feeling of being shocked?

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    HI everyone. Im a new person posting here. For the last year or so I have been experiencing extremely weird symptoms. It started with a burning tingling sensation on my feet. As the months went on, I had pain behind my eye, pain in my cheek bones, very dry skin on my feet, lymph nodes in my neck that hurt, painful joints (especially in my fingers), a pain under my chin, and worse of all, these really painful shock feelings that go through my body.
    I was very worried I had scleroderma, as my sister died from it last year, but have gone to specialists and many doctors and they do not think it is scleroderma. I have gone to a rheumotologist and a neurologist. Im currently taking neurontin, which does help a little bit in that it stops that shocking feeling I keep getting.
    No body knows how awful I feel everyday and I get tired of hearing myself complain aobut my health. I lay in bed at night and my chest hurts and I keep worrying iM going to get sick and pass out.
    I have had MRI's and blood tests and CT scans and the doctors have found nothing.
    I wonder if any of you with fibro or cfs have experienced any of these same symptoms as mine? I have seen people talk about some of the symptoms but havent read of anyone who has experienced that shock feeling that I have been experiencing.
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    yes I have had this for awhile I get it mostly in my head.but have had it im arms and feet and fingers.

    I really don"t know what it is but I think its when my muscles get extremely tight. If I use my massager it helps somewhat. find your tender spots and try massageing them see if that will help. good luck sixtyslady
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    Dear Angelett123:

    Welcome to our board. I know you will find lots of info here. You might want to fill out some of your profile so that people know how old you are, where you live and what you are going through. It does help, as if you do not have a profile, then we have to ask lots of questions.

    Have you got a doctor that you are working with, who knows your family history? Have you had blood tests done? Anything abnormal? Some of they symptoms you have sould like FMS, but without hearing all of your symptoms and how long you have had them, makes it tough. Have any of your doctors said FMS to you? It usually takes a lot of doctor visits to rule out other illnesses, and then a lot of perserverence on your part to actually get a diagnosis.

    Do you have a support system? Family? Friends? Neighbors? Are you working?

    I get what I call my electrical zaps all the time. It used to be much worse down one leg. I actually had a few nerves in my groin frozen, and that really helped. That was about 12+ years ago...and now my leg gets numb all the time, but better numb than feeling electrocuted.

    Have any of your doctors advised you to take magnesium or zinc supplements? That sometimes helps.

    Are your pains in the joints? Are they swollen, hot, or red? Can you tolerate exercise? Are you able to care for yourself?

    Just a few thoughts.

    Hope you find some answers here, or at least some new ideas to try.

    Good luck.

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    Welcome to the board. You will find a lot of knowledge here that hopefully will help you.

    I have primary fibro with secondary CFS. I experience the shock, tingling and for me tremors you are describing. I know there are others here that do also. Hopefully some of them will respond. I take a drug called cymbalta and it very much helps control what you are describing for me.

    Do you have the fibro tender points? Some of what you are describing sounds like CFS. Keep reading this site, ask questions and use the search feature to find things you are curious about. I'm sure others will reply to this and you can begin to put the puzzle together for yourself.
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    Yes, I do get some swelling in my feet and my hands. Its mostly swelling at my ankle and on the top of my foot and my hands. Its not a major amount of swelling though.
    No none of my doctors have suggested that I have cfs or fibro...Because my sister died last year of scleroderma, it has been suggested that my disease is anxiety.
    I kind of get mad when I am told by the people who love me that its just anxiety, because my body is often in pain whether I am anxious or not.
    I can be having a great day, and suddenly get a flare up of whatever disease I have.
    I had a baby that was 9lbs 11oz and the pain that I am getting from my disease is waaay worse than giving birth.
    One thing that I have noticed is that the area right under my thumb has small broken red blood vessels, but besides the minor swelling, theres no really obvious signs that I am sick.
    Ive been told that Im getting older, that its anxiety, but I KNOW that something is wrong with my health. My lymph nodes often become so painful and my cheek bones often feel as though they are being crushed, that sometimes I just want to lay in bed all day.
    Thanks to everyone who has posted back to my original post. Oh and, I added a profile. (=
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    Yes, I also get the electrical shock feeling, or like bugs are crawling on me. I am sorry that you have this dd, but I am glad that you have found your way here. There is a lot of love, support, and encouragement here. Hugs, Tam
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    Dear Angelett123:

    I am also a single mother. My daughter, Katherine, is 7. It is a tough life for us, but we are very fortunate to have love and support from family, both here in CA as well as in Illinois and Germany. Not sure what I would do without them all.

    While I was reading your profile again, I noticed that you said you have severe pain in your check bones and swollen lymph nodes. Have you been to a doctor and had your sinuses checked? I had a terrible sinus infection that lasted years...tried every antibiotic under the sun...turns out one of my allergies makes it worse, so I have been more careful about what I eat and drink. Just an idea.

    I think you should go to a doctor who treats FMS or CFS or myofacial pain syndrome. You can usually call their office to find out if they treat patients with FMS, or whatever. Also, boards like this sometimes offer good doctors. Since I am not sure if you are in northern CA or southern CA, I cannot give you the names of my doctors...but you might just need to keep on looking.

    As you well know, scleraderma is not a easy disease. I hope you do not have it, and I am so sorry that your sister died from it. I do not think that your problem is simply anxiety, but unfortunately, I am not a doctor. I think that a therapist might help you work through your feelings about your sister, and your current health worries as well. You might also benefit from some of the newer anti-anxiety medications out there. Not that I believe everyone with undiagnosed pain should be on anti-depressants, or anti-anxiety meds.

    One of the big parts of my problems with FMS is lack of restorative sleep. Since you have a 4 year old, I am not sure if you sleep well, or wake up in pain, or with stiffness, etc.

    I think that someone once said that the terrible thing about FMS is that it is constantly moving around. Just when you get used to the pain in one area of your body, and make adjustments to your daily life to make the pain less bothersome, it either moves to a new location, or another area begins to give you problems as well.

    I had pain for a long time before I was dx by my family practice doctor. I had a car accident, and was taking lots of vicodin due to aggravation of a cervical injury. She said she wanted to try something, and she pushed on some trigger spots on my body, and I nearly hit my head on the ceiling of the office. She asked me if I always had that much pain, and I told her that it was sometimes worse. I also had more pain on my right side than my left, and therefore never thought I had FMS. Wrong.

    Keep on trying to find answers, take charge of your health, be open to many different approaches and hopefully you will find something that will make sense and work for you.

    Good luck.

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    I have had a few of these shock feelings down my arms and into my hands. My doctor said that these were root nerve pains and probably related to my FM.

    I've just been diagnosed with FM since July and had not started any treatments till just recently, she is hoping the muscle relaxers and antidepressants she started me on will help with these. I don't know yet if they will, some pain relief but certainly not gone yet.

    She did mention that if I get more of these shock feelings she is going to want to do more testing for other neurological problems because "root nerve pain is something we do not want to see go untreated".

    Sorry not much help but something to mention to your doctor?
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    I love the name catherine, it is my daughters middle name, heres is spelled with the "c" instead of "k".....I am in northern california, in silicon valley.
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    thanks for the warm welcome
  11. angelett123

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    Thank you, I will mention that to my doctor!
  12. angelett123

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    I didnt think I had any trigger points but I am not sure, because I felt a weird soreness on my upper thigh and I think perhaps that spot had a trigger point,,,there is also one on the side of my jaw.

    Thanks for all the good advice. I hope that I can find a doctor in the northern cali area that knows about fibro and cfs.