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    My life has been hell for 45 years - today I have had it. I am really fed up. I am a Christian, and do not understand why God would make me go through 45 years of hell without a break - with out a good day- without some help or something randomly nice just happening.

    If God really loves me you'd think he'd give me a little break and let my life be fruitful and happy so I can repair a bit. Anyway - had to vent and I have no one else to write to. Pretty pathetic, huh?

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    Even though things have gotten worse, and I have had 2 horrible IBS attacks due to my stress plus my regular health issues - I am feeling a little better about the "God" end of things. So, your prayers are working - please keep praying!


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    Hi ,
    I know that the road seem rocky all the time. I'm 43 and it seem like one trial after another. But think back there has to be at least one person in your life that you have help over a hurtle. I know that there is probably many peoples lives that God has used your life to touch. Without the hard times it would be difficult for us to have compassion for those who are in need.
    Thank God for the hard times . And embrace the golden nuggets of a clear blue sky ,gentle breeze , a day without pain,a smile . Remember God's goodness in the simplest of things. God will get you through this sadness. Even if He has to send the birds to sing for you .


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    Word Warrior ,
    God does really love you . There are so many heartaches in this fallen world , but please remember that life on earth is such a drop in the huge ocean of Eternity !

    Please take what i'm going to say next as something said in total love and caring about your situation . I can say this because I am a lot like you , and I know why I am in my situation( a huge percentage of negatives in my life that outways the positives)

    Some things that may help , that I always have to keep in mind :

    1. Have I truly listened to the Lord AND obeyed what He told me ( I made a HUGE mess of my life by marrying a man that God TOLD ME NOT TO.

    2. Do I stay in His Word so that I can find the path He wants me to take in life ? Many times I have hit a dry point when I think that God doesn't care about me at all . But He does care . I just can't hear Him because I haven't kept the channels of comunication open by reading His Word ( which shows what His Will is )

    3. Do I think about my own situation too much and not about others ? This one is a bif one for me. I get so self-absorbed that I ignore my daughters needs and my parents needs and my (few ) friends needs. Then when I am ill , I wonder why they don't go out of their way to help me and comfort me.

    4. This is a big one for me , because I struggle with it all the time : Am I really doing all that I can for my health ? I am a diabetic as well as having arthritis in my spine , hips , knees , and shoulders.

    I have asthma , HBP , IBS , and much more that goes on like it seems forever.
    I have the BIG D of depression . Sometimes I eat what I shouldn't. I am too lazy to get a blanket at night when I am too cold , I don't brush my teeth for days. I take pain meds , but I don't drink enough and BOOM I am in the emergency room for an almost impacted bowel.

    All of these things add up and then another bad thing happens to me - I wonder why ?

    I feel a lot like you . I turned 50 in September , and I think to myself "Why has my life been so hard ? " I think that I should have listened to God more and not sabitoged(sp) myself so much. I shouldn't have married a man that drinks , is dishonest and lies all the time so much that he thinks his lies are real ( just because the physical part of the relationship was strong0.

    It is embarressing to put all this down , but I feel the Lord leading me to do it. I pray that things turn around for you ( and me ) and that we can start seeing that God has been there and He does care.

    In His Grace ( it is one of the main reasons that I still live )