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    Hello everyone, I haven't posted in a long time but wanted to get better at posting here.

    I became ill about 3.5 years ago after being placed on extremely high levels of armour thyroid. I crashed after being on that and have been unable to recover my health. My HPA axis is trashed from the thyroid use and I dont think it will ever come back. I cannot tolerate cortef because I experience very quick suppression of cortisol when I take exogonous steriods. For awhile I thought it was just adrenal fatigue but after this long, and other multiple body systems going down, I had to keep pushing on for an actual diagnosis.

    I have been to numerous doctors who seem to specialize in one area (ex; digestion) or whatever and try to treat that but treatments that are short term never seem to help permanently... because the root cause never changes...

    In the month, I travelled to New York to see Dr. Leo Galland. I also was fortunate after being on a waiting list for almost two years, to go and see Dr. Cheney last week before Thanksgiving. They called with a last minute cancellation appt. and I took it , even though I flew a red eye home to be there in time for Thanksgiving with my family!

    As lucky as I have been to see them, I feel even more confused and overwhelmed! My tests show so many wierd abnormalities!

    Because of this dd I now have heart abnormalities (diastolic dysfunction), SIBO, horrid digestion, dysbiosis, elevated c4a (10,000)... , multiple hormone deficiencies, etc. Dr. Cheney feels that the elevated c4a is either mold (wither in my home or my breast implants) or the gut bacteria problem (c4a can apparently become elevated with membrane only toxins). I also could have mold or bacteria in my saline breast implants that were implanted kind of just pre getting sick. I crashed 4 months after that surgery. I want to have these implants removed but cannot do the surgery....

    ANyway, I just wanted to get back on the boards and have a place to be able to come to be with people who understand. I actually have two family members who seem to avoid me now, as if this was contagious... and my friends all seem to be acting differently to me too. Is this common?? I think they don't know what to say to me, and some of them act like Im making it up... better to suffer in silence I guess.... anywya, thanks for letting me vent! - K