feeling rather stupid!

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by karenq, Jul 22, 2003.

  1. karenq

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    Last night I tried a new medication for the 2nd time. In a little while my tongue started feeling funny. I tried drinking some water. Then my throat started feeling funny. I drank some more water. Then I started wondering if I could be having an allergic reaction to the medication. I've never had a true allergic reaction before so I don't really know what that feels like. I kept looking at my throat in the mirror and it just looked funny.

    Since I am the only adult in my household, I didn't have anyone else to ask about this. Or anyone who could take me to the emergency room if I needed it. I couldn't decide whether to call 911 or not. But finally I was thinking of my 4-year-old son. I thought if something happened to me, what would happen to him. So I decided it best to call 911.

    When I talked to the person on the phone I asked if it could be just a dry mouth. She wanted to send an ambulance. So when she said she wanted to send an ambulance, I got really scared. But I did say I didn't want an ambulance if it was only a dry mouth.

    Well, of course, when the paramedics got there, they said it was only a dry mouth! Probably caused by a combination of medications I had taken. I mean it was really, really dry--what my dad used to call a "cotton mouth". I guess that was what was making my tongue and throat feel so funny. I just felt so silly and stupid and like I just overreacted to everything. Not to mention worrying about paying the ambulance bill for a dry mouth!

    Anyway, I am trying to be positive with myself today and telling myself that it really wasn't stupid. It was taking care of myself the only way that I could at the time. And it was much better to have the ambulance come and not really need it than it would have been to have not called the ambulance and then ended up unconcious or dead.

    I really wanted to share this with someone and am not sure I want to tell my family. Thank you to anyone who reads this and does not think I was stupid!


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    I'm Jessica and I usually post on the Lupus Board, but I wanted to say that I don't think that your stupid for doing that, you were just being cautious, I'm a single mom of 4, and my youngest is 3, there are no adults other then myself in my household, so I can relate, I've had some reactions similar to medications as I take so much, but I've called the poisen control center and they've been a help too, so don't worry, I would of done the same thing!!

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    Don't feel stupid!!! Everyday I feel something new or different that I'm not sure if it is my imagination or not. If you have a four year old child it is better to be safe then sorry. The paramedics get all excited to go out on calls anyway! (I know a few) I have "cotton mouth" constantly. My dentist was horrified by mine. He said it is "painfully dry." The problem with constant dry mouth is it can increase your chances of developing more cavitiies. They sell (over the counter) a mouth spray for dry mouth. It helps but doesn't prevent it. My dentist also said not to suck on candy with sugar in them as it will rot our teeth very quickly. I just get overwhelmed some days with the amount of things that we have happening to our bodys with FM!!! Hang in there and don't beat yourself up. Peace.
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    You did the right thing by calling 911, so don't sweat it! We sometimes take so many medications and the different combinations can cause different reactions. I probably would have done the same thing. It's better to be safe than sorry. :)
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  5. Dara

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    did turn out to be the ??? shock (I can't think of that first word except that it starts with an A). I called a friend and she drove me to the hospital. The nurse bawled me out, she said that's very nice that your friend drove you, but the next time you could be dead before you got here. I now have to carry an Epi Pen with me at all times.

    We as women have this problem about not wanting to bother anyone. Yet, if it was for our children or spouse or another loved one we wouldn't hesitate to call 911 for them. Someone posted just yesterday regarding a problem they were having, she said she knew she should call her doc but didn't want to be a pest!! I know exactly what she meant, but isn't that silly of us. That's what the doctors are suppose to be for. If a doctor ever made me feel like I was bothering him or being a pest I'd go find another one.

    Glad it wasn't the severe allergy problem, and just dry mouth. I also get the dry mouth and there's days I can hardly talk, my tongue sticks to the roof of my mouth. Water doesn't help at all.

