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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by severina, Apr 18, 2006.

  1. severina

    severina New Member

    Hi everyone, hope you have a good day as possible.
    Just wanted a bit of a moan and some advice coz I know I can rely on you great people here to provide it.
    Ive been in lots of pain with my fibro, not sure if its a flare as such, since Im always in such pain, but my doctor has cut my Lyrica down to one at bedtime since Im not sure they are working as well as we had hoped. I am also on Prozac one a day. However I am finding I am so anxious and nervous and I have also acid reflux/indigestion which I am taking Ranitidine for occassionally. I am also feeling nauseous and vomiting, usually there is nothing to vomit since I dont eat massive amounts, so the strain on my stomach is worse.
    My doctor gave me valoid for the nausea and Im now trying another type for sickness, however I just cant seem to get myself out of this depressive cycle, and Im wondering is this making my illness worse. I have just finished a course of councelling for 4 months, and I analyse everything and every pain I have, which I know a lot of us do anyway, but I am having such morbid thoughts about my family and I can shake it and I also have a boisterous 3 year old who I have full time so I am run off my feet!
    Just wanting a bit of a moan really. I have a lovely husband who is great, but I just cant shake these feelings and the nausea and pains are getting somewhat worse. Not sure if its just a flare - any advice appreciated, Im at my wits end.
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  2. Jordane

    Jordane New Member

    I do'nt think I have any advice to help with the sickness.I have the nausea,without the vomiting.My doctor gave me pills for the sickness.But they did'nt work.
    Have they tried changing your meds,taking each away,one at a time,for a couple of wks.To see if that caused it.Also some pills can make you anxious and agitated.
    Hope this helped.So sorry you are feeling so down and sick.Plus look after a little one.My hats off to you.I am not sure i could.
    Pray you get feeling better hun.
  3. srh

    srh New Member

    Hi so sorry you are feeling so bad. I agree about the flares, I too hurt constantly with no relief.

    Stress can make your pain worse and it can make you sick and nauseous. Even it is stress from the pain. It's a vicious cycle. One causes one, that causes another.

    I think if you can just try to relax a little. Anything, from rocking your "not so little one" to music, meditation, whatever.
    I know that is easier to tell someone to do, than do myself.

    Did they give you anything for depression? There are herbal remedies for depression also. I've never taken one for depression or stress, but I have taken some for sleeping, hormones and others.

    Moan all you want, maybe that will help too.

    Good Luck and hugs..............
  4. Cromwell

    Cromwell New Member

    You are low. If you are getting acid and reflux I would suggest taking the meds every morning prior to breakfast and keep it up every day as taking them erratically can make the condition worsen. Also the meds you mention may be causing some of the heartburn and acid too.

    Lyrica is a new sort version of an old drug, and you may fare better on the older ones. I would think too that the Prozac may be affecting your mood negatively. A good Doc should be watching for that. Prozac type drugs always make me a lot more depressed than anything else.

    Could I respectfully suggest that he tries you on Amtryptiline 10mg maybe increasing to 20mg after a couple of weeks, at bedtime. Then take it from there.

    This will help your sleep, your pain, and after a couple of weeks, your depression(which I still feel may be being caused by the Prozac.

    It would get you on just two meds-I may also suggest you switch to Prilosec OTC for the heartburn, one each morning instead of the ranitidine, and just the Amitryptiline at bedtime(one hour before bed at least). This will cut down on using two pills that may be at odds with each other (the Lyrica and the Prozac). You will need to wean down slowly.

    I hope this helps, feel better.

    Love Anne C
  5. pemaw54

    pemaw54 New Member

    one is hard enough to handle without this DD. I get the nausea but not the throwing up but I also take 27 different meds and I always thought that was why. I also have had anxiety for about 10 yrs. Take klonapan for that and several anti-depressents. It has taken yrs to get the meds right they have stopped the anxiety but not the depression.

    I have Gerd and take 2 meds for that. I think Im messing up your message asking for help and Im just going on about me. Sorry, I do want you to understand that we Do understand.


