well i have gotten it fixed now and I am waitng for the stuff done. But i hope that it workeds.
    HUgs to all, Rosemarie
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    I'm sorry you're hurting so much. I'm sending a prayer up for you now.

    Love and hugs,
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    You are a trooper! I too am just petrified of the dentist! I started having horrible pain last week and went to the dentist yesterday for an xray and referral. Looks like I will have to go to an oral surgeon next week. I have a major infection but he can't find anything wrong with the tooth. It is number 3 but he can't find anything that caused the infection unless it has a crack that he can't see. (?????) Also a wisdom tooth came in behind #3. I have been on antibiotics for a couple of days now and the pain is finally gone but I hate to think of it coming back. Worst pain I ever had!

    I just wanted to say I feel for you. I wonder if all these tooth problems I am having have anything to do with this fibro? I am going to do some research. Seems my teeth are decaying and are real sensitive all of a sudden. I ahve to use special toothpaste just to brush them now. I always had pretty healthy teeth in the past. Also find myself clenching my jaws and grinding at night. I try to make a concious effort to relax my jaws before going to sleep.

    Sorry so long just rattling. Please say a prayer for me next week as I am scared of being put out for this procedure. The dentist thinks there is too much infection for them to be able to numb it. Always something isn't it?

    Hang in There!

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