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Discussion in 'General Health & Wellness' started by Patalf, Oct 28, 2003.

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    went to rhumy on wednesday, waited since May for appt. Made me feel terrible, he was asking me to stretch and bend as if I was putting it all on, I ended up with tears running down my cheek. The only way he admitted to FM was on the blood test forms he gave me. He assured me by saying " you will get better". When I asked him how he said it will go as it came, whatever that meant. I said " oh thats good, do you think its all in my mind then", he said he will prescribe Amnitryptaline . I asked him why I fell over and he said that is related to sleep disorder. ....HELP......
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    Hi. I am really sorry you had to go see that poor excuse for a doctor. I think many of them forget that they are supposed to be healers, and that we know our bodies a hundred times better than they ever will. About falling over. The doctor who diagnosed me, who was a gem, told me that it was an indication that I was unusually exhausted and in need of extra rest. It happens when I push too much. I lose my balance, in a weak, strange way, and start to fall over. It is a signal to me, that I need to take it easy, immediately. I hope this helps you, and that you find a kind, compassionate doctor. Hugs, Terry
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    I think you should find a new doctor.You wont get rid of fm but you can go into a form of remission where you may not have any flare ups for a while.
    When doctors dont know something they try to fob you off with any old excuse.You have to be quite pushy and forceful with your doctor, he is there to help you and its his job to look into fm proparly, which he obviously hasnt done.Ignorance may be bliss but its also useless.
    I fall, stumble and on occassion find I drag my right foot along, no matter how much or liitle sleep I have.
    Sometimes the signals to our brains get lost or disconnected,therefore we find we do things which cant be explained.Read as much as you can and research thoroughly everythimg you can on fm,educating yourself is the first and most important thing to do.

    Good luck