  6. Adl123

    Adl123 New Member

    Dear Severina,
    I'm sorry things are so hard for you right now.
    I can't prescribe, but I used to have acid reflex and an upset stomach. I started drinking Aloe Vera Juice, one cup daily, and that all went away. I mix it with fruit juice of some kind, or sugar free Snapple. It also had the side effect of healing other parts of my body. It really reduced my Fibro pain.

    Some stomach preparations also change the flora in the intestines, and so have a negative effect. Have you thought of adding miso to your soup a couple of times a day, and taking mild probiotics? I had a hard time with probiotics at first, so now I take a powdered childrens' formula. My insides are a whole lot better, now.

    To use miso, you take some soup, and add miso to it right before you eat it. The miso cannot be cooked, or it loses its efficacy. I use red miso. I keep some thin chicken or vegetable soup on hand, and heat a cup at lunch and dinner, and add miso to that.

    Also, you might try to keep away from, or reduce your consumption of, all flours, prepared foods, and heavy meat dishes.

    Good luck. I hope this helps some.
    Erin Go Braugh!! (Hope this is right).
    p.s. I was afraid to take antidepressants, so I take a Dr. Bach's flower remedy called "Rescue Remedy". You can get it at a health food store. It should be easy to find as Dr. Bach is British. A few drops under my tongue, or a quick spray on my tongue, and things get a whole lot better. It is not habit forming and does not make one sleepy. T.

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  7. code34me

    code34me New Member

    I too have a 3 year old son (and a 13 year old daughter) It is sooo hard for me to get the rest I need to feel better! I will be 40 in a couple of weeks and just feel way older than I am!

    I somtimes feel that there is no way to get better as long as my son keeps me going. I have no one to help me with him except my daughter but she has a life and I want he to be a child and not a babysitter. My husband works for the studios and is gone almost all day.

    What are the morbid thoughts you are having about your family? That did catch my eye?

    I was just thinking that mabey like me you are not getting any rest which is causing havok on me and this FM/CFS????

    I hope you feel better soon Servina

    Take care of you because no one else will.

  8. zerped

    zerped New Member

    I agree with some others; stress could be behind the nausea and vomiting. On the other hand, I was having stomach problems and taking Ranitidine also. This had been going on for 4 years. Then, after reading a post here, I gave up wheat for a week. Result: MUCH better! All of my favorite foods are wheat: pasta, cookies, donuts, bread, etc. but I found that I could do it and even "cheat" a little for special occasions (i.e.--having a hotdog on a hotdog bun!).

    Looking at that last sentence makes me think, "What a loser!" But I prefer feeling well to being a rebel these days. I agree also with others about the Prozac. There are many, many drugs in the same family (i.e.--Effexor, Welbutrin, Paxil, Zoloft, etc.) and as similar as they may be, each has its own strengths and weeknesses. Ask your doctor to try one after another until you get relief.

    I have been taking amitryptiline for four years now, and it's great for chronic pain, it's also a very trusty, old-fashioned antidepressant and helps you get to sleep. My doctor says that everybody falls into one of two categories; those that get relief from amitryptaline and those that get relief from nortryptaline. If you try the first and don't get results, ask to try the second.

    [p.s.--sooner than you think you'll be looking at that 3-year-old who is then 18 and going off to college, and saying, "What happened to my baby?"] :eek:)
  9. Pianowoman

    Pianowoman New Member

    You have had a lot of good advice here, severina. Maybe I can just reinforce some things. For the reflux, aloe vera can be helpful, along with DGL lozenges. Also, Ranitidine is an older drug and there are better ones for reflux, such as Losec and Nexium. You might try one of those.

    I was going to suggest some form of meditation or relaxation. Even just listening to relaxing music can help. In some way, take some time for yourself. You deserve it. I have also found Rescue Remedy helpful.

    Know that what you are feeling is not unusual and we all understand. It's OK to get it all off your chest every so often.

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  10. Dlebbole

    Dlebbole New Member

    It's so difficult to care for a little one with chronic pain and depression. I agree with others above, I am suspicious of the prozac. I took it during breast cancer treatment and it made me PROFOUNDLY depressed. I could barely move and saw little reason to.

    Have you tried the spice turmeric for stomach troubles? It has been a godsend to me, taking care of chronic reflux/pain. If you tolerate it, it's worth a try. Best of luck. We all understand you and hope you improve very soon, Diane

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