    Take Care,
  6. elaine_p

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    which means you can't breathe! I don't think you were stupid, though I too would hate to have to pay the bill! One option may have been to take an antihistamine, but 911 might still have been necessary.
  7. bamboo

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    i recently ended up having to make a decision to go to the emergency room for the first time in my life and it seemed inappropriate to my thinking, as i am used to believing that's for catastrophic stuff. here, we don't have other alternatives outside of making an appt. with a dr's office - you call 911 or go to the er if you have something you're not sure about and have a concern that it could be something big. the expense can be a burden, but you came out ahead, no matter which way it turned out. you took care of yourself, and therefore your little one, too, by checking it out before it could turn into something big. you bought peace of mind.
    so, good for you! i would imagine that they get lots of calls where they just end of being able to reassure someone that there's nothing serious going on. better to err on the side of precaution.
    and, congratulations, on the outcome!
    take care,
  8. kgg

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    And you are correct, you need to take care of yourself. And you also protected your 4 yr old. Sorry about the bill but it was the right decision. Ask them about making installment payments. . .

    Glad you are alright. -Karen
  9. karenq

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    I really appreciate your supportive comments! I'm so glad I found this board.
  10. Patti2

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    That was a smart move not a stupid one! Sometimes I feel supid when I ask the DR. questions. He gives me a deer in the head light look. I think that is when he really does not have an answer. Glad it was not serious and your okay. I brush my teeth lots for cotton mouth, sugar free gum, suck on an ice cube (just don't choke)

  11. Carmellaf

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    I agree with the others that you were not stupid at all. You were just thinking of your health and the well being of your children.
    I have tongue numbness (on the tip of the tongue) and when I take new meds. I have to remind myself that the medication didn't cause it. I have had reactions before and it is scary. Glad everything worked out fine for you.
  12. pam_d

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    Don't feel stupid! Those of us who are parents know that the decisions you make when you are solely responsible for a little life, not just yourself, may be different than if it was just you that you had to worry about. I think you made the right call---what if it HAD been a serious drug reaction? Now you will know that feeling in your mouth if it ever happens again, so you've got more experience under your belt. I tend to have weird drug reactions, that's why I seldom take anything, so I'm sure I would've drawn that conclusion, too.

    I'm just glad you are OK!!

  13. Dara

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    as Elaine suggested. But, just to clear up something, if someone is having a reaction and it's affecting their lips, tongue, throat, etc., just taking an antihistamine is not enough. You might take one or two Benadryl's and then get to the ER as soon as possible.

  14. Lendi

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    Better silly than dead which could have happened. You absolutely did the right thing. No doubt. I'm glad you're ok. I would have done the same thing. You never know, with this DD, what can go wrong. BTW, don't think you're stupid at all. Think you're very intelligent for making a hard decision.
  15. anbgold

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    You did the right thing calling 911. I did not have a reaction to a med bu to crio saus, I had the dry numming of the tung and throught and did not think any thing about i but within 5 min my throught started swelling shut and I was having trouble breathing and lost ny voice my husband rushed me to the hospitial and 32 shots later and 5 hours in the emergancy room I wen home to bed for a month of hives all over my body inside and out. The Doc told my husband if I would of goten there 3 to 4 min later they could not of saved my all my oregons where swelling shut and shuting down, to this day I don't eat any thing red unless I know every thing in it. If I ever have a sudden on set of the tung feeling funny after taking a med or any thing else I well call 911 as fast as I can. I would never hesatate to get help and no one else should eather. My son is a E.M.T. and it makes them verry happy to be of help and have it all turn out ok and not serious. take care and be carfull
  16. karenq

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    From those who posted who have actually had an anaphalactic reaction, it sounds like your tongue and throat feel a lot like what mine felt like. That somehow makes me feel better. It took me all day yesterday to get over the feeling stupid feeling--but the replies to my post are what helped me. Thanks.
  17. kuntryhart

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    You did what needed to be done under the circumstances. We are usually harder on ourselves than anyone else would ever be, so just forget it and go on. You learned something and you are OK. That's a good thing!!! Kuntryhart